Light Artist free software

ZoeKemp 7 31 England
8 Jan 2013 10:24PM
Light Artist free software

light artist

If your looking for a free to download software that adds different lighting to your photographs this one is really easy to use.
there are various sliders and buttons to use to change directions and make your lighting as you wish.

This photograph was taken on a wet and windy day. the weather was bad and it gave me a dull grey sky.

I used Light Artist and the Golden Engraving light setting it changed the light in my photograph and made it more pleasing to the eye.

Golden Engraving


Purple light

Spring Sun


Engraved in Blue


Deep Blue


Flood lights


Flying colours


Glow of Fire


Jupiter rising


Stage lights


Stained Glass


Get the creative flow going Smile

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9 Jan 2013 3:28AM
I liked the eerie feel of "Jupiter rising" effect. All the rest failed to touch me - definitely not a substitute to good light on the scene. Might be tried from curiosity - but that's about it. Thanks for sharing anyway.
ZoeKemp 7 31 England
9 Jan 2013 8:51AM
It's' good we all like different views . this should not be negative. That's the beauty of this program. If your new to this sort of program and want to have a play,but can not afford the photoshop software .your able to have a play with colour and You can make the colours as bright or dull as you like. For me I like the golden engraving and the flying colours photos.
A good light on a scene is always a bonus and with a creative eye is stunning. This group is about being creative with you dull photographs. We all have photographs which come out a little dull . This program just helps you brighten up a dull photo.
9 Jan 2013 9:22AM
The lighting filters look very basic, to be honest. I've seen greater/better lighting control in other free/cheap editing packages
ZoeKemp 7 31 England
9 Jan 2013 9:56AM
Well why not tell use what packages. Then we can try them Smile Smile Smile
9 Jan 2013 10:10AM
Gimp is probably one of the best free editors, while the likes of Photoscape and FotoFlex offer fun effects and some basic (but usable) correction features. And of course, most cameras and/or camera phones come with some sort of editing software.

However, Photoshop elements, Lightroom, Paintshop Pro and similar packages are also available at very reasonable prices, and there's plenty magazine and online tutorials and support for them. I'd personally recommend that people consider these as they have a much wider user group and knowledge base

The full version of Photoshop (CS6) is expensive, but is not required by the majority of photographers (at least at the hobbyist/amateur level).
Pete Plus
19 18.8k 97 England
9 Jan 2013 10:54AM

Quote:A good light on a scene is always a bonus and with a creative eye is stunning. This group is about being creative with you dull photographs. We all have photographs which come out a little dull . This program just helps you brighten up a dull photo.

Have you considered first using the basic crop and rotate tools to make the composition better on the original - and a slight tweak to colour and you start with something like this...
Sooty_1 10 1.5k 221 United Kingdom
9 Jan 2013 11:09AM
Just a gimmick, I'm afraid. The picture is no different, no better, it just has different colours on it (note...on it, not in it).
Tarting up a dull image does not make it anything more than a tarted up dull image. Very rarely can you get anything from a bad image, and you can apply coloured filters in just about any processing software. Better to spend the time on something more worthwhile, like looking for better light or better using what you have to work with.

Pete Plus
19 18.8k 97 England
9 Jan 2013 11:30AM
Please don't be put off by the negative comments. You have to remember ePHOTOzine attracts a wide variety of members from skilled photographers who strive to become the best at this subject working with the natural ingredients to create perfection...and in that is light, exposure, focus, composition, subtle processing. Others, like yourself, want to explore the artistic side a effects - both have a place but there is naturally a conflict of interest so opinions will vary.

Also I realise this is a group set up for this kind of treatment and exploration...but the site places the forum posts in the general area to ensure the forum gains maximum exposure. That's good in attracting new members to your group but also attracts ones with different interests who may want to comment. Choose to ignore what you disagree with and enjoy what you do.
Bonvilston 9 61 8 United Kingdom
9 Jan 2013 1:55PM
Pete... I understand your point about the forum threads being put on the general forum. Is there any way that some threads could be restricted to a particular group ? It is always a shame when you are trying to bring on newer and less experienced photographers and you get people who are so self obsessed that they cannot see any perspective other than their own knocking it. Surely camera clubs are plentiful enough for these people to go and spout their negative stuff their - perhaps even becoming judges of club competitions !

It really gets me down.

Zoe, I would not personally use this programme as it appears a bit blunt, but I am glad you brought it to my attention. Thank God someone remembers that we are not all experts. Some of us are working towards it - at various stages. Advice like," don't use this sort of software, take brilliant photos instead" is not the most constructive for people who are at the stage of discovering the wonder of being able to create something new from what comes out of their camera. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

( At least it shows the person who accused me of advertising for iPiccy that that is not the case - which couldn't be said for his own profile which goes so far as to give prices for his own business !. Why iPiccy should want to get advertising on here when it a free app anyway is beyond me !!!)

ZoeKemp 7 31 England
9 Jan 2013 2:18PM
This app may not be to everyone's taste but at least it gets people talking and recommending other programs and software to try. I just ignore negative comments. I like comments that appeal to me. Smile Smile Smile Smile do not let other members negativity put you off if your a beginner. Not all of us are able to buy expensive software. Some just want to add a splash of colour. There is room for any app or software link. It is just a matter of finding the ones or one that works best for you. Viewing the world in black and white all the time is no fun ,sometimes a splash of colour gives a different perspective

9 Jan 2013 3:13PM
Very true, Zoe. Everyone has their own preferences and needs from apps or software, and what suits one person may not suit another. I only mention the 'main' packages as they are more recognised and with so many people using them, there is plenty of community support.

Also, you may find that although one app is great for doing one job, its a bit lacking in other areas, where the paid ones generally cover all the bases and build up your experience if you eventually decide to move to professional/industry editing software
ZoeKemp 7 31 England
9 Jan 2013 4:22PM
Hi Paul I have no problem with peoples comments. I do agree with you about advancing to paid software like Photoshop. I have done this myself . I became interested by using the free apps like above. Then when I became more confident , l wanted to make abstracts out of my photographs for this I use Photoshop elements 10, Gimp and paint.NET. Beginners just need a little help to find their creative flow but do not want to be flooded with information that does not help them.
Your welcome to write a forum post that is simple but will help people find their creative flow using the software and apps you recommended. This is the sort of thing we are trying to help people with in this group.Smile Smile Smile
We are trying to show the different apps and software and what you can do with it.Smile Smile

Keep that creativity flowing Smile Smile

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