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Looking for info on up-to-date long haul hand luggage experience

javam 17 1.1k 19 United Kingdom
13 Aug 2007 12:01PM
I know the topic of hand luggage and hard cases has been discussed in depth over the years, but I am looking for an up to date report on experience, preferably with BA, World Traveler (economy) class and using a Peli 1510.

Anyone flown with this combination recently and if so were you allowed to take the peli on as hand luggage?

BA mention a bag size limit which the Peli 1510 fits under, but it appears there is no longer any mention of a weight limit, which is a good thing given the weight of the peli empty is over 5kg.

I will keep my Slingshot 200 in another bag in case they do not allow the peli so I can take some bits on with me, but it would be good to know in advance so I do not get stung for excess baggage.


Chant57 Plus
15 395 3 United Kingdom
13 Aug 2007 2:05PM
ONE cabin bag, 22 inches x 17.5 inches x 9.85 inches. If you are travelling BA and are not on a codeshare ticket - a codeshare ticket will have the BA flight number on it plus the other airlines flight number ( the other airline might be the one used on the route), and as long as you can easily lift your hand luggage into the overhead lockers without assistance, then you should be ok. If its a BA ticket but being used on an alliance airline, then there are weight restrictions for hand luggage - usually 6 -7 kg.

Hope this helps.
13 Aug 2007 2:13PM
All necessary info is on the BAA website as far as getting through security is concerned - allowable sizes and weights given (set by govt as part of security measures - some budget airlines have lower limits. ). NB - you can only take one item of hand luggage out of UK i.e. no carry-on bag plus laptop (or even the wife's handbag - that has to go in her hand luggage). If check-in or security think the bag is too big/heavy you will have to check it in - though looking at the size of some roller cases going through this does not seem to be enforced!

I flew Air Canada mid-July and had no problem taking my photo backpack through security at Heathrow - they will ask whether the bag contains electronic devices but they did not want it to be opened, just put it through the scanner. Remarkably painless (though easier and better customer service at Edmonton on the way back!).

Stick to the guidelines and you should be OK.

ahollowa 17 1.1k England
13 Aug 2007 2:17PM
I flew BA recently to Moscow returning from Beijing. I had my camera bag inside an amazon carry-on rucksack. Within the size restriction and weighing about 15Kg. No issues at all.


javam 17 1.1k 19 United Kingdom
13 Aug 2007 3:32PM
Thanks for the responses and information. Did not occur to me to check the BAA site Paul (been to DTI and BA) so thanks for that.

The peli is tight on the 56cm limit at 55.9 (I may take some sandpaper to it), but the other dimensions are under the limits so it is more the weight that I am concerned about.
auraalan 14 6
7 Sep 2007 7:16PM
I really have no time for BA the wife and I have traveled a little to Australia many times we have never had a problem with ant airline other than BA annd Quantas who are the same firm , of all of them try EVA AIR its a great firm with good prices if you book really early. We recently went with them highly recommend them
javam 17 1.1k 19 United Kingdom
8 Sep 2007 8:47PM
Thanks Alan.

Unfortunately I did not have a choice, they are the only ones that do the type of ticket I need.
Ekkehard 10 3
6 Jan 2011 1:37PM
I would like to ask the traveling photographic community about their experience with customs and/or security personel in New Delhi airport concerning camera's as handluggage. I am still using analogue photo equipment because my interest is classic silver gelatin prints. I usually work with a LEICA M6 vieuwfinder camera in 35 mm and HASSELBLAD for medium format. I assume that entering into India is no problem, my worry is getting out. I am grateful for any suggestion.
ckristoff 17 994 Wales
6 Jan 2011 6:28PM
Hello Ekkehard,

with my family, I recently went on holiday to Malaysia and Singapore during the 2 middle weeks of October. THis was the first plane flight by me and my wife in 15 years, so I was worried about 13 hour flight.

I hate all the airport palaver and customs and so on; but our experience was good, we had no problems at all. We flew with Air Asia X, I believe it was. Great service and all my photo gear was ok.

Ekkehard 10 3
7 Jan 2011 10:00AM
Hi Frank,

Thanks for your reply. I have no worries about Malaysia and Singapore. I lived there a number of years ago and return regularly. No ploblems at all. I have mixed feelings about New Delhi. In the early 90's we lived in India for a few years. Our daughters visited us and upon their return only one suitcase arrived. The other one contained the camera and all the presents. That suitcase was never found back. As long as everything is done according to the rules, I have no worry. The thing is that sometimes special rules are made up in certain places of this world. That is when it gets tricky.

Thanks anyway for taking the trouble answering me.

User_Removed 11 4.6k 1 Scotland
7 Jan 2011 2:47PM
Don't even think of having any cameras in hold baggage!

If it won't fit in hand luggage, leave it at home. Even for a trip from London to Edinburgh!!

All hold luggage should now be routinely scanned and any that contains a camera (or any other piece of electronic equipment) will be subject to mandatory opening and examination. 99% of all baggage handlers may be scrupulously honest, but I would not trust my cameras to the risk of my luggage being opened by the rogue 1%.

On four out of my last five international flights, I opened my hold luggage on arrival to find that polite slip of paper inside, explaining that the case had been opened and searched by the security people. And all I had in it was clothing! Unfortunately in one instance I had absent-mindedly locked the case and they were not exactly careful when forcing the lock! For America you can buy special locks that, allegedly, only the Homeland Security bods can open with a special key but I don't think you can get them for India.

Nick_w Plus
14 4.3k 99 England
7 Jan 2011 2:56PM
Remember theres always pockets etc for an odd lens etc it can make all the differnce in which bag to take - you can always put it in the bag when on the plane. Would have said once you get to the gate - but Ryanair have thought of that!! they now have a mobile box to check each bag at the gate!
Hugo 16 649 United Kingdom
7 Jan 2011 6:09PM
I went through New Delhi both ways Air India with DSLR + 3 x lenses of reasonable size November 09 as hand luggage - all was fine.
The way I came in - very old terminal - had to wait an hour to just to get passport stamped -but on the way out - brand new modern terminal (for the commonwealth games) - much slicker, a whole different world, no different to a smaller UK airport. Shame really as it lost it's uniqueness. I think the older terminals have now been closed. Not that new buildings will automatically change staff attitudes.

Thinking afterwords - I should have taken a printed list of the kit and the serial numbers with me - if they had hassled me on the way in maybe that would have helped, or I could have got it stamped or something with the date when I came in - and then shown that on the way out. I was with British-Indian people on my trip, that's useful as they can speak the language should they have started to hassle me - but having since read other tales on the internet - I can see that going in and out if India with DSLR + several lenses could attract attention. If you are concerned I would ask in the forums here

I would never leave kit in hold bags. Get a coat with big pockets if your really pressed for space.
Ekkehard 10 3
9 Jan 2011 10:41AM

Thanks for your comments. This is already very assuring. I am sure that the presence of some British-Indian people has had some influence. Our friends in India have assured us of their presence when leaving. Also a well prepared list of the equipment might be helpful. One question: did you have to declare your equipment on some form at arrival, along with the amount of forex and other valuables? This form gets stamped by the customs and allows you to exist with the same. I have the experience that it is a system in many formarly British administered parts of this world. In the early 90's, when we lived in India, such form was the rule. We also needed an exit visa, i.e. some time before leaving one had to see the local police and get their approval to leave the country.

By the way, I am 150% in agreement with LeftForum who states that 99% of the bagage handlers are honest people. Of course they are, but I agree also that there exist 1 % not so honest and these are causing trouble.

Hugo 16 649 United Kingdom
9 Jan 2011 4:59PM
No I didn't have to declare the kit on arrival. Actually the 'on-arrival' business was a bit of a mess - they give you a form to fill out on the plane - clearly says on it that if your not staying for a month or more (or something like that) you don't need to fill it out. So I didn't fill it out. Then we stood around queuing for an hour in the (old) arrivals hall - the kinda thing where there wern't even many people but for some reason it seemed to take an age to process each person. Then it gets to your turn and all they ask is for your name, address, done in 1min, and you wonder why it's taken everyone else so long??? Or why the other security people standing around don't help and open more desks. God knows! It's all part of the charm of India I guess Smile

Anyway they then declared that they did want the form from the plane, (even if says it's not needed) it just asked for addresses, passport details, etc. One of those forms where the boxes are tiny, it's boiling hot, all you've got is a tooth-pic sized biro and my hand writings rubbish, so no-one would ever be able to read it, entirely procedural and no questions about bringing stuff in. Either cash or camera - you're not suppost to take rupees in/out of India - but i don't see this checked either.

After all the stupidness with getting a visa etc, I was expecting "questions" about the camera, DSLR+lenses + accessories is probably 2k - so a fair bit - no one even looked at my camera bag. Smile Was expecting to have to declare it as you said. Similar in principle to the "carnet" system.

Exit - no special visa for me - i was just on a tourist visa stamped in my passport- there were security guys at the door to the (new) airport - you needed passport and a valid ticket to enter and they did check this - not sure non travelling people would be allowed inside. Mind you it seems like no rules are concrete in India.

Visa came from here - I did it online myself (web site is very poor) - or travel agents offer it.
As much as I love India....the VISA system is way to complex/procedural for what is a holiday! Maybe that's just India being old fashioned and inefficient in a way that India does best! At the time of my holiday I was working as a broadcast engineer for a sports production company here in the UK - think football etc- but because I work in the 'media' the VISA people wanted to see a letter from work saying my trip was a holiday etc and I promised to do no 'journalism' etc. I'm not sure what they think I would see that non-media people can't see, and it's not like I work as an undercover reporter in my day job!

I went to *work* in South Africa for the world cup and that was a million times easier and I was there for work.

I still love India despite all the stupidly/sillyness. Smile

Hope that helps. Sorry if it goes on a bit.... I think the thing about India is that nothing is very concrete - you could go and the customs guy might be having a good/bad day and your experience would be totally different!

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