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K7 Pentax

johnnyboy114 9 231 106 United Kingdom
2 Feb 2010 12:12PM
Thanks for that, good info. I tend to use Bridge as my viewer as I can then open directly into Photoshop. I am not that familiar with any of the programs, but I can now use them to a level I am building on, so don't really want to go down a route that will give me more to think about! lol! I have rarely used software that has come with anything supplied electronicially, not just cameras, as I tend to find that its never as good as the Adobe software and its associated plug-ins. My main worry was the fact that I might not be able to use these with the K7 due to the file format, but as I can use DNG, then I am more than happy to stick with the viewers and programs I know. But thanks for the info....I will always have this note as backup in case I struggle with the formats....I shouldn't though hopefully!


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pentaxian 8 12 1
7 Feb 2010 7:28PM
Lost interest in the K7, Mr Grayson?

No word from you for six days. Were we wasting our time giving you our comments?
tj Plus
14 2.0k England
7 Feb 2010 8:03PM
Hi Chris and everyone, thanks for your comments - I'll ask Matt to respond in the morning.
MattGrayson 10 622 3 England
7 Feb 2010 11:36PM

Quote:Lost interest in the K7, Mr Grayson?

No word from you for six days. Were we wasting our time giving you our comments?

On the contrary, I've been collating the information in between doing my reviews. I wanted something solid to say to you before I posted, but hey, I'm here now... Wink
I'm in the process of asking a couple of retailers the same questions before I make the decision. It'll probably include the Olympus and EOS 50D. The Nikon D300 looks like it's on the verge of being discontinued and the D300s is too expensive. Smile
VicBarnes 8 49 2 England
11 Feb 2010 3:40PM
Keep it honest Matt. I'm fed-up with the UK photo mags and their unethical support of brands that have large advertising budgets committed to the mag. The K7 has just had a pasting in AP after being compared to a Canon that is 600 more expensive. Guess what, a week later and AP is doing a big Canon promotion.
K7 users know how good the camera REALLY is. If ePz-ers want unbiased reviews they should read the US mags like Pop Photography (whose editor chose the K7 as his Camera of the Year).
Just Jas Plus
15 26.1k 1 England
11 Feb 2010 3:47PM
This year's camera is absolutely perfect.

Next year's camera will be even more perfect!

("We have even improved on perfection" says the sales rep! Wink )

It amuses how the reviewers say how great the new model is.

And when its successor comes along how much improved it is over the previous model! Smile
johnnyboy114 9 231 106 United Kingdom
11 Feb 2010 4:40PM
lol!! Both these last comments make me laugh.....and so true....

I listen to This Week in Photography and Photofocus podcasts, both american and they couldn't be more Canon/Nikon-centric if they tried....BUT.....ALL the protagonists on there say that pretty much any camera that is out there is 10 times better than any camera 10 years ago and you really won't go wrong as long as you buy good glass and spend wisely (the glass being the most important as that has come on leaps and bounds too...)

So, I guess you pick what you pick because you like it...I went with Pentax because I knew it from a long time of taking film shots, so went with brand loyalty.....and don't regret a thing......doesn't mean to to say my camera is better or worse, just it fits me...

So, agree with Vic on this one Matt...would be lovely to see an unbiased opinion on the K7......see how they properly compare. Look forward to it!
VicBarnes 8 49 2 England
14 Feb 2010 5:47PM
No response Matt?
pentaxpete 12 630 1 United Kingdom
14 Feb 2010 5:51PM
Come back Pentax ME Super-- all is forgiven !!!!
strawman 13 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
14 Feb 2010 10:04PM
I think you lot are being unfair on the mags.

The problem is if you take the K7 as the top crop camera from Pentax then the 7D and D300 are the natural competitors. The K7 then has a massive price advantage (450 in the shops not 600), the question is do you miss out on anything with the price cut, and the general response I saw was that AP were kind to Pentax and pulled their punches, just look at the images.

Go next model down from the competition and you get 50D and D90 for over 100 less so the Pentax is now the high cost option.

So I think the mag reviews were fair. As for Pop photographer, well I would trust AP over them.

And Mat please test it against the 7D, 50D, D90 and D300, its a fair comparison and test. Fact is I expect none of the cameras to be disasters and all to be usable.
VicBarnes 8 49 2 England
18 Feb 2010 6:45PM
I honestly don't think camera 'shoot-out' tests are relevant. In this case Pentax v Canon is a pretty pointless exercise. Anyone in the market for one of these brands is almost certainly committed to the camera system he/she has already invested in. No matter what the result, a Canon user will not switch to Pentax and visa-versa. So-called 'conquest' sales are a tiny percentage in the photographic industry.

What makes more sense is a test where the new camera is compared with the model it replaces. What improvements do you get for your money?

I can't believe anyone would prefer an AP test to one in Popular Photography (not Pop Photographer)! All PP's test feature a strip down, optical bench testing with identical (matched) optics, and practical picture taking tests in controlled conditions. AP doesn't even mention the lenses it uses for testing. In the test I mentioned, the comparison photos were exactly the same size. This means the K7 had to be enlarged much more because of its lower MP count. Everything should be standardized, where possible.

Still, You pays your money and buys the pinch of salt you prefer.

strawman 13 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
18 Feb 2010 11:57PM
Vic sorry I thought you meant Pop Photographer.

I also agree lenses steer you in your choice of body. Some people sell the lot and start again, but to be honest I like some of my lenses, and you know that if Camera brand X has a feature your brand does not then in a year or so time the brand you own will probably have its own version.
MattGrayson 10 622 3 England
19 Feb 2010 10:21AM
Yes, the K-7 is the highest spec Pentax with a crop sensor and it makes sense to compare it with the EOS 7D and D300/D300s from that point-of-view.

However, if I were to go into a shop and I was looking for a camera, I would have a certain amount of money to spend so would look at like for like cost wise. I think that's more relevant these days and it's how I try to base the comparisons. Of course the piggin' prices are up and down like a yo yo and it's hard to keep track. I may compare two cameras and by the time I'm finished, the prices are radically different. WinkSmile

Regarding previous posts, I'm always unbiased and it upsets me when people think I'm not. If a Canon wins it's because it performed the best in that test. If a Pentax wins, it's because it performed the best in that test...

Anyway, I've kept it minimal so it's the Pentax K-7 vs the Canon EOS 1Ds MkIII and Hasselblad H4D. I hope no-one has an issue with that?WinkWinkWinkWink
strawman 13 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
19 Feb 2010 10:44AM
What no Phase 1 digital back Matt how could you.Grin

Compare on price, yes fair point.

Talking about reviewers getting accused of bias, I read another site (where they bicker on every nuance of spec and review) their D3S review. They would appear to have complaints from Nikon, Canon etc users each complaining about a bias for/against Nikon in the review.

The bit that impressed me the most was how well the D300 pictures held up in comparison. Just my random thought for the day.

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