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Lady Photographers

1 Nov 2004 11:53AM
Hang on a minute, its not that far out if you take an average I make it 8.2 to the men and 7.2 to the women, clicks that is Wink
csurry 18 9.2k 92
1 Nov 2004 12:05PM
Actually some basic stats are quite interesting, if I am reading right what has been recorded.

36% of entries were female - 64% male
Women received 33% of the votes cast - Men 67% So pretty even really as K has also noted.

26% of those that have recorded their gender in the new option are female - 74% male. So is the site male dominated?

I'm not sure that it proved anything really Pete. I don't mind the stats being used for publicity as long as it doesn't attract more members who think women can't have a opinion on anything technical or know anything about photography.

A light-hearted example would be that I recently replied to a post about the D100, which started Gentlemen, opinions please. Even though I replied and pointed out I was not a gentlemen, the respondent still thanked the gentlemen for their replies.

Here's a question - now that we have a stat for 26% of members being female, etc. What portion of ECs, POTW, etc are attributed to male/female photographers?

Fishnet 16 5.0k 5 United Kingdom
1 Nov 2004 12:16PM
This is a gripe I've had for quite a while, I buy AP magazine and the reader portfolios featured in there are about 98% by men, some weeks no women are featured at all, I thnk photography on the whole is seen as a male hobby, why? I have no idea but it seems there are more male photographers in the world than women full stop.
Also I have seen a few posts on the forum which start off with "Gentlemen can I ask you ? " etc, etc, one started "Can I ask you blokes what you think of the ......" I replied that even though I had what he was asking about I couldn't give him my opinion as I'm not a bloke. That really irritates me and I do resent the fact that some members seem to completely ignore all the women on here. Also how many men have the trouble of trying to find a babysitter so they can go to a camera club or evening class? I can't join any classes or clubs or anything whatsoever to do with photography because it's such a male dominated world the word 'creche' just never dawns on them. It's one of my biggest gripes I'm afraid and one which makes me put on my Emily Pankhurst hat.
1 Nov 2004 12:19PM
Morning Anna Wink! Best we start changing all that then, look out Pete you may have a revolution on yer hands! LOL
Fishnet 16 5.0k 5 United Kingdom
1 Nov 2004 12:26PM
Believe me, I'd have no problem with leading a nationwide rally of women fighting for equal rights and an end to the patronising views of a large number of male photographers.
The revolution starts here girls, I'm not an Aries for nothing you know !! LOL
annaliese 16 421 1 United Kingdom
1 Nov 2004 12:35PM
omg aries are pretty scary lol go girl!

annaliese Smile
strawman 16 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
1 Nov 2004 12:43PM

I can sympathise for any single parent as it must be difficult to fit in any personal activity into the week. But as you are married (on your biog) can you not get hubbie to take a turn at the baby sitting lark? Its what my wife and I do to fit in a "outside kids" life.

My local college offers a cresh and a daytime GCSE photography course. Evenings are restricted to OCN and no child care.
Fishnet 16 5.0k 5 United Kingdom
1 Nov 2004 12:51PM
Believe me I have looked down EVERY single avenue, but my nearest college is 45 mins away, the class starts at 6:30pm and my husband gets home at 8pm, I have no family in London and my husband just has no family, my neighbours all have babies who can't have their routine disrupted by looking after my 2 children from 5:30 til 8pm and so I am completely stuck. Also there is no college that I can find in London that does any daytime courses at all that fit into my childrens school hours and no classes in the evening with a creche because, guess what, there aren't enough female students to make it finacially viable, kind of a Catch 22 situation really.
mshepherd 16 667 United Kingdom
1 Nov 2004 12:59PM

The ratio between Entries, Voters & Total Votes is similar at each level, so you cant say that proportionally more men voted than women (in fact its the other way around) One of the main points from your stats is that Men voted for 7.5 photos and women only 6. (Read into this what you like, men are more promiscuous/women more discerning*)

It could be interesting to look at a cross-tab of how many men voted for men, women for women etc to check for biases

The other stats you could run are final vote rank by gender, e.g. 1 m 2 m 3 m 4 f ....

If its a random distribution there should be 3 or 4 females in the top 10 same it the next 10 etc etc...

Hope this makes sense. I would be happy to help do the stats work



* delete as applicable!
strawman 16 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
1 Nov 2004 1:01PM
Ah sorry about that. The OCN course I am doing in Cirencester is split roughly 50/50 male/female and is 7pm to 9pm. 16 year old to 40 something (I guess)

We live miles from any relatives (440 miles being the closest) so I can sympathise. I guess what you need is one of your kids friends parents to be in the same shoes as you so you can trade kid watching nights. Easy said.

Does the school not have some after school clubs? Our local one has "Smart Zone" and the kids can stay at that till you pick them up as 5.30pm. Mind you it does add to the cost and not all children enjoy that sort of thing.

Sorry. Sounds like a tricky situation.
Pete Plus
19 18.8k 97 England
1 Nov 2004 2:05PM
I'm just working on loads of admin at the mo and won't got time to work out any stats, so based on what we have Matt I'd be happy for you to come up with some interesting facts. I then have a PR guy who will write me a release to go with the facts. Anyone else any thoughts on the above?
adonoghue 16 522 England
1 Nov 2004 2:13PM
The only thoughts I have are sexist, so I'll keep them to myself Wink
magda_indigo 17 418 England
1 Nov 2004 6:49PM
UserRemoved 16 4.2k
1 Nov 2004 7:06PM

I'm afraid your rationale about it being pretty close is a bit flawed.

If you remember it was an anonymous competition and with the exception of one smart a**e then no-one knew who they were voting for. So dividing the number of male votes by male entries and female votes by female entries doesnt count.

We were voting on the photographs and how they fitted the theme if you remember. Heaven forbid people were passing round the urls of their photos to get votes (I wasnt the only one who posted comments before the close Wink).

At the end of the day the votes went 2:1 in favour of the men regardless of who voted and how often.

Thats pretty conclusive in my book Wink

Personally speaking I think Rab was robbed Wink

I also suspect if the women had won then it would be a lot busier in here today Wink

*dons flameproof suit*
Badger 18 4.7k 20 United Kingdom
1 Nov 2004 11:05PM
LMAO @ Joe's comments...

Errr, sorry ladies I didn't really laugh... grabs spade to start digging myself out of this hole quickly!

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