Minolta Maxxum 7000

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bimfi 3
10 Mar 2020 1:21PM
In 1985 I purchased a brand new Minolta Maxxum 7000 film camera. I loved it! I used it quite frequently during the 1980's and into the 90's. After that, I put it in storage at my home for many years due to the advent of digital formats. A while back I took it out of the camera case and noticed the body grips and hand holds had developed a white powder coating. I cleaned it as best I could and put it away again. Most recently I took it out and again noticed the white powder but also that the plastic grips and hand-holds had begun disintegrating and crumbling.
I'm not sure if there are many Minolta Maxxum aficionados around, but if there are any on this site, did you, or do you have the same issue? I have looked on Ebay and noticed a LOT of Maxxums (used, of course) for sale at a very low (cheap) price.
I would like to keep mine even though I don't use film anymore. I just would like to restore it back to a time before the plastic began to deteriorate. I don't know if any other camera manufacturer had or has the same issue with their camera bodies, but I have seen many photos of the Maxxum that show this flaw in the hand grips/plastic grips.
Any suggestions on how to restore this camera?
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10 Mar 2020 8:02PM
I don't actually know anything about this particular problem you have but my guess would be that it is some sort of fungus or mould which is eating/destroying the plastic. I would try a fungicide wiped over the parts which have the white powder on them, allow to dry completely and seal with a varnish. But it may well be that the way you have stored it - where and wrappings may have not helped. Putting the camera in a seal type plastic bag together with silicone bags or rice, which will help to discourage damp, and store in an airy place. As for restoration - i would have thought that removing the plastic and replacing with thin leather might be your best solution - but that probably needs an expert (A job for 'The Repair Shop' BBC1!)
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polis_928tadw59 13 7.3k United Kingdom
14 Mar 2020 2:36PM
Never owned the 7000 camera, but am a big fan of Minolta. Later Minolta Dynax models develop "sticky back" problems. My Dynax 7 suffered from it. I have also seen reference to Nikon cameras - Nikon F90 having the same problem - sticky back - the rubber coating.
As in the first reply to your post you can have various models of cameras covered with leather, after the original backing/covering has been removed. Search online re this problem and you may get pointed in the direction which way you want to go. There are 1-2 Minolta sites on the web. One is MUG which stands for Minolta Users Group which I believe is mainly for USA Minolta owners, but can be accessed.
Best of luck with the problem.
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HikePics 3 4 United States
27 Mar 2020 4:50AM
I have many Maxxum bodies, including a 7000. I'm guessing it's just a matter of the type of plastic used at the time. The 5000, 7000 and 9000 as well as the "xi" series seem to have a harder plastic that can get white and crack and/or bust. My 7000 had a white coating on the grip (also a crack) as well , battery cover and grip on the back film door. The material Minolta used on the later modes like the "i", "xt" and "si" series would get tacky with age. The later single and double-digit models didn't get so tacky. I had always thought it was an environmental reaction and handling (oils) of the material. On some models there is one or two thin metal strips on the grip that is part of the "Eye Start" feature. If the grip has become damaged that feature may not work.

There are some great folks over at Dyxum that might can be of further assistance. I clean my bodies with alcohol and persistence.


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