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Moon Landing Fact or Fiction?

roxpix 18 2.2k 11 Scotland
22 Sep 2004 8:55PM
Did anyone else see the programme on TV tonight which suggested that the Apollo Moon landings may not have taken place on the moon but in Area 51.

Sceptics were criticising the VT & stills supplied by NASA siting a number of flaws & inconsistencies (!)

Some of the 'evidence' seemed to support this 'theory' quite well.

Any thoughts?


P.S. I could have sworn there was a similar thread a couple of months ago, but when I searched the site I could'nt find one. Did I dream it or was it just an elaborate set up to make me believe it took place Smile
Mari 18 1.8k United Kingdom
22 Sep 2004 9:00PM
Hi Alan, I saw a documentary a while ago - It sounds like the same one. Was it the one where they were pointing out that the shadows went the wrong way and that two of the sites filmed supposedly in different parts were in fact the same place?

Very interesting. It left me wondering if it was all set up but surely relying on human nature, someone would have blabbed by now for lots of money and why haven't they done it since?

u08mcb 18 5.8k
22 Sep 2004 9:01PM
As I understand it, the high quality high res "publicity shots" were staged on a set, but that the much more lo fi stuff was real.
snapbandit 18 2.3k 3 Northern Ireland
22 Sep 2004 9:03PM
Didn't see tonights prog, but saw one before and then another which was able to convincingly explain the 'inconsistencies' (flag moving in 'breeze' & lighting/shadow appearances).

Get Hubble pointing at the landing sites & see if there's anything there!

But maybe thats a fake?.... ;8-D)

Joe B
Carabosse Plus
19 42.4k 270 England
22 Sep 2004 9:06PM
I think Mari is on the nail there. A conspiracy of hundreds/thousands of people, all of whom have kept quiet (even in the deathbed scenario)?

And - in the middle of the Cold War at the time - wouldn't the Russians have just loved to expose any fraud? You can be sure they were tracking the US craft every step of the way.

It just beggars belief that such a fraud could have been both carried out and then covered up for 35 years. All we have are theories and dubious "evidence".
keithh 18 25.8k 33 Wallis And Futuna
22 Sep 2004 9:06PM
noooooooo...not this old conspiracy...they went..all of the 'staged theories' have been explained away by people with much more experience than the cookie jars who claim othwerwise...lets not drag this old hat down a dusty slope.
roxpix 18 2.2k 11 Scotland
22 Sep 2004 9:07PM
Hi Mari, thats the programme that was on tonight, however they did go on to mention the amount of people who had met with an umtimely death who were connected to the high end of the space program.

They has a spokesman from NASA to give their verion to the cliams but he failed miserably.

u08mcb 18 5.8k
22 Sep 2004 9:11PM
There was secrecy in the earlier space race, a couple of Italian guys picked up transmission of what sounded like a dying man in 1961 before Yuri Gagarin made his flight.

lost cosmonauts
roxpix 18 2.2k 11 Scotland
22 Sep 2004 9:12PM
Keith I guess the previous threads were before my time. I kind'a like devils advocate though so with that in mind why do we not have a telescope pointed at the moon that can pick up the landing sites. (I'm told that there is not one powerfull enough to do this)
You think that with the technology available today we could have 'buried' the sceptics long ago & been able to study the moon in more detail with the new scope

franken Plus
19 5.4k 4 United Kingdom
22 Sep 2004 9:19PM
apparently we are still using a large laser reflector that was sent up on Apollo to measure the distance from earth to the moon. (Several countries) How did it get there? Perhaps area 51 is on the moon? How do we explain Apollo 13? It's a fair bet that the Russians watched every landing in envy. If they smelt a rat I'm sure they would have had a great time spilling the beans. It has been estimated that it would have probably cost more to fake it than actually do it. All those thousands of people involved with Apollo keeping it a secret after all this time - I think not!
I look foreward to the "Did the americans land on Mars saga"
cambirder 18 7.2k England
22 Sep 2004 9:19PM
Like Feng Shui, this "theory" is total b*****s
snapbandit 18 2.3k 3 Northern Ireland
22 Sep 2004 9:25PM
I'm sure I saw a photo a few years ago of a B24 bomber on the moon (possibly Elvis was the pilot!), front cover of a 'newspaper'....
Must be true!

Joe B
roxpix 18 2.2k 11 Scotland
22 Sep 2004 9:39PM
The NASA guy claimed that the irregularities highlighted in the photogrphs were too numerous to be worthy of dispute!

Seemed a strange defence to me

Dare I say that possibly one of the biggest 'events' in history only took one guy & a dozen of his mates to mastermind.
(I must stress that I respect everyone's right to believe in whomever & whatever they want to, just illustrating that it does'nt take thousands of people to be 'in' on it)

sophiehw 18 382
22 Sep 2004 9:50PM
>I'm sure I saw a photo a few years ago of a B24 bomber on the moon

Didn't the plot thicken? As soon as the story broke, the bomber mysteriously disappeared...
di-di-di-di di-di-di-di


I have to feel sorry for astronaut Alan Bean on Apollo 12 - pointed his TV camera at a bright reflection off the LM, and burned out the imaging tube. No TV pictures that mission. On Apollo 14 they had a bright idea - they added a lens cap!

I also recall a story about an astronaut mounting a camera on the lunar surface by knocking it in with a hammer - with predictable results. Smile I couldn't confirm that story however, so maybe that's a mistelling of the burnout story.

P.S. Just found another version of the story, where after burning out the camera, Alan Bean (Mr?) tried to fix it by hitting it with a hammer. This was less than successful.
jimbo_t 18 959 England
22 Sep 2004 9:58PM
This British website dispells all the myths about hoaxs very well.

I think they are real.

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