MOST CLICKS, day, week, month & ever....

Pete Plus
19 18.8k 97 England
29 Jun 2004 6:23PM
Stephen I hope this doesn't stop you from contributing in the forums. It was just a misunderstanding that seems to have been resolved. Ed I think Bri or Phoenix are the longest standing members, but I could be wrong. No doubt someone will correct meWink
debbiehardy 16 363 United Kingdom
14 Jul 2004 8:57AM
I was wondering which pics had the most clicks myself...daren't ask now Wink

Great site, I love it. All the work is interesting, and I find myself looking at the world in a different way.
magda_indigo 16 418 England
14 Jul 2004 3:23PM
Do NOT underestimate all the members of epz. They recognize a GOOD image when they see one.
Even the 'BEST' portfolios, and those who comment a lot have there ups and downs, just check it out. No matter who or what, not a great image, not a great deal of clicks. (*:*)
hglover 16 47 United Kingdom
14 Jul 2004 4:35PM
IMHO i dont think the clicks are as important as the feedback we receive, it is through this that we are able to improve


adonoghue 16 522 England
15 Jul 2004 12:53PM
I think that the feeback is invaluable. Without it, we don't know if we are missing something, or doing it right.

I also disagree with the "not a great image, not a great deal of clicks" statement too. Its of my opinion that there are "click cliques"...or maybe its because I'm jealous and post naff photos Smile
rikewoo 17 347 1 United Kingdom
15 Jul 2004 3:40PM
Clicks are helpful. I see them as an indication of people viewing the photo in question.

Obviously if there are clicks but no comment,it does make it a little awkward to know if the pic is of interest to the one concerned. They may like the look of it but feel i.e they are not qualified to comment on the photo, or just like the look of it.

If you have been a member for a while have a look at your earlier work, and see how many do not have clicks on, then open those up to see if anyone has commented on the photo. You may see what I am getting at.

I feel it is irrelevant on how many clicks a photo has generated but does help knowing someone has shown an interest.

rikewoo 17 347 1 United Kingdom
15 Jul 2004 3:42PM
Alan, I do look at your portfolio and you have some excellent work in there.

It takes time to build up a portfolio and get known on EPZ, because of the vast amount of new work and new members joining. Like all of us, just keep putting up your work. Always look to ways you might improve your photography, none of us are the be all and end all experts. We can all learn from each other.

UserRemoved 16 6.2k 1
15 Jul 2004 4:11PM
Whilst agreeing with some of what you say, Alan, its incredibly difficult to cover the ground. I tend to U/L first thing in the morning, pre-load the last 400 thumbs (approx 1 day) and then click the ones that catch my eye. Inevitably I miss loads as I'd probably like to look at 90% of people's work, but I can't. I just don't have the time.

I have a dozen or so bookmarked Portfolios I also check - those people who, for one reason or another, I want to review (usually Portfolios I admire). Sometimes, their pics aren't up to spec (so wouldn't be caught in my "sweep") and I often Comment to that effect.

There is a tendency for those that I've commented to return the "favour" and look at my pic (tho' when I turn in a poor pic results decline, so its never "click for click")

I also love clicking a Portfolio of someone who's also commented on the same pic as me - on the basis of like minds. Another route to find nice pics!

Sadly, I sometimes don't have the time to do any of the above!

As Ken says, you've some great pics - stick at it as you'll always get recognition for a really great pic.

Personally, its nice to get recognition but prefer Comment, but at the end of the day its the site that gives me the inspiration!
adonoghue 16 522 England
15 Jul 2004 7:43PM
I wasn't suggesting its a 'click for click' scenario, it was just the impression I got when perusing the gallery - there were a few photos that, to my mind (and I agree that everyone has an opinion that is not necessarily the same as mine) didn't really deserve anywhere near the number of clicks they gained, whereas some excellent work went without.

It was this that I feel has undervalued the 'click count' on peoples work. But on saying that, there are those that fully deserve what they get as they are really beautiful images (I can feel myself rambling now)

I must admit though that its not easy to go through all the images that have been uploaded in a day, and as stated above, you will always miss some, regardless of how good they are.

I'm sure I was going somewhere with this, but I think I've lost the plot along the way....
adamburton 16 627 11 United Kingdom
15 Jul 2004 8:01PM
Alan, I understand what you are saying and completely agree. Number of clicks doesnt necesarily represent quality work. There is definitely a corralation between number of clicks people receive and the number of comments they give out. Obviously this isnt always the case, but theres a definite trend.

However, this is something that affects all such critique websites that I have visited, and I think is part of human nature. People naturally want to be kind to people who are kind to them. The only way to try to reduce this would be to have something similar to what Edward mentioned at the top of this thread - to have anoymomous uploads. Im not even sure how successful that would be. I think its just part and parcel of this type of website.

pulsar69 16 1.6k 6 United Kingdom
5 Aug 2004 10:30PM
quality , not quantity , I judge my pictures by the comments i get , one long winded critique means more to me than a hundred ' well done. clicks ' , as it should anyone who is here to develop there art. and YES of course i will visit someones site if they have made a worthwhile comment on my pic ( good or bad ) and vote for there pics as i see fit , that is after all the whole purpose of this site ... so what exactly was the misunderstanding Smile

Good Luck for the future to all of you and keep it going EPZ
inkarts 16 61 2
12 Aug 2004 6:30PM
I whole heartedly agree with that Andrew, took the words right out of my mouth. John

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