Launch of Official Paint Shop Pro Magazine

opspl 15 14
29 Apr 2004 7:28PM
Hopefully this is not an unwanted post, or I just launched the wrong magazine!

I'm a computer magazine publisher based in the UK with eleven years experience. I've just set up my own publishing company and my first launch is a magazine dedicated to Paint Shop Pro, the only one in the world I

Created in association with Digital Workshop, Jasc's UK master representative, it is called The Official Paint Shop Pro Library. It takes the form of a 132 page book quality colour publication, published monthly and with a CD every month. The CD includes things like 90 minutes of video tutorials, some of Jasc's picture tubes, brushes, the PSP patches, fonts, scripts and more.

It's available now in the UK at WHSmith and Borders as well as some other newsagents, and it will be available in the USA in Barnes and Noble and Borders in the large cities. Alternatively, you can find out details on the first two issue online at There are also the Contents pages for the first issue as a PDF document so you can see exactly what we crammed in.

You can buy single issues or a subscription directly from the website too and we mail out copies by airmail to overseas customers.

Here's hoping people are interested!

Dave Taylor
Editor and Publisher

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Little Jo Plus
18 2.3k United Kingdom
29 Apr 2004 7:43PM
Yes, very interesting! I'm probably more interested in a subscription. Sounds like just the thing to keep Little Jo out of mischief (if that's really possible).

Big Bri 18 16.5k United Kingdom
29 Apr 2004 9:42PM
I will look for a copy in WHS on Sat.

How much is it by the way ?
Pete Plus
18 18.8k 97 England
29 Apr 2004 10:17PM
Dave that's clearly a blatant plug of your product, which I'll keep on here because I'm sure the magazine will be beneficial to our readers hope you'll mention us in your news pages. How about offering a few free subscriptions in a mini competition to our members?
Just Jas 17 26.3k 1 England
29 Apr 2004 11:16PM
Good idea!

ken j. 16 374
29 Apr 2004 11:41PM
Blatant plug - yes!
As a PSP user for some years it's good to see us minority users (not Photoshop)catered for.
Look forward to seeing your publication.
Ade_Osman 16 4.5k 36 England
30 Apr 2004 1:29AM
A blatent plug it might well have been, but it worked. I've a ordered copy for apraisal and if I like it I may well take out a subscription! On the other hand, if it dosen't come up to expectation, I'll be back onto this thread to completely slate it!....Think that would be fair peeps, what do you
Regards to all.....Ade
FrankThomas 16 2.8k United Kingdom
30 Apr 2004 12:22PM
as a sometime PSP user, I'll have to take a look at this.
Ade_Osman 16 4.5k 36 England
7 May 2004 3:31AM
Hiyer Guys....Well my copy has turned up, not bad it only took a week, especially when you consider there has been a Bank Holiday Monday recently.

First Impressions:
Very good, well written with lots of colour diagrams. When I first ordered the book/magazine I thought it would be like any other magazine with 50% of the publication stuffed full of advertisments. How wrong could I have been, the book contains 132 pages of which perhaps 2 or 3 pages are adverts, and these are only advertising what might be in the next issue or how to take out a subscription. The rest of the pages are devoted entirely to PSP I bought the very first issue which is aimed more at beginners. However don't let this put you off as I certainly have learned more things from this copy than say from something Like "Digital Photo" magazine. The book is aimed entirely at Paint Shop Pro users and is very concise and easy to read.

The Bundled CD: "Toolkit"
Excellent!.....The tutorials are fantasic and easily navigated with over 90 minutes worth.
PSP Patch 8.10 is also included, this is a whopping great big download from Jasc if you need it.
There are also plenty of other goodies included on the dics such as Plug Ins, Tube Collections, Brushes, free fonts etc.

Overall Conclusion:
In comparison to say several of the monthly magazines on sale in newsagents I think its really good value. However you maybe able to glean as much information from a really good PSP book. Having said that you certainly wouldn't get all the video tutorials and other goodies bundled with a book. At 7.99 it might seem a little expensive at first glance, that is until you have picked the book up and had a quick thumb trough to see what is included. When you compare it to other Photographic Magazines or publications I personally think it's excellent value. But only if your main editing program is PSP versions 4-8. I certainly will be putting my money where my mouth is by taking out a subscription. However my advice to you if you are considering a purchase would be to buy a single copy first (available from the company website, address at top of thread) and see whether or not it meets your needs. As I said I will be taking out a subscription for myself because I do believe that it will turn out to be a great reference tool.....9/10
Incidently before anyone pipes up, I am in no way conected with the company, and I've just tried to give a unbiased view of the product!.....Regards to all....Ade
Big Bri 18 16.5k United Kingdom
7 May 2004 6:52AM
Well I can't find it in the shops anywhere !
Pete Plus
18 18.8k 97 England
7 May 2004 8:59AM
I now have one too, but have yet to look through it in the depth that Ade has. First impressions - there's lots of tutorial material. I just wonder how long new ideas can be produced with this format/publishing plan. I reckon for you PSP users it's worth a one year sub and then see how it goes.
opspl 15 14
21 May 2004 1:50PM
Thank you for the really (really) kind words, osman. It's been really great feedback from readers so far.

Since I got away with the blatent plug last month, I might as well push my luck and mention that issue 2 went on sale in the UK on Wednesday. It's the Advanced Users' Guide covering, among other things, the Materials Palette, scripts and scripting, selections, effects, etc. The Toolkit Cd this month has another 90 minutes of video tutorials and some full plugins from Flaming Pear.

If anyone does have a problem finding a copy near them (we recommend standing in WHS and stamping your feet until they agree to check the stockroom if necessary), we sell single issues direct as well as subscriptions.

Big Bri 18 16.5k United Kingdom
21 May 2004 2:46PM
Dave, I don't want to subscribe without seeing one first. Can you tell me anywhere in Newbury that might stock it ? Tried WHSmith with no joy.
Big Bri 18 16.5k United Kingdom
21 May 2004 2:46PM
Unless you want to send me a free copy to review ?

opspl 15 14
21 May 2004 3:45PM
Big Bri

I *want* to send everyone in the world a copy free, because I'm sure they'd subscribe after seeing it.

Unfortunately, I also want to pay my mortgage. Wink

Newbury WHS should absolutely stock it. It's big enough; I've been in it. Did you ask the staff? Normally, they'll say one of the following: "Never heard of it", "We don't stock it any more", "It's not printed any more", etc. If you persist and tell them that it is in fact part of their computing range of magazines, that it is distributed by Marketforce and that the new issue went on sale on Wednesday, they should go and check their stockroom and miraculously find it. If they do, ask them to put some of the shelves for me, would you?!

BTW, we should be stocked in with the PC magazines, not the camera titles.

If not WHS, then Borders Books, but I don't think they are in Newbury. Martins, Fuorboys and some smaller chains stock us, but they often have issues similar to WHS getting us on the shelves.

Alternatively, there are some PDFs from the first two issues on the site and you can buy a single issue rather than a sub from the site too, with free P&P in the UK.

Lastly, we've just put an order form on the website for UK people so they can give it to their local newsagent. Any newsagent in the country can stock it if you ask them to. They just need to order it from the wholesaler. However, this only works for future issues, not ones on sale now, so you could get them to get it from issue 3 onwards.

Hope all this helps,


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