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Nasal Spray

Coleslaw 15 13.4k 28 Wales
6 Dec 2011 12:20PM
I have a couple of friends (one in Switzerland, one in the UK) told me recently that they have been using nasal spray like Vicks First Defence, and they have not had a cold.
I know it doesn't cure cold, but it stops/prevents you getting a cold or prevent it develops into a full on cold.
So, I am just wondering if anyone here use it and what they think.
simont 16 2.3k 4 United Kingdom
6 Dec 2011 12:27PM
If it's any help, which I doubt it will be, I've not used any nasal spray and I haven't had a cold either. Smile

Though I suspect I'll be getting a cold very soon as that bugger at the next desk keeps sneezing over me and if he does it again I'll shove his box of tissues up his nose - sorry off to the grump thread for a de-stresss Sad
RichardN00 14 432 1 United Kingdom
6 Dec 2011 12:36PM
I used it a few years ago when i started with a cold just before I went on holiday and it seemed to work, I'm not sure it prevents the cold or just suppreses some of the worse symptoms long enough for the cold to clear up in the background natrually
6 Dec 2011 12:38PM
Colds are viruses, didnt think you could prevent them ?? Perhaps they were just lucky.
Zatoichi 11 707 United Kingdom
6 Dec 2011 12:51PM
Eating properly and staying fit is the best prevention Wink

Failing that lots of fruit and lots of garlic is the first choice of medicine Grin
oldblokeh 9 1.2k United Kingdom
6 Dec 2011 12:54PM
The safety of intranasal zinc (as contained in this product) has been called into question because of numerous reports of anosmia (loss of smell), in some cases long-lasting or permanent, from the use of zinc-containing nasal gels or sprays.
Coleslaw 15 13.4k 28 Wales
6 Dec 2011 1:06PM
Interesting, Steve.

I think you would only use it when you feel a bit 'funny' or feel that a cold is coming, not everyday or something like that.

So, I am after user reviews really.
oldblokeh 9 1.2k United Kingdom
6 Dec 2011 1:22PM
According to the US FDA, many people who experienced a loss of sense of smell said that the condition occurred with the first dose, although some people have reported loss of sense of smell after later doses. FDA is concerned that the loss of sense of smell may be permanent.
Coleslaw 15 13.4k 28 Wales
6 Dec 2011 1:33PM
Gaucho 18 2.8k 2 United Kingdom
6 Dec 2011 1:39PM
Living in the middle of nowhere and making sure you don't see anyone works really well I find. Bit lonely, but better than having a cold Smile However, we will be going to the UK for Christmas this year and it is guaranteed that we'll end up sick as parrots Sad Good excuse to try my failsafe cure though, otherwise known as Bell's Linctus.
oldblokeh 9 1.2k United Kingdom
6 Dec 2011 2:20PM


Indeed. What's most interesting is that Proctor & Gamble, the US owner of Vicks, market the product here in the UK, but not in the US where the FDA issued the warnings and ordered products off the shelves in 2009.
adrian_w 13 3.8k 4 England
6 Dec 2011 2:25PM
Do NOT use Bells Linctus. It's very bad for the wallet & the manufacturer is a social pariah.
Much better is The Famous Grouse Linctus, or for a luxury treatment The Black Grouse Linctus.
Also effective are the Whyte & MacKay Linctus & Grants Linctus.
6 Dec 2011 2:33PM
What up the nose?! GrinWink
adrian_w 13 3.8k 4 England
6 Dec 2011 2:37PM
Personally i prefer to take it orally but if that turns you on, then yes. Wink
Tooth 15 5.8k 227 Ireland
6 Dec 2011 2:51PM
Inhale steam from a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil on boiling water. Cheap and cheerful and will help keep your airways open.

As for preventing colds.....the only way to prevent colds is not to catch them..

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