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Monitor Profile?

baillie 18 2
25 May 2004 11:04AM
I'm trying to get my monitor to match my prints or is it the other way round? Anyway what I see on screen isn't what I get when i print. I've heard something about profiles but am not sure what it means any suggestions?
tim franklin 18 2.7k
25 May 2004 12:25PM
Ideally you need to calibrate your monitor and profile the paper/ink combinations you use for printing.

Of the two, the monitor is definitely the most important as without having done so you can never be certain that what you see on the screen is going to be a decent match for what you print. The "cheapest" way is to use Adobe's built-in Gamma controls. The drawback to this is that it is rather subjective, relying on the user to match things by eye.

There are also companies that will do the job for you, such as Fotospeed - incidentally I have no connection with this company, nor have I used them, but have heard good reports - Bear in mind that this particular service charges for distance travelled in addition to the profiling service, so if a group can get together to share the travel costs between them, all to the good.

Another alternative is to buy a Colorvision Spyder. I recommend the PRO version which comes with OptiCAL software.
davro49mo 20 21 United Kingdom
25 May 2004 6:53PM
There`s no doubt about it, if you don`t have your monitor and printer calibrated then there is no way you are going to get consistant results. For the cost of about 120, you will save this on inks and papers inside of twelve months, and you will know, that what you see on your monitor you will get the prints to match.
digicammad 18 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
26 May 2004 8:42AM
Given that the Spyder is $169 or $249 depending upon which model you choose and it is likely to only be used once is there any mileage in some of us banding together to buy one?

Pete 21 18.8k 97 England
26 May 2004 8:57AM
Ian that's a good idea, but the monitor needs to be calibrated on a regular basis. The software you install pops up a reminder message suggesting you attach the device again and recalibrate. So if you were to share you'd need to be in close locality or meeting regularly because the cost and inconvenience of posting it around would soon outweigh the saving.
brm 18 76
26 May 2004 9:25AM
Monitor profiling is a pain, we do it every month or so in our studio. We use Lacie electron monitors with a blue eye sensor which works well as it not only allows you to adjust for ambient light but also allows you to adjust the rgb electron guns in the monitor, rather than just performing a software calibration.

A couple of things to remember are:

The colour displayed by your monitor will change as it warms up, make sure it's been on for at least an hour before doing any adjustments.

The ambient lighting will change how the colours appear, so make sure you calibrate using the lighting you normally work in.

digicammad 18 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
26 May 2004 10:36AM
Thanks Pete, I hadn't realised it was a regular requirement. Maybe when I splash out on my 1290 I'll also get a Spyder.

Tim - the review I read seemed to be saying that for home users the Spyder rather than SpyderPro was better as the software was more suited. Any reason you suggested the Pro?

tim franklin 18 2.7k
26 May 2004 3:08PM
Hi Ian,

The OptiCAL software allows more user input than the basic PhotoCAL does. If you but the Pro option it does come with CDs of both of these - at least mine did. This page has some info on OptiCAL.

Now for a Mac user with an Apple monitor where there are no controls to adjust brightness nor individual color channels the extra may not be worthwhile.

Some UK prices here. I was interested to see that Jacobs in London appear to have started stocking it when I was up there a few weeks ago.
baillie 18 2
29 May 2004 8:55PM
Thanks very much for the advice,looks like i need to invest in the colourvision spyder. Its got to be worth it just for the frustration it will prevent!
keithh 18 25.8k 33 Wallis And Futuna
29 May 2004 11:31PM
You won't be dissapointed, but don't bother with the Pro version for home use.
trahern 18 863 United Kingdom
30 May 2004 8:30AM
Wouldn't be without my Spyder David - I had the same problem as you and by buying this device and software I saved a lot of time, money and hastle at a stroke.

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