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Kodak 1400 Printer

peter_davey 15 1.4k England
31 Jul 2007 1:27PM

Quote:the fact that cp3020 prints need to be trimmed to fit a folder.

What so a standard 8x10 sheet would need triming to fit a slip in mount?

That's mad - does it not do full edge bleed then?
mikeweeks 16 978 3 England
31 Jul 2007 3:28PM
Yes, Yes, No and neither did the Kodak 1400.
Only need to trim top and bottom, the white edges on the side are quite narrow
You need a roll fed machine to do full bleed. My understanding is that it needs the edges so that it can be pulled backwards and forwards through the printer.

peter_davey 15 1.4k England
31 Jul 2007 5:02PM
Yes a grip area - all good to know and to refine the spec of which to get - but they do seem problematic - unloading paper to trasport etc and having it on a level table - I feel like the Jackel having a special platform built for the blooming thing Smile
stevekhart 15 4.5k 3 United Kingdom
31 Jul 2007 5:04PM
Some of them come in those flight cases - would be handy to have something with wheels where the front opened up so you didn't have to take the printer out - don't know if such a thing exists...
peter_davey 15 1.4k England
31 Jul 2007 5:07PM
yes sen them of one of the main dye sub supplier sites - about 250 quid a pop
andrewjen 16 99 United Kingdom
31 Jul 2007 9:40PM
Got my Mitsubishi fitted in a flight case, never comes out you can change media etc no problems. They do not have wheels though, I use a collapsible trolly to transport them to and from the trailer. as Pete said 250 each.

ZenTog 19 7.9k 1 England
31 Jul 2007 10:02PM
be careful andrew, even in a flight case if you have a new media roll fitted it weighs as fair bit, go over a bump in the road / field and you may find the mitsub needs new arms fitted they twist very easily , I foundthat to my cosy over 400 by the time the new one were fitted and printer sent back ,with carrage at 40 plus per pop , I wasnt advised properly in the first place about media removal on the mitsub dyesubsand I really have my printer elastic strapped down and well padded
andrewjen 16 99 United Kingdom
31 Jul 2007 10:52PM
like wise was told its safe to leave it loaded. maybe not a good idea then. I 'll stop using the trolley to move it around, do you leave yours loaded in your van on the move ?

ZenTog 19 7.9k 1 England
31 Jul 2007 11:00PM
theres a sticker on the machine that tells you to unload all media before moving , but it sits behind the paper strip catcher
I now unload everything before transit, even before moving it in the house, once bitten twice shy
I was told by the tech guys at mitsubushi uk, the paper roll weighs in at a few kilos, if it moves in transit it can distort part of the mech arms and frame inside, very expensive ad I found out to my cost, tried to get the orginal supllier to fund part of the repair but he tossed it back in to my care of duty crap.
at the end of a days printing ,I open door take out the paper roll putinto a plasticbag to stop some dust intrusion, then take out ink roll and do the same , then you shut the door and the mech locks itself down for transit. when you start up you get three pieces of paper ejected, that why you get extra paper on the roll ie more paper than ink roll etc
I personally think this is a design fault on mitsubs design of an other wise excellent printer , they should have had a manual lock down arm to lock the mech in place til lyou are set up again ,after all its supposed to be a totally mobile printer designed for event useage
andrewjen 16 99 United Kingdom
31 Jul 2007 11:06PM
Thanks for the info Paul might have just saved me a lot of time and money. Yes i noticed that there was lots of paper left when i changed the media.
ZenTog 19 7.9k 1 England
31 Jul 2007 11:23PM
mind you I was told to read the handbook its in there, but when you go to the indexit tells you one page to read, when you go there theres nothing about transportation, its got a misprint somewhere along the
I had my printer gone for far too long (had a loan printer), lost quite a bit of money. plus had too many rows with the supplier, paid out near on 450 by the time I had my printer back, then it stopped printing again , so canned it til lthe end of the season ,it was taking far too much time up , so went back to editing and lab printing for while , started using it again and it was fine , cant really work out the second problem
has anybody come up with a leveling devicethat works for the printer, we sometime have to work in a sloping van even after using levelers etc
mikeweeks 16 978 3 England
1 Aug 2007 8:21AM
there is a dipswitch on the back of the 9550 that you can set so that it does not feed the 3 sheets, all you then need to do is a manual cut to set up, can save quite a bit of paper.


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