Life and suicide

Strobe 12 1.3k United States
7 Sep 2008 10:09AM
I am in quite a somber mood today. Yesterday I was in Whitstable busy setting up for a photo when an old man went walking off a jetty and straight into the water without any attempt to swim. I dropped everything and went diving in after him, it was a little struggle to get him back to shore as he was quite large with 2 jackets but I did.

The RNLI guys arrived moments later ambulances etc, the old man was delirious muttering he was terminally ill and wanted to be left alone and wanted to die. I was really saddened by someone wanting to kill themselves ( also that I dropped my SB600, broke it and had to buy dry clothes)

Today I sit here wondering how many old people there are out there who have given up on life Sad


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Coleslaw 14 13.4k 28 Wales
7 Sep 2008 10:14AM
well done you, Marc.

I don't know how many have given up on life. But if I am terminally ill and couldn't enjoy the life anymore when I am old, that might be something I would do as well.
Carabosse 16 41.4k 270 England
7 Sep 2008 10:16AM
All credit to you Marc for your actions - even though they were not appreciated by the rescuee. It is not just old people who have given up, although many do not. Young people too sometimes cannot bear the thought of continuing to live: the Bridgend teenage suicide phenomenon is perhaps an extreme example.

Sorry to hear about the flash... hopefully covered by insurance?
Coleslaw 14 13.4k 28 Wales
7 Sep 2008 10:18AM

Quote:the Bridgend teenage suicide phenomenon is perhaps an extreme example

jken 13 1.7k 1 United Kingdom
7 Sep 2008 10:18AM
What a noble thing to do Marc, i'd be chuffed i saved a life.

All credit to you mate, Karma will come back around.

7 Sep 2008 10:21AM
Well done Marc for your actions..

The trouble with this country is we have a very good health service that will treat you, but once out of hospital there is very little support and onging help for anyone that can't cope.
Brom 15 804 United Kingdom
7 Sep 2008 10:37AM
I live in Bridgend and I can tell you that the figures for suicide here are far far worse than has been made out in the media. In an effort to stop the publicizing of the suicides most are now not reported or are left unresolved in regards. If you also take into account those older than the group of 'young' suicides theres at least a twofold increase.

There was even an occasion of the mental health team hanging up on a person on the verge of suicide
brian1208 16 11.6k 12 United Kingdom
7 Sep 2008 10:39AM
I can understand you feeling sombre but you should also be proud of your actions - to often these days it seems that people either do nothing or whip out the digiphone to record the action (and then try to sell it to the papers / TV.

On the suicide aspect - I think that if I ever become terminally ill I will probably seek an early exit. I have never subscribed to the "Life at any Cost" approach to medicine and plan to have a "Do not resusicitate" tag put on my medical records should this ever arise. (My wife is an ex-nurse, who lost her mother to Alzheimers, shares my views on this)
Artois 13 405 1 United Kingdom
7 Sep 2008 11:12AM
What a traumatic event to be involved in and all credit to you Marc for saving a life. The old man was probably crying for help. Usually if someone really wants to end it they pick a method that will ensure death. In this case it sounds a very public attempt that would lead to rescue. Let us hope he gets the help and support he needs. I agree with Brian1208 - a quiet and private early exit for me should I become terminally ill.
oneill 12 155 Ireland
7 Sep 2008 11:14AM
well done marc,,it not every day you get to save someones life,, over here the number of suicdes is getting worse,, my nephew took his life in may,,and a mate took his in july,, and a friends son took his 2 weeks ago,,its being a hard year so far,,, pat
Strobe 12 1.3k United States
7 Sep 2008 11:28AM
Thanks everyone, it was actually quite strange, I was a junior lifesaver (many many years ago) and when I went out everything came back to me and it seemed like a natural flow, however I was shocked at how heavy he was to swim with especially considering we were both fully clothed.
RogBrown 13 3.1k 10 England
7 Sep 2008 11:36AM
Well done. A selfless & courageous act.
kaybee 15 6.9k 26 Scotland
7 Sep 2008 11:39AM
Hats off to you.
Lou_C 12 755 2 England
7 Sep 2008 11:52AM
Well done Marc, although a very sad story, its nice to hear someone actually helping rather than standing around watching.
KatieR 16 6.2k 6
7 Sep 2008 12:27PM
A sad but equally inspiring story - I think you did a very brave thing. We can only hope that the man you helped is able to find the TLC that everyone in that situation deserves.

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