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Lee filter holder on Sigma 10-20

Phil_D 13 81 Scotland
6 Mar 2007 1:52PM
Sick of cloning out the vignetting produced by my Cokin P system filter holder (wide angle version), I am going to take the plunge and invest in a Lee system.

My question is, do I need the Lee wide-angle adaptor, or can I get a way with the standard unit. This specifically relates to using the Sigma lens at tis 10mm extreme.

Thanks in anticipation . . .


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Miles Herbert 17 1.9k 4 United Kingdom
6 Mar 2007 3:47PM
I use a Lee holder with only 2 slots on and a polariser ring fitted on my Sigma 10 - 20. Even with a wide angle adaptor ring I find that at 10mm you get vignetting with a polariser screwed on, the lowest I can go is some 12mm with the polariser on. Without the polariser it's fine at 10mm...

...I would definitely go for the wide angle adaptor.
dp 16 165 3 United Kingdom
6 Mar 2007 4:09PM
Yes, go for the wideangle adapter. I used to use the P system on a 10-20 and its difficult, not just for vignetting but also because unless you shoot your horizons on 50% of the frame you see either the top or the bottom of the filter which is very restricting. I also think the cokins produce a colour cast using grads.
The Lees have been a great investment and using the WA adaptor I can shoot with 3 filters on no problem. I wouldnt know how that compares to the normal adaptors as I didnt buy one but I can tell you that you will be delighted with the WA and 10-20 combination.

Phil_D 13 81 Scotland
6 Mar 2007 4:48PM
Thanks Dave & Miles, you have told me what I was expecting to hear - trying to keep the cost down by going for the cheaper adaptor, but looks like I'm going to have to bite the bullet good and proper!

dp 16 165 3 United Kingdom
6 Mar 2007 4:58PM
You wont regret it Smile
6 Mar 2007 5:05PM
An excellent thread this; it's often hard to find out exactly what the coverage without vignetting is with the various systems.

I was wondering about using the Lee with a polariser on a Canon 24-105 (77mm thread) on first a 350D and hopefully at some stage a fullframe body. If you can go as low as 12mm which is equivalent to around 19mm on fullframe, I should be OK either way!

The other alternative I guess is the Cokin Z-pro which is the same size as the Lee, but has a different polariser, fitting in the holder the same as the P series. The holder can also be reversed for really wide lenses....but the Cokin polariser ain't cheap either!!
dark_lord Plus
16 2.6k 675 England
6 Mar 2007 5:20PM
I was talking to a guy on the Lee stand at focus and he said the normal holder is ok down to 17 mm (on full frame), any wider and there may be some vignetting. Of course, putting a polarising filter on the lens and then using the filter holder is a different ball game.

I will shortly be getting some Lee filters. Long overdue in fact! - my old Cokin Ps ain't really big enough for my 28-70 at the wide end.
6 Mar 2007 5:37PM

Quote:I was talking to a guy on the Lee stand at focus and he said the normal holder is ok down to 17 mm (on full frame), any wider and there may be some vignetting. Of course, putting a polarising filter on the lens and then using the filter holder is a different ball game.

I think you've hit the nail on the head - it's the polariser that's most likely to cause vignetting as it fits to the front of the holder - don't know why they didn't design it differently!

And the Lee guy's comments show the problem is that you really can't be sure what will work with which lens unless you try it or know some who has the same kit as you!
12 Mar 2007 6:06PM
Just had a reply back from an e-mail I sent to Lee (from their Technical dept) which suggested 'I think you should be OK, even with the polariser in place on the 10mm zoom' which is not quite Miles' experience. Maybe with one slot you'd be OK, then again you might not want to use a polariser at such a wideangle anyway...
JackAllTog Plus
11 6.1k 58 United Kingdom
23 May 2011 4:59PM
I'm in the same position as the OP, Cokin P getting inshot and a bit of a colour cast going on.
It seems that the Lee supply chain is an issue at present with 4 weeks plus still being quoted.
Other options are the cokin z (but i hear they are struggling in business) or filters such as Hitech 100 "Reverse" Grad 0.6ND.

If i could get a good filter holder i'd get try a Hitech filter, are there other alternatives?
coliwolii 10 69 United Kingdom
23 May 2011 5:39PM
I take it we are talking about the Cokin P adapter here, rather than the Cokin P wide angle adapter? I used a crop sensor with a 10-20 and the P system a few years ago and found that the wide angle adapter was just about OK at the lenses widest? However I do think this can vary with different manufacturers?
Of course, you only get the one slot, but personally I wouldn't use a Polarizer with a lens this wide anyway.
Paintman Plus
13 1.4k 177 United Kingdom
23 May 2011 6:02PM
I have recently added an extra slot on my Lee Foundation kit so I can use three filters at a time. I also have a UV protector filter permanently on my Sigma 10-20mm and I haven't had any noticeable vignetting at the 10mm end. I use the 77mm wide angle adapter.

I had the Cokin P holder and a few filters and the set up was useless. At 10mm I could see the last slot of the holder and had to crop the photos to an unacceptable level.

Go for the Lee holder and you'll soon forget about the money spent once you see the results and the ease of using the system.
JackAllTog Plus
11 6.1k 58 United Kingdom
23 May 2011 6:02PM
I've tried the Cokin wide angle and a "modified" normal one but if i ever have need to rotate the lens a tiny amount back it comes with the holder in shot, so i'm giving up with this on my 10-20mm sigma.
Also i want a better quality filter, i've gone for a hitech reverse grad and will make my own 100mm filter holder from two of the current cokin P holders i have - i can't yet justify 100 to hold the filter when i know the cokin P approach works so well for just a few pounds and a bit of glue.
User_Removed 10 4.6k 1 Scotland
23 May 2011 7:10PM
Go on to eBay and buy a 100mm wide angle filter holder with the adaptor ring to suit your lens for 3.99 post paid and try your Cokin/Kood/Chinese filters in it. When I was using a Siggy 10-20mm on a Nikon D300 I had no issue with vignetting with such a set-up.

I did come across a real numptie at the camera club though - he was using a rectangular filter holder on top of a screw-in AV "protective" filter and complained about vignetting at w/a. (His image quality was crap as well - but he hadn't noticed that! )

Probably the best advice is, if at all possible, never have more than one layer of additional glass in front of your lens.

Nowadays, I tend only to use that type of holder for ND grads. For every other requirement, I use circular screw-in filters (PL, solid ND, etc.) and I have found that, with ND grads, there is far less colour cast with Cokin than with Lee. But it is not really a problem - the colour can readily be "normalised" (theoretically no such thing, of course) in Lightroom, or any other package of your choice.
JackAllTog Plus
11 6.1k 58 United Kingdom
24 May 2011 10:27AM
Thanks Coliwolii and Paintman, all you say is true.
Cheers Leftforum, i agree - as little extra glass a possible and grads in sliding rails as you'll rarley want the grad line mid frame.

I've searched ebay a number of times for a 100mm holder, i've even emailed one provider asking them to make one.
I can't find one so will be modifying my own and gluing the rails in place myself untill then.

If you have a link i'd appreciate it Smile

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