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Lastolit Hilite....which light??

JasF 12 31 Wales
28 Oct 2009 4:25PM
Hi Shaz.

They are based in Stagsden, just outside Bedford.

Yes the M Series Pro Studio 600 and Ultra are amazing value for money. You basically unpack from the box and your "ready 2 Go"!

They say that it's the small things that matter, the last time I went up there I was really impressed with the quality of the light stands and Studio case that comes with all of their kit.

The stands are really really well constructed, have solid steel release clamps and the air-cusion release is spot on! Danny released the clamp with a large 1000w strobe still attached, it very gently started to lower itself..

The case will fit three decent sized studio strobes inside and has velcro attached dividers for you to adjust as you see fit. The outer material is that really hard wearing kit-bag type vinyl, whilst the inner protection material reminds me of the inside of a motorbike helmet, that very tough foam covered in a thick black material... amazing quality in my eyes!

Im sorry if i've gone on a bit about elemental and trust me I have no connection with them apart from them being my chosen supplier.
I always speak as I see and have been very impressed with what I've seen so far... I'll be like a kid in a sweetshop tomorrow :O))

Skippy2 12 22
28 Oct 2009 11:51PM
Awww bless - i'm like a kid in a swwetie shop for you mate, have already made a list of what i want and presented it to hubby this afternoon......thought he was going to have a coronary!, but as I put it to him - if we can spend 20K on IVF treatment which resulted in our little boy, what's another grand or so for some decent equipment...ha ha!

By the way, you are not going on, I like people who have done their research and you seem to know what you are talking about. Can't wait for you to post some pics of the set up so I can see them.

Shaz xx
Britman 16 1.7k England
29 Oct 2009 8:11AM
Talking of the lastolite, some videos on youtube
zobo81 12 3
30 Oct 2009 4:15PM
I use one every day with my work, and love it so much I have just bought one for myself. You need the background light set to 2 stops brighter than the main light for your subjects. Go on lastolite website - Mark Cleghorn has a load of video tutorials. My only gripes - can be quite hard to stop the train wrinkling (it has a velcro edge but only sticks to certain carpets and gaffer tape doesn't always work), and keep stilettos / heels off it because they can really mark it badly and it won't come off. I'm using it for people and pet portraits and I would never go back to paper rolls. Plus the clients are always really impressed when you set it up! Get one!
Britman 16 1.7k England
30 Oct 2009 7:11PM
zobo, how do you manage with the train not getting enough light? Are you just using another head pointing downward?
Samabar 12 10 United Kingdom
31 Oct 2009 6:38AM
Slightly off topic for which I apologise but I can endorse everything Jason says about Elemental kit. I bought the G2 Ultra kit some months ago and have just added a J5 kit as well - Danny was happy to lend me the J5 to try out on a shoot before committing to buy it. He is extremely helpful and his kit is great value for money. Check out his PF - he uses his own kit.
JasF 12 31 Wales
6 Nov 2009 9:35PM
As there are a few people following this post I thought that I would post an update on my final outcome as to what I purchased -

My HiLite is still in the post (Due Monday) :O( The black bottletop cover arrived today though :O)

Ok, the lighting!

As you know, I attended two of Danny's studio meets to get a feel for both studio lighting in general and of course the elemental brand.

Despite being extremely impressed by the elemental M series, I decided to go with their new Visico LR Digital range.. 3x 500w.

I'll list below what I purchased, but I thought that for the benefit of anyone else reading this on their quest to research studio lighting, it may be useful to know my reasoning for choosing elemental and what my thoughts are now that I have parted with my hard earned money!

Reason for choosing elemental:
Whilst researching studio lighting I was fortunate to receive a lot of very professional and unbiased advice from many people across several leading photography forums.

I wanted - Good solid build quality, fast recycling times, colour consistency, Bowens fit modifiers and good old fashioned value for money. I also wanted to be comfortable with a supplier that would advice correctly not just think of profit!, give me a deal and basically give a service I would be pleased with!

I Got - Well, in a nutshell elemental surpassed all of the above! I couldn't be happier with the deal and service that I received... it really is that simple!

I originally looked at - Elinchrom (too pricey and in my opinion, over rated), Bowens (brilliant build quality but there are people catching them up for a fraction of the cost), Lastolite Lumen 8's (good proven strobe kits but not competitive enough for against it's rivals) and Lencarta (weren't prepared to do a deal and I got spooked by a few things).

Overall, if I had to do it again I would still make the same choice! and I am very comfortable in recommending elemental.

I set every thing up today (have a quick look at my flickr for a few setup shots -

Over the coming weeks I'll post some results of the lights in full action both here, EPZ portfolio and my flickr account.

Well, that's pretty much it for now... though if in doubt either post a question or send me a PM and I'll answer as best and honestly as I can.

Have fun :O)

My kit:
3 x Elemental Visico LR500 Studio strobes
3 x full body caps
3 x Spill Kill (reflector dish)
3 x sync leads and power cables
3 x 250w modeling bulbs JD E27 250
1 x LR2000 Remote Control
1 x Stand Bag
3 x WT806a Air Cushioned Stands
1 x 140cm Octagonal Softbox
1 x 32" x 48" Softbox with Honeycomb
1 x 40" Black/White Umbrella
2 x 40" Black/Silver Umbrella
2 x DC 8 Channel Radio Trigger
3 x AC 8 Channel Radio Receiver
1 x Barndoors/gels/grid set
2 x Armoured Studio Case
1 x 80cm 5 in 1 Reflector
1 x Background Support Stand & Case
1 x White Backdrop
JasF 12 31 Wales
10 Nov 2009 11:36AM
Ok... all the way back to Shaz's original question. "The Lastolite HiLite"

Hi Shaz.

Right then, the HiLite arrived yesterday and I have to say that I am extremely impressed by it!

The vinyl train is a lot better than I was expecting too... most reviews paint it as a really cheap thin piece of nonsense, I think the quality is actually quite good. I will say though, that I agree with most of the reviews about lighting it, you will need to do some photoshopping, but it's an easy process.

I've also bought a black BottleTop cover for it and must say that it is very good, it's appears to be Lycra with a velcro edging to attach it to the HiLite.

In relation to your recent dilemma with light when shooting your friends grandaughter, this would of been perfect for you.

Would I buy it again? DEFINITELY!

Skippy2 12 22
11 Nov 2009 12:15AM
Ah, thanks Jason, just what I wanted to hear - look forward to the pics and can't wait to get mine!

Shaz xx

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