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joshwa Plus
8 854 United Kingdom
20 Oct 2017 10:44AM
So who uses Lightroom, and if you do, what version?

Adobe announced that Lightroom is moving to a subscription service: ( read our review here )

At roughly 10 a month (it also includes Photoshop CC).
If you're on the subscription, you now get a choice to install Lightroom CC (Cloud):

The previous version, Lightroom 6 is available for around 110 as a one off fee.

So what do you think? Will you continue to use Lightroom 6, or switch to the subscription service?

If you do use Lightroom 6 - Adobe say updates for this will stop at the end of 2017! Sad

Edit: Adobe have answered some questions on the new software here:

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spickles 7 4 United Kingdom
20 Oct 2017 11:31AM
I use Lightroom 6
I will not be upgrading as the amount I use it does not justify 120 per year and I dont want Photoshop.
This will kill off Lightroom
ChrisV Plus
11 2.3k 26 United Kingdom
20 Oct 2017 12:05PM

Quote:I use Lightroom 6
I will not be upgrading as the amount I use it does not justify 120 per year and I dont want Photoshop.
This will kill off Lightroom

It won't you know - not in the short term at least. I could see this coming. Adobe have obviously got to the point where the critical mass of subscribers and the regular [and guaranteed] flow of income from them outbalances the number of people it will undoubtably put off. They've been pulling the same number [very effectively] for a good few years on the design community - we don't have a lot of choice since they swallowed up Macromedia and very effectively killed Quark. [The cost of that subscription dwarfs this].

For cataloguing and basic adjustments, I don't see any really good competition at present [Apple having killed off Aperture a long time ago and Photos not being a decent substitute]. But it will be easier for competing software to be developed and I can see it very effectively capturing a large slice of the hobbyist market. By itself that wouldn't be enough to kill Lightroom - not for a long time. Worse still Adobe are seeing this as a way of monetizing the selling of cloud space - which is why I won't be migrating my photos to the CC version, because I'd need over 1Tb.

I hope your forecast does eventually come to pass because subscription software is overall a bad deal for the consumer.
dontforgetme 14 1.7k 7 United Kingdom
20 Oct 2017 12:09PM
I had to upgrade to cc because it seemed to be the only way to get support for Fuji xt-2 raw file support 😡
ChrisV Plus
11 2.3k 26 United Kingdom
20 Oct 2017 12:19PM

Quote:I had to upgrade to cc because it seemed to be the only way to get support for Fuji xt-2 raw file support 😡

In spite of having the full CC subscription [recently] I'm still using Aperture - it's been dead for years, but the saving grace is it still works because support for new camera RAW formats is built into the Apple OS updates [which are free, to boot!]

I am angry Apple cut its pro users adrift and eventually it won't work [I'm keeping my fingers crossed it will still run under High Sierra which is imminent], while it does Lightroom will languish on my Mac.
Chris_L Plus
4 4.8k United Kingdom
20 Oct 2017 1:39PM
The money that I would save from cancelling existing cloud storage and backup could go towards new Lightroom CC with 1Tb storage.

I used to have in the region of 30,000 photos. I found it ridiculous and started to cull heavily. If it's good enough to print and hang on the wall then it's a keeper, got sentimental or historical value it's a keeper, good enough for a competition, a keeper. The rest: in the bin

Think I'd manage fine in a terabyte.

People who want to stay on Lightroom 6, nothing to stop you. If you get a new camera you may have to convert your files, for free, to DNG files so you can still use them in Lr6.
Dave_Canon 12 1.4k United Kingdom
20 Oct 2017 4:56PM
I have no problem with cc, probably use it most days and have around 50,000 image files to manage for which LR is ideal. I used to spend on average about 100 p.a. on PS and LR upgrades so, initially at least, I was spending a little less. I have found some of the new features in LR cc to be very useful. Given that Photography is my main hobby and I have spent thousands on camera gear, spending a 100 p.a. on this excellent professional software does not seem a problem. I do appreciate that there are many who are not as involved in this hobby as I am so cc may be over the top for their needs. Hopefully, Adobe will continue to sell PS Elements which is quite enough for many amateur photographers.

I am pleased that there are a few alternatives emerging such as On1 and DX0. I have evaluated these (fairly briefly) and neither appears to offer all the facilities I need from cc. These new products are still developing and I think will rival Adobe in the amateur market and hopefully keep Adobe prices down.

JJGEE 13 7.3k 18 England
20 Oct 2017 6:23PM
My last version is LR 5.7.1 and only use it to view my images from 2009 to 2014, approximately 9500.
Any processing of them is now done with Capture One Pro ( for Sony ) in a catalog where images form 2015 to date are.

My intention was to move everything across but not got round to it yet, perhaps a project for 2018 !

StrayCat 14 19.1k 3 Canada
20 Oct 2017 7:05PM
Adobe's photographer's package is still the best deal around, imo. However, I signed up for 2 TB of storage with Apple a couple days ago for $12.99 Canadian. Everything keeps changing; Google is doing some major changes to their stuff at this time, even Chrome is being redone. It may be of interest to the site here that starting in January 2018, Chrome will automatically block loud and distracting videos that come up automatically, and soon after that will include ads. It will sense what you watch, and leave that alone, supposedly. This will also extend to youtube. A little off topic, I know, but big changes are coming, and I feel I need the safest storage I can find. My big problem with Apple, is that they try and force you to store everything. I have to figure out how to store only what I want, without having to delete the other stuff altogether.

Major changes to iTunes also, for any of you subscribers out there, well worth investigating. As far as editing goes, for what I do, I could probably get along with LR 6, but I like having the package, what else do I have to spend my dosh on?

I have recognised for a while now that my biggest need is a reliable, steady, safe storage system, and right now I'm going to use icloud, not bad for the price. I had 65,000 images last year, and I'm down to about 50,000 now, and I'll maybe cut close to half of those. Culling is an unpleasant job for me.
StrayCat 14 19.1k 3 Canada
20 Oct 2017 7:12PM

Quote:My intention was to move everything across but not got round to it yet, perhaps a project for 2018 !

Gee jgee, sounds like my situation.Smile
StrayCat 14 19.1k 3 Canada
20 Oct 2017 7:17PM

Quote:This will kill off Lightroom

Don't know how you can think that, LR has never been better, and it improves with every upgrade. Virtually every pro photographer whose work I follow uses Lightroom, and don't even mention any other editing programs, except maybe a sharpening or noise reduction program on the side. If it's good enough for the pros, and easy to use, it's certainly good enough for me.
Paul Morgan 17 19.2k 6 England
20 Oct 2017 7:56PM
I`ve been a paid up member for the CC plan for almost 4 years (4 at the end of November)

But I only have Bridge installed on my system at the mo, the later versions of Ps have been a right pain (works fine if I downgrade the raw plugin to V8.5) Still waiting for Adobe to address this but it still has not been fixed at this stage.

On the other hand Lr is great, it always has been though not sure if I currently want all my images stored on the cloud, my mind is not yet made up on this latest version.
StrayCat 14 19.1k 3 Canada
21 Oct 2017 6:52AM
Paul, you can choose where you store your images, can't you. I don't think we have to buy cloud storage from Adobe. I checked around for about a year, and finally settled on icloud for the time being, but I can cancel at any time.
Philh04 Plus
13 1.9k United Kingdom
21 Oct 2017 9:01AM
If you choose to use the new Lightroom CC then I believe you do have to use Adobes cloud storage, the photography plan includes the new CC basically as a try out with 1TB of cloud storage.

I too have been a CC user since the inception simply because it is part of my living, my only complaint is that I wish they had introduced a Classic CC only subscription, my current workflow I try to keep totally in raw right the way to print, only round tripping to PS if I cannot achieve something in LR, the new masking in Classic reduces that need.
geffers7 Plus
8 52 1 United Kingdom
21 Oct 2017 11:13AM
I've had Lightroom CC for a couple of years now - perfect for me - as somebody said - I spend thousands on gear so 120 per year is a no-brainer for me. I get constant updates and the whole thing now works seamlessly for me.
I don't want LR CC however - I'll just stick with LR Classic - if that changes and everything goes into the cloud then I might re-assess but at the moment I'm happy with the way it works.

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