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My experience with Canon EOS 1 Ds Mark II

PLindeboom 12 2
13 Sep 2005 1:12PM
In 1982 I bought a CANON A1. It was perfect, I enjoyed it for 10 years and thougt "this is the ultimate camera, what else can they invent".
Last week I bought the Canon EOS 1 Ds Mark II with many lenses ( the 100-400 IS is amasing), a flash Canon 580 and I still think, what is there to add to this.
I keep being surprised by new developments. It is expensive but I love it. What is the next step?

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Carabosse 15 41.1k 270 England
13 Sep 2005 1:15PM

Quote:What is the next step?

Show us how much better your photography has become by buying a top of the range camera? ;-D

PS: My first SLR was also a Canon A-1 (with 3 lenses, 2 of them primes). Bought 1986.
PPS: Some of my best EVER photos were taken with the A-1.
elowes 14 2.8k United Kingdom
13 Sep 2005 1:24PM
You have spent thousands of pounds and still not satified? For the amount of money you have just spent hundreds of children in Africa could be supplied with some of the medicines they so desperatly need.

I'm jealous but can you tell me, does it make you a better photographer?
UserRemoved 14 4.2k
13 Sep 2005 1:32PM

Quote:what is there to add to this.

A life?
damian 14 140 Netherlands
13 Sep 2005 1:42PM
Hey guys, is this really a fair way to treat a new member..

Why do you feel the need to do so in this manner? Yes a Ds mkII could buy lots of medicine, it still would not make the difference, as currently there is billions of USD/EUR/GBP of aid available but not being diverted to areas that require it most...

Would the cost of a camera help get it to where it's needed - I think not. Perhaps you should deliver it personally if you care so much and stop harassing someone that probably doe's his own part, in his own way - like us all.
Big Bri 17 16.3k United Kingdom
13 Sep 2005 1:47PM
Peter - welcome!

If I had just bought "the Canon EOS 1 Ds Mark II with many lenses ( the 100-400 IS is amasing), a flash Canon 580" the next step would be...... divorce. That's only if she didn't kill me first, of course Smile

Just wait til 2035 and see what we have to play with then! And let's hope there are still some parts of the world that are worth photographing.
Carabosse 15 41.1k 270 England
13 Sep 2005 1:48PM
I agree that medical help to Africa does not really come into it - for all we know PLindeboom is a generous philanthropist and gives muchly to charity as well as liking pricey cameras!

I think it was probably a feeling that he had mainly started this thread to tell us about his expensive new toy that has caused the reaction! A completely unjustified feeling I'm sure!!

Big Bri 17 16.3k United Kingdom
13 Sep 2005 1:49PM
btw, I agree with damian. If elowes is that concerned about children in Africa, perhaps he should sell his 20D and lenses and donate the money.
strawman 14 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
13 Sep 2005 2:25PM
Look he could buy a motor bike and blow more money. One example of the many ways we have of spending our money. Question is are you happy? We all could sell our cameras and give the money to charity. But we all strike our own balance.

What next, video mode for the ultimate frames per second and the death of the mirror and shutter?
Carabosse 15 41.1k 270 England
13 Sep 2005 2:36PM
Normal digital video is 0.4Mp and even 'High Definition' video is only 0.9Mp. Most of the latest camera phones exceed this!!

It is certainly true that most of us have spent a great deal more money on other things (houses, cars) than we have ever spent on photographic equipment.

I think the poster of this thread is just being teased (by most of us) a bit for other reasons! Smile
User_Removed 13 825 Lithuania
13 Sep 2005 8:08PM
.... insurance!?!
User_Removed 16 7.3k 6 United Kingdom
13 Sep 2005 10:17PM
Hi Peter

Welcome to the fold.

Don't be put off by some of the comments that the odd (usually very odd!) people make.

You have some very nice kit and it obviously does irritate some people to see others spending lots of money in this way. Being an ex-banker doesn't help as we all naturally hate you anyway Smile (only joking!)

What part of the Netherlands are you from (my favourite country and people it has to be said)

I think the previous comment about insurance is a very good one but if you are looking to spend som emore of your Euro's, I suggest you pay for the expert advice of a professional photographer with good canon knowledge who could teach you how to get the best out of your equipment if you take him to some exotic location someowhere.

Did I mention I'm a professional photographer with good Canon knowledge Wink

Enjoy ePz - you do need broad shoulders occasionally!

Barrie Smile
kit-monster 14 3.7k 2 Singapore
13 Sep 2005 10:39PM
Next step . . . I suggest ditching the 28-200 and replacing it with lenses more suited to the 1Ds II. I suggest the 24-70 L or the new 24-105 L and 70-200 L f4, 2.8 or 2.8IS.
elowes 14 2.8k United Kingdom
14 Sep 2005 12:02AM
Hey Guys!!

I apologise to Mr Lindeboom for being less than welcoming to the site and of course he can spend his money on what he wants. And I should have refrained from comment about someone I dont know but while my comments were perhaps pointed they were not so bad as to make me 'odd'.

He may be a very nice man and extremely philanthropic person but he decided to make an open and ostentatious display of his wealth which enables him to buy what he wants when he wants and look forward to buying even more expensive kit. Perhaps it was just his enthusiasm to share his pleasure with us.

Odd I may be, jealous I admitted to, but I do have a concern for those less well off.

Sticking your head in the sand by saying existing money is not being well spent is a way people use to salve their conscience. It is an excuse to do nothing to help.

Some comment was made a while back about dull Rotary clubs. Take a look and see what they do to make a positive and very welcome contribution to help others in need, now. You, yourself, can make a difference to some one.

I do have a 20D with a good lens, a second hand zoom, a second hand flash, a second hand car, my own home, and I did buy a new fridge recently. All of which I saved for, traded for and still in part have yet to pay for. I could sell all of these and live in a hedge but I dont think I will just yet.

I have no objection to wealth per se but I find the need to display it to be one of the less endearing human traits, a comment in general and not specific.

Some of you can get stuffed by the way.
conrad 13 10.9k 116
14 Sep 2005 12:23AM
Welkom op ephotozine, Peter!

I'd better do this in English, we don't want anyone using inferior on line translation services just to find out (more or less) what I'm writing here, do we...

Well, you bought a fantastic camera. It's good to hear you're so excited about it. I would think the next step would be to make full use of it's potential and take photos that match the quality of the equipment.

If by next step, however, you mean your next buy, you'd better listen to the pros on this site, because they seem to be more in your price bracket as far as equipment purchases are concerned. I myself am just glad that I, by some extraordinary stroke of luck, was able to buy a 20D, so I'm not in your financial league at all.

But I'm glad to see another fellow Dutchman join the site, and I wish you lots of enjoyment both from the use of your camera and the use of the site.

Conrad (Coenraad)

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