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Kit Buying Guide.... avoid "pointless purchases"

ade_mcfade 13 15.2k 216 England
22 Jun 2013 2:41PM
I got some chinese "light benders" for 12 each... seem to do the trick nicely. never used the more expensive american ones, they may have better reflective material or somehing?

they're really good as gobos and do a decent job of diffusing when used on-camera... though looks like an A4 sheet attached to the flash

what did they allow me to do ?

well, I didn't have a gobo system, so they prevent unwanted flare on back lights etc.

Here's the first shoot I did - 2 of them used, one front right, other rear left


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22 Jun 2013 2:55PM

Quote:CF and SD cards being a case in point, I've a whole raft of low capacity cards I just won't throw away, because when I bought the things all those years ago, they were expensive and I keep saying to myself one day I'll find a use for them........A 4MB CF card....Really! Blush

Buy adapters for these from ebay to use as solid state drives, great to make a linux based media server with an old pc motherboard.
kodachrome 5 682
22 Jun 2013 3:15PM
I think we are a nation of horders, what ever it might be, In a survey by a Sunday National, they found that the majority of Kitchens in the UK have numerous gadgets that are never used, may be once when new and then put in some cupboard to be forgotten about.
This probably applies to photo gear as well.
Quite often camera shops like the old Jessops will try and sell you a package [bundle] deal rather than just a camera, many first timers fall for this one, but did they really need all those extras.
One expert associated with the survey said no matter what you have bought and horded , either in the shed, loft, or where ever it may be stored, if you haven't used it for over a year, you don't need it!
If you do have a clear out, be ruthless other wise nothing gets chucked. its the 'just In case' syndrome that tends to overrule good intentions.
ade_mcfade 13 15.2k 216 England
22 Jun 2013 3:40PM
I'm a hoarder.... terrible really.

Hopefully the blog, if followed, will help people make less rash decisions and lessen the chintz you have stashed away Smile

Classic example today...

gets this message

"ade - which wide angle should I get for my new 5D2 - 24-70?"

my reply

"you've got a 24-105 mate - that range is covered already, get a 17-40 if you need wide angle"

He was ready to part with - now if he went through question 1 - what extra could you do....

1 extra stop
blurrier backgrounds
possible sharper lens (not getting into that debate though!)
less barrel distortion at wider zoom settings

but he wasn't going to get what he actually wanted - a really wide angle.

think he's on Ebay right now Wink
Carabosse Plus
14 40.9k 269 England
22 Jun 2013 3:52PM
I pursue a "one in, one out" policy. Broadly speaking, for every item I buy I sell one.

This prevents hoarding and also makes one think hard about buying... because you know you will have to go through the slight hassle of selling something.
SlowSong Plus
8 6.9k 30 England
22 Jun 2013 4:38PM
I tend to keep everything, just in case. It's sod's law that you sell something or give it away and the very next week you find you need it, although I have been good recently and sold a couple of lenses that I really didn't like or use. But ...

I can't get rid of my old manual film cameras and lenses as I learnt everything I know on them and we have an emotional attachment. Blush
Then there's my very first SLR, my EOS5. Can't get rid of that as it was my present to me when I got my LRPS and I loved using it immensely.
I have a ring flash and an old Canon flashgun that I doubt I'll ever use, but you never know.
I have about 40 Cokin filters that I would try to sell, but postage would be off the scale so they stay in the drawer.
And so may bits and pieces that I've lost track of them all and trying to sell them isn't worth the hassle.

I was wondering if there was a charity that would appreciate some of my old stuff but haven't found anywhere yet. It'd have to be somewhere near me as postage would be prohibitive.

But Ade's right. We should only buy the stuff we know we'll use. But you know, you read all the reviews and articles, and that finger just itches to click the Buy button just one more time. Guilty as charged.
Paul Morgan 16 18.7k 6 England
22 Jun 2013 4:40PM
The wife`s quite good at preventing me from buying the pointless stuff, it all seems pointless to her Sad

You need a wife Ade Smile
Ade_Osman 14 4.5k 36 England
22 Jun 2013 6:48PM

Quote:The wife`s quite good at preventing me from buying the pointless stuff, it all seems pointless to her

You need a wife Ade

There's too many Ade's in these forums, anyhow I digress...

My missus is as useless as me, 1. She does her own photography and 2. Have you ever looked inside a womans handbag????........Half the items in Suzie's (the wife) handbag are a complete mystery to me and as far as I can tell have no useful function in life whatsoever!........Though she did produce a Memory Stick out of it when I asked her the other day, only the Lord knows what was actually stuck to it mind? Wink
Paul Morgan 16 18.7k 6 England
22 Jun 2013 8:03PM

Quote:Have you ever looked inside a womans handbag????

Only the once, probably explains why they keep loosing things Smile

Quote:they're really good as gobos, well, I didn't have a gobo system, so they prevent unwanted flare on back lights etc.

Surely you meant flags Smile
kodachrome 5 682
24 Jun 2013 1:44PM
Look, lets get some perspective here, my wife continually nags me that I don't need yet another tele zoom or another guitar in my collection [ I pointed out that I only had 6 ,and Clapton had over 200], but it all goes quiet when I point out how many shoes she has. Hmmm. As it happens I only have 3 zooms, that cover 99% of my photography, but according to her its 2 to many, pointing out that her little Point and shoot camera in her hand bag only has one lens which has a bigger zoom range than my DSLR zooms,

I nearly went down the road of getting a new 20-mm wide angle for my Sony A-37 until I realsed I had a pretty good wide on the short end of my KM 17-35. PHEW, that was close, saved my self loads.

I'm sure some of us get 'Mind block' when it comes to camera gear, logic goes out the window and we end up with blinkered vision totally focussed on a bit of new kit we have seen advertised.
I know a good councelllor.
Paul Morgan 16 18.7k 6 England
24 Jun 2013 7:41PM
I like to save money were I can, I wanted an optical viewfinder to use with my Panasonic GF2 and its 14mm, yet the price of them looked painful.

So I set about building my own, and it only cost about a pound, and I`ve even made a couple for other people.



This one`s casing is made from match sticks Smile I`ll get around to varnishing it at some point.
keithh Plus
13 25.3k 33 Wallis And Futuna
25 Jun 2013 6:57PM

Quote:I got some chinese "light benders" for 12 each.

I make my own. Several versions and all for about 60p each- 1 for the delux model.
Paul Morgan 16 18.7k 6 England
25 Jun 2013 7:47PM
That is what I thought, a quick trip to WH Smiths Smile

Looks like Ade got ripped off.

Still puzzled by Ades comment saying light benders make great gobos, are Ade`s full of holes or something, guess they must be.
keithh Plus
13 25.3k 33 Wallis And Futuna
25 Jun 2013 8:03PM
The main problem with Gobos for small flash systems is focusing the template.

I use sheets of funky foam, Paul.
25 Jun 2013 9:39PM

Quote:pointing out that her little Point and shoot camera in her hand bag only has one lens which has a bigger zoom range than my DSLR zooms,

My wife and I frequently visit the north of Scotland, me loaded down with the 5D2 and as much other kit as possible. She sits in the passenger seat and snaps away with her little canon point and shoot and frequently gets better pictures. Life sucksSad, or maybe it's me.Grin

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