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Multi-session CD fROM hell

J-P 18 396
30 Mar 2003 11:32AM
A friend of mine (really, it's not a cover for me), works in a small camera shop. A customer asked her to write some images from a card onto a CD-R. The CD already had some pictures on it, but was not closed - ie it was a multi-session CD.

Only the pictures form the last session are readable - all the honeymoon shots are unreadable, and there are some very irate newlyweds

I burn using Adaptec which never does this, but she used Nero. I assume the data is there, and somehow readable.

Any ideas ??
scorchio 18 129 United Kingdom
30 Mar 2003 12:05PM
Hi there Smile
I have had exactly the same problem. I have tried loading the cd in different cd burning apps to see if that will find all the files, but that doesnt work :/ I have hunted round the net to see if i could find any info, but again, no luck.
I would appreciate any light that anyone can throw on this subject.

I have just sent a mail to Nero to see if their tech support can help at all. I will let u know what they say Smile
IanD 18 148 United Kingdom
30 Mar 2003 3:55PM
I would be very interested to see your response from Nero.

I put some mp3's onto a cdr and when I tried to put some more on the same disc it would not let me do it.. so as you say, it must be some software issue.
I havent looked to see if there is a check box somewhere in Nero to stop the cdr being "closed" to additions.
I look forward to your response from Nero.
tva 18 307
30 Mar 2003 7:07PM
I have nero 5 and have found to my cost, that if you want to multisession, use "data" setting, not music, it just creates an album. I think the same applies to photos, dont use the video setting.
Using data to multisession, I have no problems at all, with music or photo's.
cotopaxi 19 52
31 Mar 2003 2:55PM
With CD birning I find it necessary to ensure that you stick with the same burning program.It is not advisable to attempt to write to a cd using for example Nero which has already been written to with say Roxio.
Assuming that premastering software was used and not packet writing software then it is possible to recover the preexisting sessions.
I can't remember exactly how you recover the individual sessions but have a look at this link:-
At this site look at this link:-
Ther is also a link on the Nero website:-
Sorry I can't be of any more help.
Toymaker 18 587 1
31 Mar 2003 6:18PM
I once had a problem accessing some data from a CD-RW. The only thing that gave me access was a handy FREE downloadable product called IsoBuster.

It's essentially a nice piece of software that 'takes apart' the existing previous CD writings and gives you access to them again.

Even if it doesn't solve THIS problem, it's always a nice piece of software to have in your back pocket should you ever get a faulty CD.

Hope this helps.
Big Bri 20 16.7k United Kingdom
1 Apr 2003 12:17AM
Barry, you claim that you are not on here as much because her indoors thinks you should have a life (Smile) but I think you really spend your evenings trawling the web for useful little tools. I don't use Google or Altavista any more, I just search
Toymaker 18 587 1
1 Apr 2003 7:39AM
LOL, LOL . . . . shhhhhh
J-P 18 396
1 Apr 2003 11:28AM
Thanks for the links chaps. It may help sort out someone's honeymoon snaps.

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