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Lightroom 4.1 just released

Gaucho 19 2.8k 2 United Kingdom
30 May 2012 6:47AM
Details here

I'm just downloading it now. Since upgrading my system the slowness problem has gone away and I'm very happy, but I know a lot of people are still having serious problems. It will be interesting to see if they have managed to sort it.

brian1208 18 11.8k 12 United Kingdom
30 May 2012 7:29AM
thanks for letting us know, all downloaded safely on my machine (plus the ACR 7.1 download that's also available)
cats_123 Plus
17 5.1k 30 Northern Ireland
30 May 2012 7:36AM
thanks...have been triallling it, and have been impressed...can I now afford the 106???? SmileSmile
JackAllTog Plus
12 6.3k 58 United Kingdom
30 May 2012 9:43AM
What might it give you that you need?
I can't yet see much of interest apart from maybe
"Point Curve adjustments made in Lightroom 3 have been restored."

What's in the upgrade for you?
Gaucho 19 2.8k 2 United Kingdom
30 May 2012 10:01AM
If you haven't had the problems that many have had with regards to LR4 being virtually unusable, this probably won't make much difference to you. However, if they have solved those problems then there will be a lot of happy people. My upgrade in hardware resolved the issues for me but there are many who have even more powerful systems than I, many of them pros, who haven't been able to use this version. We shall see.
Ewanneil 11 1.1k 2 Scotland
30 May 2012 10:07AM
Thanks for the link. I have to say I have not had a single problem with LR4 but I do like to keep my versions up to date.
mikehit 12 8.0k 13 United Kingdom
30 May 2012 10:08AM
What upgrade did you make, Gaucho?
JJGEE 16 7.9k 18 England
30 May 2012 10:18AM

Quote:What's in the upgrade for you?

It does not cost anything ! !

Could also be useful for those that need new cameras / lenses support, do HDR stuff but for me it is the improvements in the controls for colour fringing / chromatic aberration.
User_Removed 11 4.6k 1 Scotland
30 May 2012 10:18AM
I have been using v4.1 RC since it was released a few months ago and have had no problems with it. I wonder if there are any further developments since the RC version?

Just turned on Lightroom and got the upgrade invitation that says:

The ability to process HDR TIFF files. (16, 24 or 32-bit TIFF files)
Additional Color Fringing corrections to help address chromatic aberration.
Save photobooks created in the Book Module to JPEG
Publishing photos to Adobe Revel is now accessible via a Publish plugin
Additional camera support for several new cameras including the Canon EOS 5D Mark III, Fujifilm X-Pro1, Nikon D800, and Olympus OM-D E-M5.
Corrections for issues introduced in previous versions of Lightroom.
Current version : 4.1 Beta 6 (build 820174)

..but some of those (e.g. support for my D800 files) was already built in the the RC version
JJGEE 16 7.9k 18 England
30 May 2012 10:25AM
Depends which RC version you had.

LR 4.1 RC 2 added the new colour fringe controls.... see my link above Wink

since RC 2 they appear to have improved the responsiveness ( speed ) and correct a small issue with the clarity slider ( greying out some whites in certain circumstances ) plus possibly a few other bits & pieces as well.

Also probably better to upgrade to the formally released 4.1 from whichever RC version you had.
Gaucho 19 2.8k 2 United Kingdom
30 May 2012 11:06AM
@ mikehit

I was running Win 32 with 2 core. Now have Win 64, Intel i5, overclocked, 8 Gb of RAM and 2x 1 Tb internal drives. Huge difference Smile
mikehit 12 8.0k 13 United Kingdom
30 May 2012 11:14AM
Thanks. My setup is Win64, Intel 5, not overclocked, 6GB RAM and 1x1.5 TB drive. Not so far then which is good news because the reports of slow speed are the main reason I have not moved to LR4.
Gaucho 19 2.8k 2 United Kingdom
30 May 2012 11:22AM
Your best bet is to try it first. If it runs okay then go for it as I'm sure you won't regret it. From what I can see so far on other sites, those who have tried the upgrade are a lot happier.
lemmy 14 2.9k United Kingdom
30 May 2012 3:30PM
For some bizarre reason my copy of LR4 was running very very slowly. Then it came up with a dialog box about spotting an anomaly in the catalog or something, closed itself down. When I restarted it, it had sped up without any intervention from me. At that point it was running at about the same speed as 3.6 had.

I've just installed the just released 4.1 and it seems a teeny bit faster than before. I have 2 machines, one a four year old 3ghz core duo with 1tb USB3 disk. It runs great on that, instant updates on monitor 2 and reactions to Develop sliders etc. I have an i5 bought a couple of months ago which I have installed in my French place - it should run well on that, too.

Many people advised me to upgrade my hardware on the core duo, but since it ran demanding video editing software quickly, there was no reason it wouldn't run LR4 quickly. I'm glad I didn't upgrade now - the problem was Lightroom, not the hardware.
Daffy1 13 407 Ireland
30 May 2012 4:34PM
I can use my Silver Efex again Grin Happy days. Damian

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