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Moon Landing Fact or Fiction?

keith selmes 18 7.4k 1 United Kingdom
25 Sep 2004 10:15PM
Flying is sheer joy. Never saw any need for any other explanation.

No joy in a control stick ? Good lord, what a dull world that would be.
vtoth 18 271 Croatia
25 Sep 2004 11:22PM
i think the photos with odd shadows and the footage with the waving flag are fake, but the landing happened anyway.

just because. maybe they found much more interesting stuff there, that they didnt want to reveal to the public.

same as they have loads of photos of mars that they just wont publish.
Just Jas Plus
20 26.4k 1 England
26 Sep 2004 1:22AM
Including one of a banged-up beagle?

keithh 18 25.8k 33 Wallis And Futuna
26 Sep 2004 7:55AM
and Elvis
altitude50 18 22.6k United Kingdom
26 Sep 2004 2:52PM
I have been puzzled for a long time that when one of the later manned moon landers takes off from the surface of the moon, the camera left there tracks it upwards for a few degrees in a controlled way! Perhaps this was covered in the documentary, but I didn't see it(the TV program).
sillyconguru 17 4.4k
26 Sep 2004 3:21PM
SuziBlue 19 16.2k 10 Scotland
26 Sep 2004 4:00PM
My word. The wonders of science, eh. You just wouldn't credit what they can do these days .. (or even those days - we're some decades on now let's face it .. so technology must be whizzing along in the outside lane).

Now just for starters can we please have renewable energy-powered vehicles, environments and machinery as standard ...

What? investment? oh that .....
UserRemoved 18 4.2k
26 Sep 2004 4:14PM
Fake moon landings?

Well the odds of actually landing on the moon, getting back safely and living for 30 years to tell the tale are astronomically high today never mind using technology from 35-40 years ago.

Did they actually happen - I dunno. Scientifically its doubtful but like most people I _want_ to believe they actually got there and thats the point.

Like all the conspiracy theories, people _want_ to believe either side of the story.

In fact its in the governments best interest to promote conspiracy theories - after all if people are spending their time and energy investigating whether man landed on the moon 35 years ago as opposed to the whole WMD in Iraq shambles then go ahead!

I remember watching the programme a few years back when it was first aired and going yep, yep, yep and then their final conclusion was that the Japanese mission to map the moon in 2004 (aye right) would prove conclusively. LOL!!! So lets see, if they had spent 35 years covering it up, the powers that be are really going to let a small japanese programme show it up - lol! A wee bit of doctoring of their results and its all proven, or indeed sets off another conspiracy theory!

I went on a trip to Northern Norway a few years ago to an area where the moon photographs were alledged to have been staged. Yes I can well believe it.

I was in an area of Nevada a couple of years ago and remarked to my travelling companions that if NASA ever needed to fake a Mars Landing, they could do it here! And where was the Red Planet film shot - not 1/2 a mile away from where we were!

Who knows either way? Well certainly not the 'experts' you see dragged out on to TV documentaries.
cambirder 18 7.2k England
26 Sep 2004 6:40PM
"Did they actually happen - I dunno. Scientifically its doubtful"

Why is it Scientifically doubtful? Far more doubtful that you could pull of a fake landing several times over and get away with it. Hundreds of people would have to be involved in a cover-up, and somehow you have got to fake radio, and TV signals coming off the Moon.
UserRemoved 18 4.2k
26 Sep 2004 6:47PM
So producing a fake would be more difficult than the actual landings themselves?

And how difficult would it be to fake ratio and TV signals from the moon? Who would have had the capability in the early 70s to accurately pinpoint the signals location as opposed to some other point in earth orbit?

As for people covering things up - lol!!! It goes on every day. Its called government and the official secrets act here.

I'm not saying I'm convinced either way. I know what I'd like to believe but when you see the difficulties things like Mir and the shuttle missions had, and compare it too a piece of tinfoil going to the moon, landing and coming back...
thegibdog 18 36
26 Sep 2004 6:53PM
Radio and TV signals coming off the moon? So that's how satellite TV works- I always assumed in was a man made satellite, not the moon. Boy do I look a fool.
FrankThomas 19 2.8k United Kingdom
26 Sep 2004 7:24PM
It does Alan but the telemetry/video etc from the moon landings would have come from the moon.

Lots of people use the moon as a giant reflector for radio signals - look up EME or moonbounce on either the ARRL or RSGB websites. Needs huge amounts of power, high gain antennas and very very good receivers
pj.morley 19 947 United Kingdom
26 Sep 2004 7:29PM
How come no one has mentioned the bit of 'bacofoil' left on the moon (the one that peridocally has laser light reflected from it) that is still used to make accurate measurements of the distance of the moon from earth. How did that get there?

Some points about technology of the time not being up to the job? Well I reckon that there was stuff in development even then that we as consumers still won't see for another 20 years or so. I'm sure that there is stuff in development now that won't filter down for another 50 years.. They were capable technologically then even though the masses still had circular b&w tv's that took 10 minutes to warm up... somewhere in a secret science lab they were already well used to using recordable CD's, microwaves, teflon etc...

But the truth is that space itself doesn't exist so there was no need to go or indeed, nowhere to go to. Space as any 1st year physics student knows is merely an illusion created by a complex set up of mirrors along the north east coastline Wink
cambirder 18 7.2k England
26 Sep 2004 7:32PM
A lot of people had the capability, UK and Russian scentists for a start (unless of cause they were also in on it) and if they were in Earth orbit they would be detectable with a pair of binoculars, so no high tech requirement there.

They also put stuff on the Moon. Scientists are still bouncing laser beams off mirrors left on the Sea of Tranquility, thanks to the Apollo 11 mission. The physics is right. The rockets were big enough to send three men and all that life support (air, water, food, protection from cosmic rays) to the Moon and back)

And of cause there are the rock samples brought back and studied by at least 355 scientists (in eleven countries including Germany, England, Japan, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, and Finland) are they in it as well?

Don't forget this program was made by Fox, who also believe G W Bush beat Al Gore fair and square.

For more debunking of this crap see here
cambirder 18 7.2k England
26 Sep 2004 8:21PM
And as for the so called photographic evidence see here

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