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Members without photos

silvina 16 9
22 Feb 2005 6:36PM
Did you notice that some members never post any photo but comment and critize all the time? Personally I find really annoying when I try to look at their own's ones and there is nothing posted. Is it possible (technically speaking)to stop them, like if you want to comment about any other picture, first you have to show your own work? Besides, what do you think about it?
sugarbird 16 223 South Africa
22 Feb 2005 6:42PM
I agree Silvi, perhaps they are relatives or friends of some EPZ members?? Smile or armchair critics, it does seem a bit odd, perhaps there should be a time limit for those "portfolios" and then they should be removed, but up to the EPZ guys, I am sure they notice it too. Good point, thanks.
u08mcb 16 5.8k
22 Feb 2005 10:45PM
I'm happy of any visits to my stuff but I wouldn't think ill of someone if they took the line no photos = no importance attached to comments
austen 15 2 United Kingdom
22 Feb 2005 10:51PM
Perhaps those who post comments without posting there own photos are ashamed of there pics and therefore dare not publish them. Perhaps they should concentrate on the quality of there shots first.
Any Muppet can comment especially as no one can comment on there work. Frightened of hearing the truth perhaps??????
Bernie 17 2.2k
22 Feb 2005 10:51PM
I'm happy for armchair critics as you call them to comment on my work. People have different reasons for not uploading their work and I have not problem with that.
steffilewis 16 179 United Kingdom
22 Feb 2005 11:03PM

Quote:Perhaps those who post comments without posting there own photos are ashamed of there pics and therefore dare not publish them

I think thats a bit harsh austen!

I know a number of people without pictures in their portfolios. Some of them are photographers without the confidence level to post yet. Maybe they're just watching and learning?

A few of them are models I have used and now have an interest in other peoples work as well. There are many reasons for becoming a member of EPZ and not posting.

I have no problem with non-folio members commenting on my work. Maybe the many fabulous images on here will inspire them to create something of their own.

Miles Herbert 18 1.9k 4 United Kingdom
22 Feb 2005 11:20PM
Personally I can never understand these threads, I am grateful for every comment, it means my image has moved someone enough to stop and give me a few minutes of their time. If just one comment improves my photography, thats even better, regardless of what's in their portfolio.

Lol..quite often HAVING a portfolio crammed full of images devalues a comment a lot more than an empty portfolio, at least with an empty portfolio there is still a chance that it's Andy Rousse or Joe Cornish making the comment annonymously!
ahollowa 16 1.1k England
22 Feb 2005 11:40PM
If you couldn't be a member without a prtfolio you would exclude all those film only people!!!

if you soot film and do not have a scanner then unless you use somewherelike boots and get a photo cd included you would have no way of digitising your images.


sabretalon 16 1.9k United Kingdom
22 Feb 2005 11:47PM
I only upload my experimental work, since most of my other stuff is sold on commission.

How do you know that the person giving the advice is not uploading images due to fear of them being stolen! What if they only use a computer at work and are unable to use that to scan in their prints and then upload?

You can not start banning people just because they do not have a picture in their gallery!

Also remember, new member does not mean they are new to photography, and no picture in their gallery does not mean they can't say what works or what does not work about your image! They are people too and have an opinion, you post your images to get critique so why stop people commenting?
Pete 19 18.8k 97 England
22 Feb 2005 11:58PM
While the system was set up to allow members to be open about themselves, we realise, for many reasons, many will prefer not to show photos or add biogs in their profile. I do like to know who I'm offering advice to and who's posting pics, but it's not obligatory.

Also people use the site in different ways. Some will prefer to communicate with those who have portfolio pics and others won't mind whether there's a photo or not.
plutoman 16 347
23 Feb 2005 1:00AM
As has been said, people use EPZ in a variety of different ways.. I dont see a problem if someone chooses not to load pictures but does choose to comment. Or vice versa for that matter. I tend to agree with Miles on this, the more peoople that visit and comment on your portfoilio the better. Whats the problem with this?

bpa 16 1.2k
23 Feb 2005 1:05AM
I don't 'see' a problem with it, but I can understand how it may devalue that person's critique. Come one come ye all, or words to that effect Smile

helen&peter 16 98
23 Feb 2005 1:15AM
My daughter is a member on here. She has cerebral palsy. This makes it physically impossible to either carry, set up or operate a camera, but she likes to look at other people's pictures. She feels that because she doesn't post any photos she should not adversly criticise people's efforts but does reserve the right to tell people when she particularlly likes one.
I do not take photos either. I only ever commented critically on one picture when I likened it to a Crown Paints test board. Pete removed it so I have never commented since and leave it to the "permanent praisers"

Bernie 17 2.2k
23 Feb 2005 1:17AM
And so she should.
andytvcams 18 10.4k 1 United Kingdom
23 Feb 2005 1:19AM
Have to agree..

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