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London meet

rania 18 1
1 May 2006 3:04AM
Any chance EPZ could organise a London meet? We could meet at CharingX, walk across the Thames on the Jubilee bridge, along the South Bank up to Tate Modern...plenty of opportunites for photography and perhaps a coffee/meal on the way. Just an idea...
foxybrown 17 368
1 May 2006 3:26AM
meets don't have to be organised by 'epz staff'

they can simply be arranged by members as and when they feel like! summers just around the corner, should give longer daylight hours for photo opportunities...

you've got to watch out for security guards along the southbank,they seem to hate people with tripod - apparantly that qualifies us as professionals! if only it were that easy... might be tempted to do a few 'shoot and runs' lol

im not really a fan of day shots unless theres interesting weather conditions. i think you'll get impressive shots of london at dusk - weather permitting. you'll probably have to stick to a single location to get a really good sunset shot of a london location.

there are some people who ought to come to an epz london meet and share some of their secrets lol , ive seen some pretty good shots from folk on here.
1 May 2006 3:30AM
Borough St Market and surrounding area should provide some opportunities for some interesting candids if you go on a Saturday; although it can get a bit crowded in the middle of the day.

foxybrown 17 368
1 May 2006 3:38AM
you people talking about people photography???


not my cup of tea, why would any one want to take pictures of total strangers unless they're perverts or journalists???
Henchard 17 2.7k 1 United Kingdom
1 May 2006 3:46AM

Quote:why would any one want to take pictures of total strangers unless they're perverts or journalists???

one of the strangest statements I've ever read. People are fascinating. I'm always stopping people and asking if I can take their photos. Martin Parr (at Magnum) pretty much specialises in this type of photography and is I believe one of the agency's biggest earners.

Don't think it makes me or him a perv though.
foxybrown 17 368
1 May 2006 3:49AM
calm down mate that was a light hearted comment

horses for courses we all have different tastes - people photography is something that doesnt appeal to me thats all
PP 20 222 England
1 May 2006 3:54AM
I'm going to City Hall on Saturday 6 May to do some photographs of the interior. Its one of their 'open days' and I've been informed that using a tripod inside the building is not a problem!! (a very welcome change from the usual 'anti-tripod' attitude). There is a spiral ramp/staircase inside the building, so lots of opportunities for interesting shots. Level 9 will also probably be open, with impressive views towards Tower Bridge and Canary Wharf. If anyone would like to meet up on the day, let me know. I'm hoping to arrive about 10am (opening time). More info on City Hall open weekends is available here:

1 May 2006 7:57AM
Perversion is a derogatory term to refer to people who deviate from what is considered normal. I would have thought a photographer who enjoys taking candid portraits is one that enjoys photographing the human condition rather than a person who is engaging in a culturally proscribed taboo. There are two interesting things in London: the buildings and the people. If that would be the agenda for a photo meet I would be happy to join in.

foxybrown 17 368
1 May 2006 8:34AM
im a buildings person.
KatieR 18 6.2k 6
1 May 2006 11:15PM

ePz don't organise meets - the members do!
So, you just need to suggest a date and a meeting place and a rough route, and see who you can entice to come along. As long as there is a possibility of a pub stop, you're sure to get some interest!
Snapper_T 18 867 United Kingdom
4 May 2006 7:34AM
Would be interested, I havn't been to the 'smoke' for ages.

phil beale 19 1.5k United Kingdom
4 May 2006 11:30AM
Come on Kyd looks as if you will have to organise it again Rania doesn't seemed interested in doing the job. See here previous meet

SamLS 16 237 United Kingdom
10 May 2006 5:37AM
In principle I'm up for a meeting.

Are we talking about after work one evening (say, 18:30/19:00 ish) or are you thinking of a weekend?

BrendonD 17 8 England
10 May 2006 9:44AM
Wow, meeting people, coming out from behind the computer and interacting with other EPZers... Sounds like a plan. I'd be up for the after work senario (working next to the London Museum as I do) or weekends.

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