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Kodak 1400 Printer

big fella 18 485 England
6 Nov 2005 9:22AM
Is anybody using one of these? I searched the forum and the only entry apart from the "Focus" display, was from someone still waiting for their 1400.

I have heard mixed comments from some people about it; some are swearing by it at events (like paying for itself in just one night!) I have seen it in action (twice - at Focus) and remain unconvinced about it's quality of output (the black bleeds a bit) it doesn't appear as sharp as my 1290.

Perhaps I am being over critical of it, based on just 2 prints, but I have a couple of events lined up and don't know if I should take the leap! (The events are not expecting to have prints on the night by the way!)

Any thoughts?
UserRemoved 17 4.2k
6 Nov 2005 9:33AM
I have one and the jury is still out - been using it for 6 months at events.

Do a search on the forums and you will find my views on the printer.

I've a mate swears at it though - brought it back after 2 prints.

They are very hit and miss.

If you want to do it right, get a mitsubishi.

You get what you pay for and the kodaks seem (still after about 18 months of out and recall) to be hit and miss.

Its not my main event printer and until I've run it a bit longer it wont be.

As for print quality - well if you get a good un (and mine seems to be) it will blow away most of what your 1290 will produce. Some and I say some of the prints I've got from it are indistinguishable from chemical prints.
dougv 17 8.4k 3 England
6 Nov 2005 9:37AM
Here ya go Andy.

Doug ;o)
big fella 18 485 England
6 Nov 2005 10:17AM
Thanks Joe; thanks Doug. It looks like I have some reading and research to do!

Thanks again Wink
dougv 17 8.4k 3 England
6 Nov 2005 10:22AM
Well Andy, you have nothing better to do have you.
No more Air shows this year ;o)

Is it for the footie pics Andy?

Doug ;o)
stuwhitt Plus
17 1.4k United Kingdom
6 Nov 2005 11:20AM
I read a review of Scan Print the printer profiling package recently, and one of the printers that was profiled was the 1400, which although colour managed produced the most dramatic improvements in print quality, they showed a before and after shot and the difference was quite remarkable, so for anybody with a 1400 it may be worthwhile getting it profiled

Miles Herbert 19 1.9k 4 United Kingdom
6 Nov 2005 12:59PM
I have one, and love it...images from it are excellent. The only problem I have is the odd bit of dusk getting on the paper during printing and showing up on the print, bad management on my part there... If you make sure the top piece of paper is clean it's generaly fine. Great to run from the back of the car too! For 6 x 4's I use a little Canon Selphy cheapie... the prints are brilliant! and it all fits into my laptop bag...
UserRemoved 17 4.2k
6 Nov 2005 1:20PM
Doesnt the 1400 come with colour profiles?
The ones I use are near as damn spot on.

The beauty of the mitsubishis is that they contain a profile chip in each print pack with information about that particular batch.
big fella 18 485 England
6 Nov 2005 2:10PM
Doug, initially I thought about using it for a golf club do that I have in a couple of weeks (they are not expecting prints on the night, but it might be a possibility for me to see how it could work out - there are 2 togs on the night working together) But the next one is the school play! I am a school governor (CRB checked) and the "unofficial" official school photographer for events (trips, special tutorial days i.e. victorian day, WWII day etc). We also have a permission to photograph policy, whereby parents opt out at the beginning of the year if they have any objections (usually where there is a custody case or protection order, and the school vet them before publication).

Last year we printed 250+ 5x7's on inkjet, and it was painfully slow! We were limited on time and space; the play is held at the local hall and covers just 2 performances. We only had access at the first dress rehearsal, in school the day before the play, and we had to print and display the pictures in time for the 2 performances. Made worse by the fact that the school broke up for Xmas the next day!

The PTA haven't approached us yet for this years play, but it's only a matter of time (the other tog is a parent and it's our charitable contribution to the PTA funds!)

No doubt I'll be doing the football club's prize giving at the end of the season as well! It's for that type of event that I am looking at initially, just small scale at the moment, so I need to justify the outlay for printer and materials. I am sure I will get lots of advice and comment from Epz (like don't do it! LOL)

dougv 17 8.4k 3 England
6 Nov 2005 2:16PM
OK then...
Don't do it.

Have you considered one of these.

Not sure if it would be up to the job, but the prints are very tough.

Sounds like you will have your work cut out.
Good luck with it.

Doug ;o)
big fella 18 485 England
6 Nov 2005 2:21PM
Funny enough Doug, I've also looked (briefly) at it's big brother (it does up to 8x6 I think) it runs at the same price as the Kodak, not sure of consumable costs at the moment. I need to think/research a bit more!

Andy Wink
dougv 17 8.4k 3 England
6 Nov 2005 2:30PM
First time I saw one of the HITI printers was on QVC.
No, I'm not a sad bast*** honest, it was the wife that was watching it.
They look rather good, but as you say it is the consumables that will cost the most.
Might be worth looking here for info.

Doug ;o)
big fella 18 485 England
6 Nov 2005 3:01PM
Cheers Doug Wink
dougv 17 8.4k 3 England
6 Nov 2005 3:05PM
They do the Kodak 1400 too.
Sounds good!

Doug ;o)
peter_davey 15 1.4k England
30 Jul 2007 9:59PM
I've just started to reaserch all this and read the review of the Kodak on EPZ - mixed is my impression with dust being a major problem - but price is great - I think.

Else it's a Mitsi at double the price - not sure about the HiTi printers.

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