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Moon Landing Fact or Fiction?

26 Sep 2004 9:47PM
It's funny how this hokum gets dragged out every few months, isn't it? I found a web site claiming 9/11 and Oklahoma were caused by a US government/Extra Terrestrial conspiracy!
NASA went to the moon between 1969 and 1971. How did they do it then? Have you EVER read/heard interviews with those young kids from NASA at the time? They BELIEVED in space, and they made it happen. They had some VERY bright people in those days who were placed in responsible positions, and did the job. Now we have contractors who's major motivation is cash, whilst the US spends more dropping 'precision' weapons in Iraq than NASA spends in a year. So no bright young kid WANTS to go to NASA, as the prospects for the future are so dire. I reckon Mars may just tempt some of them to think again.
I love the way the great unwashed masses now try to debunk ANY human achievement, although I've yet to see plausible proof that the USA doesn't really exist, much as we may wish it didn't at times...
UserRemoved 18 4.2k
26 Sep 2004 9:51PM
I'm not saying one arguement or the other is correct.

There are anomalies, the best explanation of which would be the theory that there were both a moon landing and some staging just in case it all went horribly wrong. (which would make sense from a PR point of view).

As for scientists studying moon rock - lol!! Yeah of course every one of them can guarantee that the rock did in fact come from the moon (as opposed to some large metorite or other area of the earth) because well they compared it with all the other moon samples we have.
(and I'm not anti scientist I've two engineering degrees and my masters thesis was on microwave radiation following on from a NASA paper!)

Just because there is stuff left on the moon it doesnt naturally progress that it was left there by astronauts. Sure we should be able to bounce lasers off Beagle if anyone ever finds it.

I agree about the program though - you can make anything seem plausible if you do a program well enough and throw enough experts at it (WMD anyone?)

Any NASA astronaut could sit there in any interview and say yes it was technically possible to fake the moon landings.. (cut) and use that as a sound bite because its true. It doesnt necessarily mean its so.

Many spin offs from the space program are in evidence such as velcro and microwave ovens.

Did you know that the first space shuttles were flown by 1k computers as NASA werent sure of the effects of cosmic radiation? Or that each system was backed up with triple redundancy? Compare that to the technology in use 15-20 years previously.

I'm not saying they landed on the moon. I'm not saying they didnt. If they did they were extremely extremely lucky.

Of course when the first commerical flight goes there in 30 years time I'll be able to tell for myself Wink
cambirder 18 7.2k England
26 Sep 2004 10:37PM
Every single argument put up by Bill Kaysing and like minded wacky* people to support this "theory" has been blown out of the water, there is not a shred of evidence pointing to a fake landing, it's all total BS

* Bill Kaysing took out a law suit aganst Jim Lovell for calling him wacky after reading his book dispite the fact the he had called JL (and every other man who had walked on the moon)a liar, in his book.

There is a guy by the name of David Percy who somehow got to be a fellow of the RPS who came up with a lot of tosh about the photographs. Things like why can't you see stars in the sky, when someone with basic photography skill should know you can't expose for the moon and stars from earth let alone the moons own surface. If your reading this David you are a 1st class plonker.
Just Jas Plus
20 26.4k 1 England
26 Sep 2004 10:53PM
It seems to be a current trend to debunk and debase everything and anything.

u08mcb 18 5.8k
26 Sep 2004 11:03PM
That's not true Wink
Just Jas Plus
20 26.4k 1 England
26 Sep 2004 11:38PM
What's not true, Malcolm?
ron tate 18 272
27 Sep 2004 6:45AM
OK lads, call it a day, go to bed and pull on your joystick LOL
llonaid 18 2
27 Sep 2004 12:31PM
Hi Alan,
Although I feel deep down that the whole world could not have been fooled by the Americans for 35 years, I must admit however to having one or two doubts.
My main doubt arises from ' who was it that filmed the supposed first footing on the moon'? If it was filmed from a remote camera outside the pod,it must have been mounted on one hell of a long arm to get the view that it did!
Just Jas Plus
20 26.4k 1 England
27 Sep 2004 12:41PM
'who was it that filmed the supposed first footing on the moon'?

The 'Man on the Moon'? LOL

Carabosse Plus
19 42.4k 270 England
27 Sep 2004 12:46PM
It may well be that they did go to the moon, but most of the "publicity" photos were so poor they had to be redone in a studio. Seems to me the most likely of all the various options.
Just Jas Plus
20 26.4k 1 England
27 Sep 2004 12:56PM
How do we know that there is a North (or South) Pole?

The pictures could all have been faked! LOL

So could have all the Wedding Photo's, as well!!!!

Carabosse Plus
19 42.4k 270 England
27 Sep 2004 1:10PM
Some wedding photos are faked, Jas - when the pro gets it badly wrong at the actual wedding!! Grin
27 Sep 2004 1:16PM
Fake wedding photos, ahh is that why I thought I'd married the wrong man Wink?
trahern 18 863 United Kingdom
27 Sep 2004 3:29PM
I reckon I married the wrong woman perhaps I could go back and have her digitally altered lol
strawman 18 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
27 Sep 2004 3:36PM
Ah so thats why Harrison Ford is in all our wedding photo's.

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