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Nasal Spray

Gaucho 18 2.8k 2 United Kingdom
6 Dec 2011 4:31PM
I find that any of those sorts of Linctus will do the job equally well. Inhaling in the first instance very much clears blockages, gargling with it soothes the sore throats and finally, drinking the stuff, disgusting though it may seem, eases the pain and gives a sense of well being. Much recommended...
mikehit 11 8.0k 13 United Kingdom
6 Dec 2011 5:46PM

Quote:Colds are viruses, didnt think you could prevent them ?? Perhaps they were just lucky.

Apparently catarrh is not due to the accumulation of mucus but is swelling and inflammation of the mucus lining of the nasal cavity - which does, admittedly create lots of mucus but that is not what is blocking your nose.
So I can imagine that in the early stages of a cold you start to sniff, and the sniffing aggravates the tissues and they become sore and inflamed, which encourages sniffing, then more bacteria/viruses etc get into the damaged membranes which really set it all off big time.
So if you use nasal spray early it may reduce the initial inflammation by keeping airways open which reduces the early sniffing and so reduces the chance of a full-blown 'cold' developing.
6 Dec 2011 6:24PM
Thats useful Mike, I think I can use that on a couple of people I know Grin
StrayCat 16 19.1k 3 Canada
6 Dec 2011 6:34PM

Quote:Living in the middle of nowhere and making sure you don't see anyone works really well I find. Bit lonely, but better than having a cold

I find garlic works much the same.Wink

The nurses at the hospital take a daily dose of Halibut Oil capsules or Cod Kiver Oil capsules during cold season. They prefer the Halibut oil.

I got my first ever flu shot a week ago. Uneventful. Didn't even feel the needle.
CathyT 14 7.3k 18 United Kingdom
6 Dec 2011 7:23PM
I'm plagued with sinus / blocked ear problems and after years trying different things I use a squirt of Beconnaise up the nose at night, if problems persist and I get sinus pain in my jaw, head, teeth and face etc then warm salt water up the nose. If my ears are blocked up then steam....garlic is good and lemsip with a decongestant. The only way to clear your eustacian tubes successfully is to stick your tooth brush down your throat til you gip......then it clears. I love winter.
StrayCat 16 19.1k 3 Canada
6 Dec 2011 9:28PM
I've known many people who've become addicted to the nasal spays, Otrivin, etc., and have had to be weaned off it with a doctor's help. It doesn't take much, and your sinuses become dependent on it to reduce swelling. It was a major problem for airline crew.
Gaucho 18 2.8k 2 United Kingdom
6 Dec 2011 10:05PM
You can't buy Beconase over the counter in France and the doctors don't like subscribing it as it contains steroids :-(
Gaucho 18 2.8k 2 United Kingdom
6 Dec 2011 10:06PM
Stick to the Linctus.
CathyT 14 7.3k 18 United Kingdom
7 Dec 2011 10:34AM
Oh dear...better find another option.
f8 17 9.2k 22 England
7 Dec 2011 5:40PM
If after all the preventative precautions fail, the last line of defence is: a hot drink,go to bed with a hot-water bottle on the chest and an extra blanket and sweat it out.
mohikan22 Plus
16 2.3k 2 United Kingdom
7 Dec 2011 9:33PM
Wink bottle of the ol JD works fine. because if you get a cold... youll be too drunk to notice Grin
pabloisme 10 566 England
8 Dec 2011 8:40AM
JD eeeuk only good possibly to gargle with or disinfect something ....

so HOWSABOUT a real treat? a glass of 4 Rose's if you must drink yank stuff! with just a touch of water to enhance the flavour,

but rip van winkle's I think 5 year? is also stonkingly good,

& always a good choice after washing the sodium thiosulphate off!
mohikan22 Plus
16 2.3k 2 United Kingdom
8 Dec 2011 11:14AM
nuthing wrong with JD Grin especially Gentleman Jack Grin

but seriously on the cold front... i also have heard Garlic is good and a bowl of onions(chopped) in hot water will clear ya nasal area.
adrian_w Plus
13 3.8k 4 England
9 Dec 2011 12:02AM

Quote:i also have heard Garlic is good and a bowl of onions(chopped) in hot water will clear ya nasal area

I thought we were talking about colds not vampires.
pabloisme 10 566 England
9 Dec 2011 9:12AM
I have a pointy stake here and a LARGE wooden mallet (called Alan) if you have vampire infestations

BUT if you have ZOMBIES the present government has your interests at heart (pun!)

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