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Moving to London.

kokobrown 14 1.9k Scotland
8 Mar 2008 11:05AM
Hi Everyone.

Looking for some advice on relocating to London.

Currently I stay just outside Edinburgh, but its not very happening in the world of fashion/photography, so the plan was always to move to London.

Can anyone advise on whats the best course of action? I live with Mr Sugarbabylove, we have 3 cats which would have to come with us.. but what areas? I want to be close to the centre, seen quite a few jobs advertised in Camden area, but no idea where that is in relation to everything else.

Ideally I wanted to have a job to go down to but when people see your currently in Scotland it puts them off!

Its all very daunting!

Any advice greatly appreciated.

Laura x

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cameracat 14 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
8 Mar 2008 11:45AM
First up are you mad.......London ! ! !

I pulled out of of London 20 years ago......Wild cats could not drag me back there....Smile

But if your into establishing a carrer in the fashion industry......MMmm It may well be the place to be, Unfortunately....Sad

Biggest problem your gonna find is cost of accomodation, Buying especially in somewhere like fashionable Camden is going to be seriously expensive.......Think 500-000 upwards for a shed....Sad

Renting is equally expensive, Start thinking around 12 to 1500 quid ( minimum ) for a month for a shoe box.....Sad Assuming you can find a nice one....!

Biggest consideration, The Cats would hate it...!

You could go for somewhere out in the " Burbs " Lets say you want easy " Underground " access to the West End....( W 1 ) You might want to look around Harrow, Northolt, Ruislip, Uxbridge......Well just say a 5 mile radius of Harrow.......Anyhow....

This would place you within 35 to 40 minutes of the West End via the underground system.....Smile

However I do know for a fact that even the " Burbs " are becoming expensive places to find housing...........Sad

I used to be based in Fulham, Or as it's often called these day's " West Chelsea " If your wondering how authentic my comment is...!

I also spent more years than was good for me living in the Northolt/Harrow area......!

Would I return to London or the burbs.....?

NEVER.....I'd sooner pull my teeth out with a rusty pair of pliers.....Sad

You could consider the East side of town, Somewhere like " Dagenham " !

Yep! Where the Ford motor company live, That is till considered cheap, But unfortunately it also looks cheap......And rather nasty, Depressing would be a good description.....!
User_Removed 16 2.8k 11 United Kingdom
8 Mar 2008 1:05PM
I completely agree with Cameracat. I lived just outside the city when I was in the in the Forces but left there for ever about 20 years ago.
One thing you really must remember about London............it's nice to visit but a complete nightmare to live. Please don't do it. I can assure you, you will miss fresh air, manners, hearing those words "good morning", the silence broken by the constant sound of police sirrens and the look of clean streets.


P.S. Just my opinion of course!
kokobrown 14 1.9k Scotland
8 Mar 2008 1:09PM
If it want to further my career i think its a necessary evil really.
There arent many fashion photographers here, LFW down there too... its where I gotta go!
If I want to end up in New York Ive gotta start somewhere!

Laura x
looboss 11 3.1k 7 United Kingdom
8 Mar 2008 1:18PM
Depends much on your budget!

Inside the M 25 motorway VERY EXPENSIVE
I am only one hour away from London and as far from the city life as is imaginable. I f you don't mind a long commute then I suggest a 50 -70miles radius from the City you will save thousands and thousand on property to buy or rent. but still close enough to do a daily commute.

North and west are very busy routes, so avoid them if poss, east and south east are better by a long shot, south is just not good due to a long haul across town on busy suburban traffic chaos.

I would go for Chelmsford area, 20 minutes to Liverpool street station by train and you are in the city!
Carabosse 15 41.1k 270 England
8 Mar 2008 1:41PM

Quote:I want to be close to the centre, seen quite a few jobs advertised in Camden area

The centre of Camden is not the nicest of areas but is rather pricey nevertheless. A friend of mine paid 800k for a 2-bedroom flat in Camden Town recently. Most of his circle think he's nuts to have done so though! Wink

Living outside the inner London area but within easy reach of an Underground station is perhaps your best bet.

As ever, you need to decide on a budget for buying or renting and then work backwards from that....
kokobrown 14 1.9k Scotland
8 Mar 2008 1:45PM
wont be buying thats for sure!!!!
User_Removed 16 2.8k 11 United Kingdom
8 Mar 2008 1:56PM
I hear what you're saying Laura and I understand what you mean about the fashion industry so if you feel thats where you must be then please go for the 'Outside the M25' option. Less expensive and people say hello from time to time.
Good luck with your move anyway Laura. Hope it all works out for you.

Carabosse 15 41.1k 270 England
8 Mar 2008 1:58PM

Quote:Wont be buying thats for sure!!!!

Fair enough, but renting is not a cheap option either. What type of accommodation are you looking for Laura?
cameracat 14 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
8 Mar 2008 2:19PM

Quote:'Outside the M25'

As Gerry & Looboss say, Ouside the M25 area is still almost affordable, I can recommend Chelmsford, One of my brothers lives just outside Chelmsford, Tiz quite a decent place and the cummute is fairly reasonable....Smile

If your target is New York however, You could do worse that head west straight of, Florida Or Miami perhaps......Smile
User_Removed 16 2.8k 11 United Kingdom
8 Mar 2008 2:34PM
I still have a two person tent I don't use any more Laura so you can have 1st refusal if you want? You're quite welcome to pitch it in my other garden in Hertfordshire if you wish.
If I'm there, I'll bring toy out tea and toast in the morning?

User_Removed 14 271 United Kingdom
8 Mar 2008 3:15PM
Hi Laura,

Firstly, I admire your courage & need to do what you are asking.

I've never lived in London, the closest was 50 miles outside in the 80's & recent was Hastings (60 miles) till last July, (I now live in Moffat). ANd even those areas are expensive compared with the Edinburgh environs.

I can understand your reasoning & your need to think about London, but have you researched everything, & I mean everything. Jobs, the cost of living, socialising & travel. Have you considered the fashion industry on the whole, London may be where it's at but remember lots of photographers & artists move into London to try there luck. Only a handful survive the process.

How will the overall cost to you be, not financially, but your health emotional/mental well being will be severely tested.

My partner (who is American) lived in NYC for a while & hated it not only the general cost of living was prohibitive so was life in general!!!! We had friends, both in their 20's stay with us last November. Both live in NYC, both in high powered jobs, & both high income earners, even they say that NYC is a no-no, unless you are big money earning, or prepared to live in real dire hovels with the dregs of society.

So my advice to you is really look into everything very, very carefully before making a decision.

London & NYC are not paved in gold.
Carabosse 15 41.1k 270 England
8 Mar 2008 3:25PM

Quote:London & NYC are not paved in gold.

No, but people still flock there because of a better chance of employment and a more lively lifestyle.

It is still a bit of a shock when one goes to a large provincial town and finds everything shuts down at 5.30pm. In the London area you almost take it for granted you can, for example, shop 24/7 or close to it.

Also if you are not a "mainstream" person - be it race, lifestyle etc - you are more likely to blend in than you are in a small town or net-curtain-twitching village! Wink

Where property prices/rentals are low there is usually a good reason for it! The reason is not always obvious though.
kokobrown 14 1.9k Scotland
8 Mar 2008 3:54PM
Im off...I cant stay in Scotland all my life.. ive got this whole world to see and experience..

So London first, then perhaps Paris, then New York is the dream.... im a city girl.. I want to wake up at 3am and get a starbucks...

I know what people are saying about it being tough and only a handful survive and succeed.. well ill be one of them.. im determined and im doing it!

RE: mental health ive been through a lot worse in my 26 years!

Laura x
SandyMiller 12 932 United Kingdom
8 Mar 2008 4:20PM

Quote:So London first, then perhaps Paris

Why don't you try Paris first, I hate cities on the whole but it is certainly a beautiful one - and much smaller and less depressing than London. Bet there are lots of English speaking togs there if you don't speak the lingo. God, anything but London!

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