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Lone Female Photographers

josephine 18 51
2 Dec 2003 2:49PM
Well Lesley Jane i'm not blonde, but brunette and I try to go out in quite asexual clothing- big baggy tops and jeans but I still get various men leap out at me. So I have recommended it to all my single female friends as a way to meet men! I'm like you I enjoy talking to lots of people, I just don't like them coming too close to my camera, because it's mine and no one is allowed to touch it!! I understand men now with their obsession with their phallic extensions, cars! Please take this in the jokey way this is meant, all the men on this forum.
Lesley Jane 18 305
2 Dec 2003 3:14PM
Would this be why it is usually men who have the biggest/longest lenses attached to their cameras whenever possible!
Lesley Smile
macroman 18 15.3k England
2 Dec 2003 3:15PM
I think that's a phallacy put about by amateur psychologists Josephine.

In the same way that the colour of your car is supposed to indicate your personality.

I have had cars of nearly every colour.
God knows what you make of that(multiple split/fragmented personality perhaps)

"Would this be why it is usually men who have the biggest/longest lenses attached to their cameras whenever possible!"
Lesley Smile

Mmm! We have a young girl in our group who has a longer lens than all of the other members,(apart from a dedicated wildlife photographer)I don't know how you interpret that ;o)
josephine 18 51
2 Dec 2003 3:19PM
I know they seem to be most proud of their biggest, fast lens. What does that say? I would like a 50mm prime lens for the glass quality. Slow but perfect!
macroman 18 15.3k England
2 Dec 2003 3:28PM
While we are on the subject of projecting objects ;o))

Why do camera manufacturers fit the strap attachments in such a way that the camera stays upright and the lens sticks out at right angles?
It's most annoying when walking in busy areas.
Why can't they design them so the lens hangs down?
josephine 18 51
2 Dec 2003 3:36PM
I agree it would be handier, but they are probably aware that on men it may look a tad funny! It probably distributes the camera weight in a safer way if you get knocked; the old original way
peterh 18 608 United Kingdom
2 Dec 2003 4:49PM
Does anyone else remember the Gerald Scarfe cartoon of Tony Armstrong-Jones?

macroman 18 15.3k England
2 Dec 2003 4:51PM
peterh 18 608 United Kingdom
2 Dec 2003 5:36PM
See if you can find it. It was either in the Sunday times or Private Eye I think.
Carabosse 18 41.7k 270 England
2 Dec 2003 6:03PM
From the library of little-known (but true) facts:

Category MOST likely to be attacked in public: Males in their early twenties.

Category who feel LEAST vulnerable: Males in their early twenties.

Category LEAST likely to be attacked in public: Elderly females.

Category who feel MOST vulnerable: Elderly females.
SuziBlue 18 16.2k 10 Scotland
2 Dec 2003 6:57PM
You don't live round this way then Carabosse.
Lesley Jane 18 305
2 Dec 2003 8:52PM
Are you by any chance suggesting that the Ephotozine women who are concerned for their safety are all elderly!!
Maybe it is you guys who should watch your back when out and about with all your tackle>

peterjones 19 5.2k 1 United Kingdom
2 Dec 2003 9:12PM
In the end it is a matter of common sense,if it don't feel safe don't go there on your own,however if you must......

Take people with you.

Dress as down at heel as possible,use the scruffiest bag for your gear that you can,carry the absolute minimum of stuff,do what some of the pro's do,stick masking tape over the camera to cover up the name and make it look really scruffy ;if you use a tripod or monopod use a Benbo;folded the tripod resembles a Kalshnikov,as for the monopod I am sure it is made from scaffolding.

Watch your body language,most of the low life are cowards and only go for people who they think won't retaliate,I am not suggesting you do unless you are really well trained for such a situation,just don't look defenceless.

You can carry your camera so as the lens points downwards and is therefore less visible just carry the camera so as the back of the body is away from you ,the outfit then hugs your body and is just as quick to pick up should a photo present itself.

Finally going back to my first point the BEST method of self defence is not to be there in the first place.

Keep safe,

Lesley Jane 18 305
2 Dec 2003 9:19PM
You are making me feel very unprepared for going out at all!
Perhaps becoming a recluse and taking up table-top photography should become one of my New Year resolutions!
Having a D100 it is quite difficult to wear it in the way you describe and I don't usually wear baggy clothes!
wendy9 18 475 United Kingdom
2 Dec 2003 9:28PM
About time I added my comments I guess! I go out quite a lot on my own, and only once have I felt relatively unsafe. That was a couple of months back when I took my 'Reflective' shot. That was in a designated beauty area, high up and looking over towards Lancing College - I had never been there before. When I arrived at the car park there were only a few people around. I followed the path which went into a wooded area before eventually coming to the clearing from which I took my shot, having passed a few 'gents' on route. But it suddenly struck me, as I wandered back on my own, that it was the sort of out-of-the-way area that attacks could occur and you might not be found for ages...I decided that if I went there again it would be with some company, and I'm not normally the nervous type!
I imagine some of us older brigade were brought up at a time when one was more trusting of people generally?

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