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Machine overheating?

rletham 17 890 United Kingdom
23 Jun 2005 3:53AM
Maybe the MB is screwed then? There is certainly no beeps. PSU fans are turning and power is getting to the mechanical bits.
brm 17 76
23 Jun 2005 4:07AM
Lets not jump to conclusions Wink Does sound like a MB problem though...

It might just be a short circuit - I've had this problem in the past where one of the pins on the back of the mb was just touching part of the case - so double check that.

Also try resetting your cmos back to default settings etc - should be a jumper setting on the board, your manual will tell you which one it is.

Lot's of modern MBs have a little light on them that shows they've got power going through - I don't suppose you have one of those on yours do you..?

mattmatic 17 598
23 Jun 2005 4:16AM
Ok. If the CPU is fried you'll get zippity squat - no beeps, nada. If the motherboard is fried, you'll get the same thing Wink

The beeps are used to tell you things like "RAM is not ok", "Graphics card not found", but in all those cases the CPU is running. The beeps are generated by the CPU running BIOS instruction code.

One thing worth doing, IMHO, is to unclip the CPU as if you were taking it out of the socket, then clip it all back (ie the ZIF socket etc). Additionally, if you have socketed BIOS chips, give them a gentle push - you usually hear a creaking sound from the socket if there are connection problems (the dispenser lubricants left on the chip legs can turn to rock/glass over time given heat and current).

(The HD will spin up on its own, the CDROM will work on its own etc.)
So, if after all that you still get no real HD activity, and no bleeps, then you've got a dead CPU, MB, or PSU or all three.

Hope that helps Rab!
rletham 17 890 United Kingdom
23 Jun 2005 4:44AM
I've checked and there is no light on the MB. The machine has been working correctly with the systen set as it is so will resetting the cmos do any good? I've not changed any settings etc. I'll check the case for short circuits though. I'm going over to my techie mates house tonight with the machine. I'll be borrowing a spare from him and plugging my data drive into that. Then we'll probably pull the bits out one at a time and try them in another machine.

Thanks again guys
User_Removed 19 7.3k 6 United Kingdom
23 Jun 2005 10:12AM
Well b****r me - it's started to happen to me today which is sooooo frustrating as I am both printing a large batch and trying to run C1 at the same time.
rletham 17 890 United Kingdom
23 Jun 2005 10:37AM
Batch processing is what overheated mine to start with barrie. I was auto creating web pages for six hundred wedding pics when it went bang.
rletham 17 890 United Kingdom
23 Jun 2005 10:47AM
By the way. I use outlook for my biz email and calender etc. I know this information is saved somewhere but I need to transfer this data to my new machine. I have backed up most of this info on a *.pst file but there is still some information that wasn't backed up. Latest emails that day etc. Can anyone tell me which file these are hiding in?
MarkyMarc 16 498 Canada
23 Jun 2005 11:57AM
You guys should have your CPU fans blowing at the heatsink, not away from it. With the fan pointing away from the heatsink the air is going to rush in the sides between the fins and then be sucked through the fan and blown into the case. The middle part of the heatsink above the CPU core will not see as much airflow and be hotter. With the fan turned towards the heatsink the sink is going to be blasted with air, the turbulence will pull heat from the heatsink. Think about it this way, on a hot day would you rather be sitting in front of a desk fan or behind it?
UserRemoved 17 6.2k 1
23 Jun 2005 12:05PM
Outlook Data
C:\Documents and Settings\YourUserName\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook
and settings
C:\Documents and Settings\YourUserName\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook
Fairly sure that's all

You guys should have your CPU fans blowing at the heatsink

Never known one to blow in - and that's from even very serious cooler manufacturers, so possibly even designed specifically for airflow out
brm 17 76
23 Jun 2005 12:36PM
MarkyMarc - I think you've got you've got your fan the wrong way round Wink

As far as I know the whole point of the both the heatsink & the fan is to get heat away from the chip and into the case. If your case is relatively free from obstructions you should have a slight throught draught caused by the PSU fan. Obviously for better cooling you need intake & exhaust case fans to move the air through the case. By reversing the cpu fan all you're doing is blowing the warm air back onto the cpu and away from the case air flow.

I'd suggest that if anyone is having heat issues with their pc's at the moment then they run a search in google about over clocking - there's a wealth of info about cooling your pc on those sites & any problem you might be having you can rest assured that some game geek somewhere has already suffered it Wink

MarkyMarc 16 498 Canada
23 Jun 2005 2:48PM

Quote:MarkyMarc - I think you've got you've got your fan the wrong way round Wink

That probably explains why my PC has never ever overheated.

I think you guys will find that manufacturers such as Thermaltake, Coolermaster, etc arrange the fans to blow onto their heatsinks. Take a look at the Coolermaster Aero 4 as an example. nVidia and ATi do the same on their video cards, have a look at a Quadro FX 3400 if you want an example there. Unless you don't consider any of these 'serious' heatsinks.

Having the fans sucking air away from the heatsink can work as well, usually in a situation where there is ducting installed or the heatsink is specailly designed to work this way. General practice is to fire them towards the heatsink though.

Do whatever works for you, if having the fan pushing air is working no need to change it. It's just that these guys were complaining of overheating.
rletham 17 890 United Kingdom
23 Jun 2005 3:53PM
Well I've got my machine up and running again. However it is past midnight and I'm sat here working to catch up ;o(

Nevermind, my boss is a nice lad and will let me have a lie in tomorrow as long as my deadlines are met ;o)

Thanks for everyones input.

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