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Member of the week - ade_mcfade - Week 2 - 1st Dec-8th Dec 2010

ade_mcfade 17 15.2k 216 England
30 Nov 2010 11:44PM
Second week of the new member of the week group.

For those not familiar, each week one group member goes in the spotlight to answer questions on life, philosophy, photography and other animals.

Feel free to prompt discussions on their work, thoughts on topical subjects, post shots into the thread for their opinion, post their shots in the thread for discussion... anything really to find out what makes them tick.

it's up to the other members of the group to keep the "member of the week" occupied

This week its Ade Wilson ( ade_mcfade )
theorderingone 17 2.4k
30 Nov 2010 11:46PM
HI Ade. What were you doing up a hill in Batley at 4pm this afternoon?
ade_mcfade 17 15.2k 216 England
30 Nov 2010 11:52PM
it looked like there was a potential sunset in the offing, but I didn't have time to get anywhere decent... had just been at a printer discussing substrates for fine art prints (rock and roll!!!)

So I drove to somewhere with a 1/2 decent vista, just to see what I could get. From there you can see over to Holme Moss and Emley Moor with lots of crappy houses in the mid-ground and some fields in the foreground.

Didn't get much, a couple of pissed off looking horses in one field were kinda poignant, I jacked up some false sunset shots in capture one (white balance at 14000K) but felt a bit of a fraud doing so... may post one on here tomorrow Wink
theorderingone 17 2.4k
30 Nov 2010 11:55PM
Haha, do you have many trips out that feel like that (kinda fruitless)? Or was this a one -off?
ade_mcfade 17 15.2k 216 England
1 Dec 2010 12:00AM
I'd say a high percentage of my landscape trips are like that these days - I go out with good intentions, but just don't have the enthusiasm for it any more. Too much at the whim of the weather for those "great" shots, and so often in west yorks, the weather is grey and dull.

You can do so much more in a city with street lighting, your own strobe lighting etc.

I have folders full of RAW files that I've never looked at from such trips - I sometimes open up Capture One and try to drag something out of the RAW files, creating a few TIFFs, but they rarely see Photoshop, just languish there eating up hard disc space in the hope of one day being edited
theorderingone 17 2.4k
1 Dec 2010 12:02AM
So would you say you prefer to get things right in camera then?
ade_mcfade 17 15.2k 216 England
1 Dec 2010 12:08AM
more and more I do - due to laziness more than any moral crusade.

I've found a few Nik tools that I like which have been a godsend for processing dull days Wink

but with the model stuff I've been doing, I tend to just add a bit of an edge with the lighting and location and spend little time in Photoshop. For example, their skin never really gets softened unless it's really bad or they have a huge zit Wink
ade_mcfade 17 15.2k 216 England
1 Dec 2010 12:13AM

here's 2 shots from the same position and lighting set up

this one's out of capture one (so no real editing, just levels)


this one's fully edited, not sure what I did, probably Bleach Bypass and a crop


we're talking minimal difference really

I'd alreay seen the effect of the red gelled light on the camera back, so knew I was in the right area... maybe it was a bit strong with hindsight... but I'm really not sure what more was needed really - I'm not into the mega manipulation stakes, don't have the skills or inclination Wink
theorderingone 17 2.4k
1 Dec 2010 12:39AM
Knowing that you took the plunge and went freelance fairly recently. What kind of work is for pleasure? and what pays the bills?
ade_mcfade 17 15.2k 216 England
1 Dec 2010 12:47AM
products and corporate are starting to pick up a bit, the Leeds stuff is getting a few fans with money too - all very early days. got a few good contacts and a few more leads

fun - architecture and strobist portraits as ever Smile
cats_123 Plus
17 5.1k 30 Northern Ireland
1 Dec 2010 7:19AM
Did you take any business skills courses before you made the break?
ade_mcfade 17 15.2k 216 England
1 Dec 2010 9:19AM
Yeah - there was a free course run locally, and there are quite a lot of things run by Bradfrod Kick Start and Business Link

Unfortunately they are having to start charging for them now with all the cuts - seems wrong as we're the people generating wealth rather than consuming it...
Strobe 13 1.3k United States
1 Dec 2010 10:08AM
I read you are now freelancing, have you given up your day job or is this part time?
ade_mcfade 17 15.2k 216 England
1 Dec 2010 11:03AM
Full time

I was lucky enough to get a redundancy pay out from HBOS, so I'm cutting spending down and using the cash from that for the bills and trying many avenues to find money in photography... it's very hard out here though... I knew it would be, but not really this hard.

It just seems to be very much "who" you know that gets you noticed - I've emailed stuff to 10001 people and get 0 response, it's a total waste of time from the results.

I've had Facebook Ads going - quite a few clicks and some new fans on the page - 0 sales

I met some bloked at a barbeque - we've started a new business, he's put me in touch with 3 other people who are helping.... you really never know where you will get work from.

It's the Leeds stuff that seems to be sparking things off. I'm now moving on to Sheffield to do the same there as I have people interested down there.
ade_mcfade 17 15.2k 216 England
1 Dec 2010 11:08AM
As promised last night - here's a "sunset" from last night


There was actually a bit of colour there, but nowhere near this amount of yellow.

t'was the cloud that attracted me to the shot - really nice shape to it.

But when it was grey against lighter grey, it looked a bit uninspiring... so here we are with 14000K and full saturation on the RAW editor.

I don't find myself doing this in many other areas - just landscape, and it feels a bit like you've been cheating really Wink

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