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Meike Extension Tubes

PhotoLinda 4 802 United Kingdom
27 Feb 2021 12:26PM
Hi everyone. Lovely bit of sunshine today, so I decided to have a play around with my newly acquired extension tubes. As these are very new to me and I've never seen any being used by anyone else, I'm not really sure what to expect. However, I am wondering if the set I have is faulty or if the problem I'm having is just user error/expecting too much. So I'm hoping to draw on your collective wisdom. Tongue

When I use them in strong light conditions, I get an area in the middle of the image which is soft, fuzzy and overexposed in comparison to the rest of the image. It's as if the tubes are leaking light onto the sensor. I am attaching two images that show the problem for you. Just tester shots so the focus may not be perfect - just to show you what I'm getting. I don't get this problem other than when I'm using the extension tubes.

I also note that when I use the extension tubes, they sound very gritty, like the camera's chasing to focus. Twisting them back a bit (slackening them off) does reduce it and everything seems to work thereafter, but they do sound like they've got sand in them and I want to make sure I'm not going to damage my camera. Everything runs lovely and smooth without them - both before and after.

The setup I am using is a Nikon Z6 with the FTZ converter, the Meike 36mm extension tube and a Nikkor 50mm prime lens (f-fit).

Any comments, advice and recommendations anyone can give, much appreciated. TIA.


bornstupix2 6 131 1 France
27 Feb 2021 12:49PM
Th gritty noise sounds like they fit badly...the hot spot is another thing all together ...I would speak to both manufacturers about your problem as I think there maybe a compatibility problem somewhere
PhotoLinda 4 802 United Kingdom
27 Feb 2021 1:06PM
Yeah. Incompatibility was on my mind.

I bought Meike because I'd seen it mentioned elsewhere that they worked well with the Z6. But I don't know if that was with the FTZ adapter or not. Since buying my set I realised there is a Z fit version.

Bought my set from eBay... I'm never entirely sure if the products are genuine or not. It was a gamble, but maybe not a good one. 😕
bornstupix2 6 131 1 France
27 Feb 2021 1:27PM
Just looked at your bubble pic in your portfolio so there is little wrong in your technique...I`m certain its a compatibility issue and I have to say many pieces of old school kit are sold on the back of the ability to fit via modern adapters and the tolerances are far less than in the old days. I use many Russian and old Japanese lenses on a variety of modern digital cameras but the slightest scraping or over stiff resistance and I stop. The mount and links on your z and ftz will be a lot less forgiving than old nikon f mounts.
Fakes are another issue and personally ebay is a non starter for can at least trust your eyes and hands at carboots and charity shops.
Philh04 17 2.3k United Kingdom
27 Feb 2021 1:59PM
Does it only occur when using the 36mm tube? Difficult to put ones finger on the cause as there are no optics in tubes. Possibly something reflecting stray light onto the sensor?
PhotoLinda 4 802 United Kingdom
27 Feb 2021 3:06PM
Haven't tried it with the other tubes tbf. But it doesn't happen when I use any other lens without the tubes. Even with the same subject matter and in the same lighting conditions. I think it's definitely something to do with the tubes.

Just didn't know if it was a common problem that everyone has to live with when they use extension tubes. Or if it's something peculiar to my set up.

It's sounding increasingly like the latter. And like I've bought a duff/fake/incompatible product. 😕
bornstupix2 6 131 1 France
27 Feb 2021 4:45PM
Tubes and also bellows were the mainstay of extreme close up 35mm photography for many as the early macro/micro lenses were very expensive. Close up lenses helped a little also and nikon made a reversing ring which allowed their standard lenses to fit backwards on the slr mount. I think you must have an issue with the compatibility/quality of the tubes you have bought if your lens has produced clear images in the past.
Is the interior of the tubes free from silvered surfaces and all black?
PhotoLinda 4 802 United Kingdom
27 Feb 2021 5:04PM
Yes. Very black and dark in there as far as I can see.

Must be a compatibility or quality issue. Only paid about £35 so nothing much lost.

There are some Z-fit ones available. But Kenko ones are like £150+. Having seen them, and knowing what I paid, I strongly suspect I've got a cheap imported substandard version!

May treat myself to some decent ones, now I know. And raise a complaint on eBay. Should have trusted my instinct and avoided eBay. Lesson learned! 🤔

But thanks for the help. 🙂
petebfrance 11 3.2k France
27 Feb 2021 11:18PM
I've had similar effects using extension tubes, this, the most recent and isn't probably the best example, but I've deleted all the rest, just haven't got round to clearing the last lot out. I think it could be a similar phenomenum, well...perhaps.

In this instance it was strong side lighting on a polished wood surface. As far as I can see the tubes are solid and a good fit, although they do sound gritty when screwed on (M42 screw, €13 set).

It puzzled me when it happened, but I just shrugged and tried something else. Can't expect miracles for €13 I guess.
PhotoLinda 4 802 United Kingdom
28 Feb 2021 9:09AM
It was sidelighting on mine too.

Perhaps it's just the compromise you have to make if you choose not to buy a macro lens. Though I am considering investing in some Kenko tubes...more pricey but (hopefully) better quality/performance.

Good to know it's not just me...well, not really, but you know what I mean. 🙂
petebfrance 11 3.2k France
28 Feb 2021 11:56AM
Possibly a 'necessary compromise' but I'm not sure. I wonder about reflections 'inside the tube' if you see what I mean. The insides of mine are black but not really matt - can get a shine held up to the light. Now admittedly I can't imagine how that would work because they are between the camera and the lens, but I'm suspicious of it all the same.
zamkinos 6 1
28 Feb 2021 3:23PM
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Hi, the machine will be in manual settings. The lens will be adjusted manually. You will adjust accordingly. If the lens is automatic focus and the extension tube is manual, you cannot adjust and it will be like this.

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