AndyD999 8 43 6 England
12 Nov 2011 11:51AM
OK can someone explain in basic terms what it is and am i ok let the camera do the work. I use a Canon eos 400 and shoot in raw.

Thanks Andy

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AlanTW 17 353
12 Nov 2011 12:27PM
Coleslaw 14 13.4k 28 Wales
12 Nov 2011 1:00PM


that's helpful....Sad

have a read here:
WilliamRoar 12 188 United Kingdom
12 Nov 2011 1:27PM
You'll find that some people are obsessed over metering.

Sunny f/16 is the most accurate in my opinion.
Carabosse 16 41.4k 270 England
12 Nov 2011 1:43PM
Just set your camera to "P" (it stands for Professional) and let it take all your worries away! biggrin-light.jpg

NikLG 14 1.7k England
12 Nov 2011 2:50PM
That sounds like a Ken Rockwell quote....
Carabosse 16 41.4k 270 England
12 Nov 2011 2:54PM
Lol! Very likely! Grin
User_Removed 10 4.6k 1 Scotland
12 Nov 2011 5:26PM

Quote: am i ok let the camera do the work?

Yes - until you decide otherwise.

We all get to a stage where we think (know) we are better at it than the camera. At that stage we can look at a scene and intuitively know that the camera's metering will over- or under-expose. Then we either switch to Manual or, more conveniently, stick with one of the auto modes and just dial in a degree of exposure compensation.

Even when I am shooting in Manual, I still tend to use the camera's meter to take a reading from the selected area of the scene. I know that the purists will say that you should take an incident light reading with an external meter but, frankly, with digital cameras, you can afford to experiment with light. It was different in the days of film, where you had to get it right first time or else spend a fortune on wasted film, processing and printing. Even then, you had to wait until the film was processed before you could see your mistakes.

So, play around with the metering and have fun.
miked70 11 225 3 South Africa
13 Nov 2011 4:52AM
most times it is ok to let the camera do it own thing it will balance all three settings as best it can but this is fine if you just want a picture soon as you want to be creative that is were you need to be in control,ie you want to do a close up/macro the camera decides that f5.6 at 1/200 and iso 800 will do the job and it is right but you want a shallow DOF this is were you need to take over and set the f-stop to what you need and let the camera do the rest A/AV mode or manual and set it is the same as focus let the camera do it or choose what you want to focus on or go manual.
A/AV you control the DOF camera does the rest
S/TV you control the shutter speed camera does the rest
ISO auto camera chooses the best it thinks will work for the choice you made
WB auto camera thinks it got this right for the colour/temperature of the light you are working in.only applies to jpg
P mode is program not Professional it tries to balance all settings to a equal setting.
All the other one's like portrait/landscape bais one of the setting more than the others good place to see the difference it makes/or not to the same scene taking with the different settings starting from auto.
i would suggest set WB to daylight, ISO to lowest only change this one when you have no other way of getting the shot sharp/correctly exposed,i have used almost every camera out there and all suffer with noise as you climb the scale even the H4
as you shoot RAW WB has no meaning in camera.
exposure compensation is great when you want to change the degree of "correct exposure" to suit a way of shooting, does not apply to manual mode.
At one time or another i have used the different modes to shoot except AUTO /portrait etc. not available on mine and at times they work very well but prefer P mode for times when i dont have the time (action) to shoot in manual.Shutter mode is great for action.Aperture is great for portrait/macro.Manual when you have time to control the settings like landscape.
so start with Auto and as soon as you can rather use the others AV/TV/Manual.will you take better shots maybe but at least you were in control
User_Removed 10 4.6k 1 Scotland
13 Nov 2011 9:33AM

P mode is program not Professional

Such heresy!

You'll be telling us next that there is no dog's head in the John Lewis box.

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