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Mcaffe Antivirus Software

Sylar 12 133 England
13 Dec 2010 11:32AM
Recently I bought a Sony laptop with Mcaffee Antivirus software trial installed.

The other day the trial run out, so I unistalled it and tried to put Kaspersy on.

However, Kaspercy wouldn't install, and it said that there was still some antivirus software installed.

Having this problem, I decided to purchase Mcaffee, spending over 50 for 2 years protection.

However, I bought a computer shopper magazine today, and they had a test of various antivirus software, BUT Mcaffee software was the worst one, only getting 2 stars.
I have wasted a lot of money on 2 progammes, BUT DON'T FEEL PROTECTED!
going_digital 10 204 England
13 Dec 2010 11:38AM
Sorry to hear that, but it does seem a bit odd that you chose to reward the Mcaffee software company for screwing up your computer in the first place. To me the fact that it didn't uninstall properly would have annoyed me to the point that I would have blacklisted them. It really annoys me how these companies fill the computer with junk like this, the first thing I do on a PC is reformat and put a clean minimal install of Windows on it to get rid of all that junk. Obviously this is not what most people want to do when they get a new computer, especially if they are not experienced with this sort of thing.

Sorry to say you have been a victim of the marketing scammers.
cameracat 17 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
13 Dec 2010 12:49PM
In a word Mc Affee is total crap......Period.....Grin

Here is a tip for getting rid of McAffee on your shiny new computer......Smile

First don't go straight for the " Uninstall Option " because the crafty barstewards have thought of that.....Tongue

Instead open the " Run " Option and type the following " MSCONFIG " can be upper or lower case makes no odds.....Smile

You will be presented with a box that allows control over various Start Up options.

Select the " Start Up " Tab...Here you will see a list of start-up items with little boxes " Ticked " on the left side.......Smile

Next look for all the lines that mention " McAffee " and take the tick out of the boxes next to them.....Grin

When done " OK " those choices and you will be advised to restart the computer.....DO So....Smile

When the computer reboots to desktop, You may get a warning that you have a selective start up running ( To darn right you have Smile ) Just OK that warning and tick the box so it does not remind you at every boot .......Grin

NOW go for the " Uninstall Option " by whatever direction your flavour of OS dictates, Uninstall all mentions of McAffee and then reboot the computer......Grin

Now finally when your computer restarts, You will be well and truly RID of McAffee for good, Now load your choice of security software......!!!!!!!!!!

Kaspersky is OK, But why buy stuff when " Microsoft is giving away free " Windows Security Essentials " Just run through a Hardware Firewall and your good to go....!!!!!!!

Job Done.....Wink
User_Removed 17 17.9k 8 Norway
13 Dec 2010 1:18PM
Funny that Vince... My sister-in-law called for help over EXACTLY the same problem just last evening... MacAfee off and Kapersky on.

Only problem is she has picked up a RootKit ('TDL3') in the interim... Sad
digicammad 17 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
13 Dec 2010 1:21PM
Download Kaspersky first, then unplug from the internet before you remove your AV software.
Nick_w Plus
13 4.3k 99 England
13 Dec 2010 1:23PM

Quote:Funny that Vince... My sister-in-law called for help over EXACTLY the same problem just last evening... MacAfee off and Kapersky on.

Only problem is she has picked up a RootKit ('TDL3') in the interim... Sad

Got exactly the same infection through on the laptop with a McAfee protected system. I "think" i've solved it with rkill followed by malwarebytes
cameracat 17 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
13 Dec 2010 3:00PM

Quote: laptop with a McAfee protected system

Next job is to Kill Off McAffee.....Grin

As mentioned above the latest Kaspersky is a good choice, Even the freebie AVG has a nice new interface on W7....Smile

That said I have been running " Microsoft Security Essentials " for the better part of a year, Though I do run via 2 Hardware Firewalls ( Two Routers to be precise ).

Its been good so far....Smile Virtually zero system slowing, Even on a laptop.....Smile Grin Smile

McAffee though, Well thats another thing altogether......Sad
miyaguchi 11 136 United Kingdom
13 Dec 2010 6:38PM
I use an Anti-Virus software called NOD32 by Eset, which can be downloaded and paid for over the internet.

This was recommended to me by my brother who has been programming computers since the abacus met its maker and I have never had any problem with any virus, trojan (touch wood Wink) for close on seven years.
Sylar 12 133 England
14 Dec 2010 5:16PM
Thanks CameraCat

I have managent to unstall Mcaffee crap anti-virus software thanks to you.

I have now installed Norton Internet Security 2011, and it found loads of problems that Mcaffee didn't find!
digicammad 17 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
15 Dec 2010 4:39PM
If you have installed Norton I suggest you look closely at what it is running. It is well known as a resource hog and you may find there are all sorts of services doing things you don't need.
Jestertheclown 12 8.4k 253 England
15 Dec 2010 5:25PM

Quote:I have now installed Norton Internet Security 2011,

I don't mean to ad to your woes but Norton must be the worst security software I'ver ever come across.
rhousham 14 435 United Kingdom
17 Dec 2010 5:57PM
I just stick with AVG 2011 - I think my dad had Norton and so did I a few years ago, can't remember it being that bad.
Though I do know to get rid of Norton for some reason you need a tool
Which is just strange!
tomcat 15 6.4k 15 United Kingdom
17 Dec 2010 6:55PM
You have probably spent enough already, but Prevx takes some beating, if at all Smile
I realise they are now owned by Webroot, but talking to folks in the know Tongue, it would seem that it is for the better of all.


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