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mikehit 11 8.0k 13 United Kingdom
5 Sep 2013 3:54PM
I agree with CB. Yes, the D800 is better but considering the difference in cost and size, the difference is surprisingly small even though this difference is expanded in exposure extremes - even the EPZ test was looking at flare shooting into the sun, or ISO 25,600.
Then again I suppose it depends on your viewing condition (print size, screen..?) and your own definition of 'whacking'.
ChrisV Plus
13 2.3k 26 United Kingdom
5 Sep 2013 4:05PM
I'd say useable shots at decent sizes two and more stops higher is 'whacking'. As you say, the D800 is a much bigger and much more expensive camera and we are talking about use in extremes. In most normal shooting circumstances the differences are going to be a lot more minor. Which is why I've invested in quite a lot of m4/3 kit.

But if I needed big prints in low light? There's no contest.
6 Sep 2013 9:06AM
I must confess I am gradually selling all my Nikon DX stuff to change over to Panny M43. Bought a relatively cheap G5 a few months ago having read good reviews on forums and I have been very pleased with the results compared to my D7000. For the vast majority of images I can't say there is a significant difference. Depends what you use your cam for I suppose. I can crop and enlarge / print to A2 which is pretty much all I want from my equipment, but then I'm not a pro. I understand that for many that may not be enough and they need more from their equipment. What the G5 has done is to allow me to have my camera with me all the time and re-introduced a lot more fun to photography for me. Over the next few months I will trade in the G5 with its 2 kit lens for a G6 with the new 14-140. I have a 20m and will get the 12-35 2.8 and a 100-300 and that will just about do me.
ChrisV Plus
13 2.3k 26 United Kingdom
6 Sep 2013 11:17AM
I agree Chris - there's very little difference in IQ between m4/3 and APSc. Whilst there's more when you go up to the considerably larger 35mm format, the IQ differences only count if you want huge (really huge) prints, very low light performance, or very tight control over depth of field. I may want some of those things, but not for the vast majority of the time.

So I'm going a similar route to yourself. I may (haven't entirely made my mind up) sell the G6 and get a GX7. I've also not 100% decided whether or not to buy the fast zooms or make do with what I have plus another prime or two. In either case the vast majority of my shooting in future will be with the Pannys. I don't expect big differences in the quality of my output, but I do expect my back to be grateful!
SlowSong Plus
12 9.3k 30 England
6 Sep 2013 1:31PM
Have just taken delivery of my second hand 14-140mm Pan lens for use on the G5 and I love it. It's a bit heavier than I thought but compared with using the 60D plus zoom I'm easily able to get it into a medium-sized handbag without straining my neck. The lens is smooth and quick to focus and feels solidly built and the OIS works really well. Very pleasing all round.

I could've waited to get the G6 and the newer and lighter power version of the lens, but the hike in price didn't warrant it and I don't need the extra features of the G6. Now I've got two more kit lenses sitting around doing nothing. Duh! Smile


Paul Morgan 19 19.5k 6 England
6 Sep 2013 4:56PM

Quote:I agree Chris - there's very little difference in IQ between m4/3 and APSc

I`ve never got all this comparing, A is better than B malarkey, if it fits your needs then that is all that matters Smile

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