Monitor Flicker

hobbs Plus
16 1.3k Japan
28 Nov 2005 11:16PM
Does anyone know if CRT monitors flicker a lot more than TFT or LCD monitors. My reason for asking is my work monitor is causing me problems with a balance issue I have and I dont seem to be anywhere near as effected by my Mac LCD screen at home.
lobsterboy Plus
16 14.9k 13 United Kingdom
28 Nov 2005 11:30PM
I found this on the web:

Screen flicker is caused when your eyes can notice the refreshing of the monitor screen. CRT monitors at the high end of the scale combat this problem by offering high refresh rates that the eye can't detect and so you see no flicker. LCD displays combat this issue by not needing a refresh rate because of the technology involved. LCD never get screen flicker.

If its true then there is your problem.
lobsterboy Plus
16 14.9k 13 United Kingdom
28 Nov 2005 11:34PM
Get work to upgrade your screen to LCD - we managed to justify the cost of upgrading to LCDS by pricing the amount of electricity and floor space saved accross the company.
ellis rowell 16 2.0k United Kingdom
29 Nov 2005 12:02AM
The flicker you are experiencing can be down to that particular monitor or to the electricity supply. Some years ago I had a flicker problem on our supply and eventually found that next door but one, the chap was using an arc welder.

Regarding the the LCD monitor I recently changed to an LCD (1.0 amp, probably much less) monitor after checking the consumption rate of my CRT (2.5amp). The gain in space and weight is also a big factor.
lobsterboy Plus
16 14.9k 13 United Kingdom
29 Nov 2005 12:08AM
If you havn't already try Adjusting the refresh rate. As Ellis has said it can be caused by intereference, I once had to deal with a very expensive monitor that had a flickering problem after the users had returned 2 I was sent out to see what the problem was - it turned out that the other side of the wall to the monitor was a fork lift truck charging station! Once we moved the monitor the problem went.
Freefall 16 675 United Kingdom
29 Nov 2005 12:19AM
Don't know the exact nature of the flickering, but if it's a general slight flicker that you can't quite notice, but know it's there (leading to a feeling of slight dizziness etc) then it's probably the refresh rate of the monitor. Try setting the refresh rate to at least 72 Htz - hopefully this will really help.
hobbs Plus
16 1.3k Japan
29 Nov 2005 12:23AM
Thankyou Chris and Ellis for your help, I'll try changing the refresh rate and see if that improves the problem. My company are arranging for occupational health to come out and do a desk survey for me, so they should hopefully sort the monitor out for me.

It's either that or I end up falling over every so often, which is quite funny for my colleagues now that they understand whats going on.
hobbs Plus
16 1.3k Japan
29 Nov 2005 12:32AM
Just checked my monitor and it's set to 85Htz, tried setting it to 75Htz just to check it is the flicker thats making the situation worse and nearly fell over. Note to self don't do that again. :o))

I think I'm just going to have to get work to change the monitor.
lobsterboy Plus
16 14.9k 13 United Kingdom
29 Nov 2005 12:34AM
Just pretend you are drunk - no one will notice Smile
hobbs Plus
16 1.3k Japan
29 Nov 2005 12:39AM
I tried that one Chris, unfortunatly it doesn't work very well at passport control at Heathrow. :o)) Also it really does hurt when I do it. :o(

It should improve over the next couple of months as I'm having physio for it at present.

Thanks Dave
brian1208 17 11.8k 12 United Kingdom
29 Nov 2005 2:45AM
CRT flicker combined with fluorescent lighting can cause severe balance and nausea problems.

Get them to switch it for an LCD under Health and Safety requirements. User comfort is part of the statutory work-station H&SE guidlines from memory (its 10 years since I last had to do a work-station audit but it was part of the standard then).

Also get them to check out your lighting as you can sometimes get a nasty effect from a lighting mains flicker reflected off your screen.

Don't put up with it!

(I just checked - its still in the current legislation here )
TanyaH Plus
17 1.3k 409 United Kingdom
29 Nov 2005 3:12AM
Interesting - I've just changed my refresh rate from 75Htz to 85Htz, and as well as being one hell of a lot brighter, it also knocked off my Spyder2Pro calibration profile! Weird. Should just changing the refresh rate alter the profile?
hobbs Plus
16 1.3k Japan
29 Nov 2005 3:31AM
Hi Brian, work are taking it very seriously, as before my problem was diagnosed I'd fallen over twice in the the office. They wouldn't even let me back in work until we knew what we were playing with.

Got to give my company credit (ntl) as they have been very supportive over the last 6 mths, giving me lots of assistance and also they pay for private medical insurance for us which mean't that things have been dealt with much quicker than going through the NHS, which would of taken 4 times as long just to find out what was wrong.

They will be doing a desk survey in the next couple of days.
brian1208 17 11.8k 12 United Kingdom
29 Nov 2005 3:38AM
Glad to hear that you are getting the support you need Nick (but sorry to hear of your problems).

As has been said, there is no flicker with LCD so you shouldn't get primary effects (direct from the screen) or secondary (screen interacting with the lighting flicker).

You should still be aware of the possibility of reflected flicker from lighting off the screen though (one of my team had this problem - simply solved by repositioning her work-station)

Hope you get sorted

hobbs Plus
16 1.3k Japan
29 Nov 2005 3:39AM
Cheers for the info Brian hope to see you again soon.

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