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Mobile phone technical help, please..?

col.campbell Avatar
col.campbell 20 1.4k 4 United Kingdom
1 Apr 2021 8:51PM
Ephotozine members are so clever, they always know the answer.. or can point you in the right direction.

Help please, if anyone out there can.. My wife dropped her mobile in water the other day. It was only submerged for a couple of seconds and we immediately placed it in a bag with some rice in the hope of drying it out. We've also left it in sunlight and placed it on a radiator in the hope of helping this process.

A friend loaned her an unused, unlocked mobile and with her SIM card in it, it seems to be working BUT she has now lost all of her photos and almost all of her contacts; seemingly they were not on the SIM card but in the phone's memory. Similarly, the photos are in internal memory and not on a memory card.

The phone still works, I think. It has made various clicks and suchlike when we've managed to unlock it but the screen always goes off again after a few seconds.

I thought I'd be able to plug it into my computer and extract everything I want, but it's not quite as simple as that. Does anyone know if there's a way of doing this, using Windows 10? The phone is a Samsung A40.

Thanks in advance for any help/ pointers.
col.campbell Avatar
col.campbell 20 1.4k 4 United Kingdom
1 Apr 2021 9:06PM
Okay, an update to that: with a shrug of my shoulders I right-clicked on the icon for my wife's phone one last time, and I was able to import photos & videos. Just need the contacts now. Any ideas?
EddieAC Avatar
EddieAC 18 3.9k 2 United Kingdom
1 Apr 2021 10:42PM
Can you sign in to your wife's google account? I think that contacts get synced to the account as well as being stored on the phone,
col.campbell Avatar
col.campbell 20 1.4k 4 United Kingdom
1 Apr 2021 10:48PM
Blush I can, and no, they aren't!
GwB Avatar
GwB Plus
3 119 United Kingdom
1 Apr 2021 11:25PM
If you can see the phones file system on PC you should be able to pull across the CSV file, google import CSV file to get detailed instructions then you should be able to import the file to spare phone. My wife did same, we left phone for about a week in rice. although glitchy was able to get it going.
col.campbell Avatar
col.campbell 20 1.4k 4 United Kingdom
2 Apr 2021 2:44PM
A week, as long as that! I thought a day or two would do it. Well, okay, looks like we need to slow down. My wife has been in a bit of a panic, and I've been looking up repair/ replacement costs, etc.

I'll also investigate the CSV thing you mention. I didn't see anything like that last night but then again I wasn't looking for it.
AlexE Avatar
AlexE 6 190 United Kingdom
2 Apr 2021 5:00PM
I wouldn't be in too big a rush to do anything. There can be moisture in the phone for a long time after it's been submerged.

PS, my current phones water damaged and works well apart from a few lines down the screen Wink
justin c Avatar
justin c 19 5.2k 36 England
2 Apr 2021 9:19PM
I believe it's the powering-on whilst still wet is what's most likely to kill electronic devices, causing a short. I would leave it to dry for as long as possible and then a bit more. Personally I would wait at least a couple of weeks to be on the safe side, longer would be even better.
User_Removed Avatar
User_Removed 20 44.5k 270 England
3 Apr 2021 12:53AM
And this should be treated as a learning curve!

Never, ever just save your contacts on a phone. It can be lost or stolen and there's no way to recover contacts in that situation!

The phone should be synchronised with contacts stored elsewhere - I personally sync both my smartphones with my email address book but there are several other ways.


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