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Minimising GX7 shutter shock

KingBee Plus
14 537 2 Scotland
21 Jan 2017 9:29AM
I've just acquired a second-hand GX7 body and it's the first MFT camera I've owned which - apparently - may be prone to shutter shock. It's also the first camera I've used which has an electronic shutter which, when enabled, disables the mechanical shutter and - supposedly - minimises the effect of shutter shock. But then I'm led to believe that creates the problem of rolling shutter. I really am confused about which option to go for.

For info, I shoot mainly landscapes and stationary street stuff, so, theoretically (as I understand it), the 'rolling' effect caused by the electronic shutter when shooting moving objects should not arise. But just how pronounced is that effect, and does it only kick in at certain speeds?

Could someone - GX7 user or not - please help me determine what's the best course here? As in, electronic shutter on or off?


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hobbo Plus
9 1.5k 3 England
21 Jan 2017 2:48PM
The GX7 is one of the best camera's you will ever own.....

Use it with any M4/3 lens and you will get results....

Use it also, with almost ANY vintage film lens, adaptors to M4/3 are easily avaiable EBay.......

You want proof?......please feel free to browse my portfolio, all the pics taken for almost three years have been shot with mine, using all kinds of lenses.

Silent/electronic shutter?......never been a problem, but not much used by me.

The tiltable viewfinder is a Godsend too..

Can't fault it at all......my only reason for changing it, would be if as suddenly found the money to acquire the GX8.

Use your GX7 to the full, and enjoy.

franken Plus
17 5.1k 4 United Kingdom
21 Jan 2017 4:32PM
I've yet to find any problems with using both shutters. My last four uploads were taken with a gx7 . The second from the top of the drummer boy was taken with the electronic shutter hand held at ISO 1600 at 15th ofa second. The others were with the normal shutter. The last of the four should be sharper in places but that was my fault.

franken Plus
17 5.1k 4 United Kingdom
21 Jan 2017 4:37PM
I should have said the 3rd of the four!Smile
Chris_L 6 5.5k United Kingdom
21 Jan 2017 9:06PM
The GX7 is lovely. When I had one I used normal shutter most of the time and never saw any evidence of blurring caused by shutter shock. I switched to electronic shutter when it was important to shoot silently. I know about rolling shutter / jello effect and I've seen it with video when the camera is whip panned or when something moves very fast across the frame (traffic immediately in front of the lens for example) but I rarely witnessed it.

If you start doing high magnification macro still life and you see evidence of shutter shock then switch to electronic shutter and it will be gone. For everyday shooting don't worry about it.
KingBee Plus
14 537 2 Scotland
21 Jan 2017 9:33PM
Thanks to all who responded: that really helps me. I had more or less figured that the mechanical shutter route was the one to go down, and it's good to have confirmation of that. But it's also good to know that the electronic shutter can usefully be brought into play in quiet situations, so that works for me too.

Thanks again.
Paul Morgan 19 19.4k 6 England
21 Jan 2017 10:05PM
Some forums are a bit anal when the talk about SS and go on about it as if its potato blight or something, in the real world its not an issue, I`ve yet to see it with M4/3.

I only ever experienced this the once and that was with a clunky old 35mm film camera attached to a microscope many years ago.

If your are going to get it it will most probably happen when using a tripod but I still think it is rare.
bwlchmawr 8 32 1 England
22 Jan 2017 7:43PM
I only use the electronic shutter on my GX7. Switching to another camera with mechanical shutter always feels a bit Victorian: the silence is lovely.
Nice camera. I reckon the most (only?) attractive camera Panasonic have made.
Enjoy using yours: it has everything you might possibly need.
Chris_L 6 5.5k United Kingdom
22 Jan 2017 10:48PM
GH4 and some other Panasonic bodies switch to 10-bit with electronic shutter, but use 12-bits for mechanical shutter, your GX7 uses 12-bits for both. You do run risk of rolling shutter with fast moving stuff and you can get weird banding under fluorescent and some other electric lighting.

The GX7 is a beautiful camera, very attractive. The GX8 loses something.
seahawk 13 1.3k United Kingdom
23 Jan 2017 10:50AM
Not really on topic but I'm thinking of getting a new Lumix G80 in which Panasonic seem to have fixed the shuttershock problem (if it was a problem). Anyone got one of these new cameras? How are you getting on with it?
24 Jun 2017 2:36PM
The GX7 is a beautiful camera shutter shock i,ve never had any i looked at all the range of Panasonic cameras for 9 months before buying the GX7 and what a wonderful camera it is.Used it with my older Pentax .Olympus,Rollie , Sigma,Tammron ,and 12-32 ,14-42, 45-200,40-150,and now Panasonic 25mm f1.7 a fantastic lens for the price 150 great for close up and street photography the one lens i cant do without photo taken with 25mm f1.7154169_1498311352.jpg

Carabosse 17 41.4k 270 England
24 Jun 2017 3:34PM
Shutter shock the sort of nonsense they go on endlessly about on sites like DPR!

Whilst shutter shock probably exists to one degree or another in every camera ever made, it is in my view very likely proffered as an excuse for poor results arising from errors in technique.
Just Jas Plus
18 26.3k 1 England
25 Jun 2017 11:00PM
Probably the biggest shock is to one's bank balance! Wink
Carabosse 17 41.4k 270 England
25 Jun 2017 11:32PM


Chris_L 6 5.5k United Kingdom
26 Jun 2017 12:09AM
There's a few example images like these if you want to see what it looks like

Fella from local camera club showed me some examples he was getting with certain combos. Seems it's a real enough problem if you are unlucky enough to use a combo of lens, body and shutter speed which will produce shutter shock artefacts.

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