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Moon Landing Fact or Fiction?

27 Sep 2004 4:03PM
A hoax is totally plausible. Just look at the quality of the original "2001 Space Odyssy". However, having faithfully followed all the early missions on TV I was, and am still, inclined to believe that the missions were real.
We have the technology!

Alan S
It is fairly obviously that the comments against the moon landing because the shaddows are not parallel because of the single light source(the Sun) are complete rubbish.

Any photographer with an eye for detail would know that such a comment renders the objections to the landing laughable. Ever photographed a line of trees as the sun goes down. Were the shaddows parallel. No!. Also the surface of the moon is obviously reflective or we would never see it from earth. The fill in effect on the photographs is consistent . Any photographer who uses reflecters could demonstrate this quite simply.

If the US had not landed do you really think the Russians would have kept quiet. Also if the US did not land who did? Who placed the laser reflector plate by the landing site. It is still used today to measure the distance from the moon to the earth.

Paul Howard
photographer, Reading, UK.
Just Jas Plus
20 26.4k 1 England
29 Sep 2004 4:03PM
Trahern - If your wife reads your posting you might find her digitally altering your features! LOL

Just Jas Plus
20 26.4k 1 England
29 Sep 2004 4:08PM
"Some wedding photos are faked"

CB - I did hear of one groom saying when they got the wedding pics back "Fake me!"

(I think)

At the end of the day you'll all believe what you want to, not what seems the most logical, but... The conspiracy theory isn't new, it was started in the 60's by the body with the most to lose - no, not the Soviets - The Flat Earth Society, right here in the UK!
The fact that gullible people are still repeating it today beggars belief.
So the pictures don't look real? what's real? well, pictures like we're used to seeing - Anyone out there taken pictures in a vacuum with neglible gravity and no sky above recently?? What is laughable is the idea that the first landing was faked but subsequent ones were real (what happened in between?) or even that rockets don't really go into space - on a TV program on satellite TV perhaps... enough said!
Just Jas Plus
20 26.4k 1 England
5 Oct 2004 11:13AM
On its last jump, The Cow reported seeing signs of a landing on the moon.

And the Man on the Moon is suing for trespass!

The Moon itself, is just 'cheesed' off!

sillyconguru 17 4.4k
6 Oct 2004 9:28PM
francisr 17 165
6 Oct 2004 10:32PM
All the conspiracy theorists I have ever read on this subject appear to demonstrate a complete lack of understanding about basic physics (didn't they attend science lessons at school?).

Here some answers. dumb moon hoax.

There have been many studies done to better understand why people are more prepared to manufacture a reality out of no facts. Faith based organisations, such as the main religions, are good examples. There's no evidence that heaven exists, but god, are people prepared to die for it!

Ooops - straying off the point.

sillyconguru 17 4.4k
6 Oct 2004 10:35PM
starman1 18 61 United States
22 Oct 2004 3:34AM
As an American, I sadly shake my head at all the nay-sayers that believe the moon landings were faked. From all the evidence put out to prove the moonlandings occured and from several comments in this posting, it is hard to understand how normally reasonable people can find it easier to believe the lies that say we never went to the moon.
It was touched on earlier, but the primary reason we haven't gone back to the moon is funding. People do not want to have thier hard earned tax dollars spent only to learn something, they want touchable results. Until the governments of the Earth give up the monopoly for space flight capabilities, and big businesses realize that there is enormous profits available out there, it's a "been there, done that" attitude.
The Apollo 1, Challenger, and now Columbia tragedies are some of the driving force behind dis-continuing manned missions however, even knowing the costs, I do not believe that any astronaut would pass up a chance to go up in a shuttle. If NASA called me, I'd be at Kennedy within 15 hours ready to go..........
In regards to Hubble, there is a story that has gone around and I think some photos published, it was pointed at the moon, but the resolution that was achieved was around 5 N.Y. city blocks, the landers are smaller than a VW Beetle. There is also a cover for the lens that is closed, so when it is being reoriented, it cannot accidentally get pointed at the sun. NASA sometimes remembers lessons learned......

andytvcams 19 10.4k 1 United Kingdom
22 Oct 2004 3:46AM
A bit like the 911 conspiracy then.

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