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My clicks are just too blunt...

roxpix 16 2.2k 11 Scotland
28 Aug 2009 6:57AM

Quote:Sometimes I just want the togger to know what I like about the picture. Would be ridicious if you cannot comment on a good picture because you have clicked it!

That’s fine, by all means tell the tog what you like about their pic & once you’ve done so why the need to add a vote? You’ve made your point so to speak so the vote is superfluous

If a viewer thinks it’s more important to say ‘wow, love the colours’ (just a random example) or some other more detailed constructive feedback, rather than award a vote that would be their choice

In short we would have the choice to leave an anonymous vote or be recognised simply by our comments (which can only lead to an increase in the quality of comments)

Outside of constructive critique the only reason I can see for awarding a vote after a comment is to be recognised by the tog for the benefit of networking, the two functions really have nothing to do with each other

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lobsterboy Plus
16 14.9k 13 United Kingdom
28 Aug 2009 8:54AM
Don't understand that at all - people are always asking for Pete to give reasons for why he gave a picture an EC. Surly the same holds true for clicks, if someone likes a pic and clicks I want to know why. If someone dosn't like a pic & dosn't click I want to know why.
Robin_TB 11 204 9 United Kingdom
28 Aug 2009 9:51AM
As a newbie a click is good because it shows that a) someone has actually seen the photo as it whizzes down the gallery pages and b) actually likes it. I find this encourageing but I don't get too hung up on it.
The critique/comments are much more informative and help guide me in future shoots. The key is constructive criticism, I try and put some of my better stuff on here but comparitively they are happy snaps. If someone thinks it's rubbish, fine, tell me, I won't get upset but I will try and correct the negative points next time. This is part of the enjoyment in learning photographing. Obviously people with more experience feel less need for advice but are competing for those all important RC/HC/EC awards.
I like it the way it is, it's not complicated!
Woofmix 12 69 United Kingdom
28 Aug 2009 10:36AM
I like it the way it is, it's always nice to get clicks as that indicates some folk like your work, but one thing I keep in mind is that folk are voting for what "appeals" to them, it may be technically terrible and still get votes or vice versa so the quality of your work isn't necassarily being judged. There is little point in comparing the number of clicks you get to the number of clicks someone else gets as you don't know the real reasons people are voting for different people (i.e. the friend factor).

ade_mcfade 16 15.2k 216 England
28 Aug 2009 10:49AM
good summary there Paul

I think you need to work out your own "PAR" score for a shot in a particualr genre, then use the click count for that.

Any other comparison's are going to be pointless...


I probably get aroud 17 clicks, on average, for a portrait shot. So if I get 25, then thats better than normal.

I would normally get 40 clicks for a landscape shot, so anything less than that is below my usual hit rate.

think of it like that, and the clicks make sense...
Woofmix 12 69 United Kingdom
28 Aug 2009 11:18AM
Yep Ade thats how I generally use it too, it's often surprising the shots that do appeal and those that don't though.

ade_mcfade 16 15.2k 216 England
28 Aug 2009 11:22AM
That's true as well, and I'd go as far as saying "frustrating" in place of "interesting"
ketch 12 770 50 Turks And Caicos Islands
28 Aug 2009 11:40AM
Yes I think this (self anchoring) is an excellent way of judging within your own PF - I certainly find it helpful. The only problem is that if you have been especially acive on the site then the clicks tend to go up and vica versa - so a little interpretation is needed too.

There is also a distinction I think between artistic and technical assessment of any image - perhaps we could have two lots of clicks!!

(Maybe I will get my coat!!)



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