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need a few tips

brrttpaul 6 234 United Kingdom
8 Apr 2012 10:00PM
Hi guys and girls, I have been watching some peregrines near by me. Today I managed to take some photos of the fledgling and the parents, trouble is 200mm lens and im a fair distance from them, plus the lighting has not been good and is against dark cliffs. So at the moment I have been in S priority ISO auto max 800, and got exposure comp at +5, shutter speed is set at 1/500. I dont want to up my ISO to 1600 if I can help it as the images are cropped ( like the one i posted today). So would you do anything different or am I on the right lines? as Im going up again tomorrow morning any advice is much appreciated.

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BigRick 12 2.1k 3 United Kingdom
8 Apr 2012 10:46PM
spot exposure, and i would shoot in A with auto ISO, as i would want it to stay letting in as much light as possible, and the shutter speed will then work itself out, or you could always shoot in manual, and set your shutter and your aperture, and pull it out later in PS.... but i wouldn't.Smile

of course, you could always try and get a little closer. Smile Wink
brrttpaul 6 234 United Kingdom
8 Apr 2012 11:07PM
well i was thinking about shooting in A but these birds are lightening fast hence why i went for shutter speed, otherwise all im going to get is a blur
BigRick 12 2.1k 3 United Kingdom
8 Apr 2012 11:13PM
fair point, as i guess that in S the aperture will always be wide open as it will always want the most light it can get anyway.
BigRick 12 2.1k 3 United Kingdom
8 Apr 2012 11:17PM
hi, just looked at the lens you are using and it stops at f5.6 when at full zoom, so will obviously affect your shutter speed vs light available quite alot.... all you can do is keep shooting and try to track the birds with the C focus mode (i dont know if the D3100 has that?) but you may loose the wings in blur unless you get it just right.... hopefully someone else that is more of a bird shooter will come along with some other tips too. Smile
brrttpaul 6 234 United Kingdom
8 Apr 2012 11:17PM
been browsing all the birds in flight, 90% of them are taken with a 400mm lens, think thats my main problem lol, On the plus side I should be having a 300mm lens by next month but thats as far as my budget will stretch.
BigRick 12 2.1k 3 United Kingdom
8 Apr 2012 11:28PM
there is a guy at work that does nothing but bird photos, and he got the 100-400 canon lens, and still thinks it is too short, so is getting either the 2x converter..... or, and i think he will get it, the Canon 800mm prime.... which is WAY too much money, lol Smile

I tried a 70-200 with a 2x on it which made it a 140-400 and still didnt think it got me close enough really.... a 600mm would be the way to go maybe then with a 1.4x on it.

Budget is everything when it comes to far away things.... but as i say, you can always (nearly always) get closer, with some realtree clothing, or a hide before light.
brrttpaul 6 234 United Kingdom
8 Apr 2012 11:35PM
will look into it more, cant get too close its not a question of camoflague in this case its safety as its a disused quarry
robthecamman 6 1.7k United Kingdom
8 Apr 2012 11:38PM
you could try find some type of bait to draw them closer to you,tho iv not tried to do as your doing just a thought
dcash29 12 2.3k England
8 Apr 2012 11:39PM
I wouldnt put a 2x converter on a 5.6 lens for shooting birds
BigRick 12 2.1k 3 United Kingdom
8 Apr 2012 11:50PM

Quote:I wouldnt put a 2x converter on a 5.6 lens for shooting birds

neither would i, you would loose all autofocus and metering.... Tongue
dcash29 12 2.3k England
8 Apr 2012 11:54PM

Quote:neither would i, you would loose all autofocus and metering....

But a guy at your works that shoots nothing but birds is doing???

ahhhh im assuming its a Canon
meercat 9 278 United Kingdom
9 Apr 2012 5:32AM
With bird photography the longer the lens the better. I shoot with a 400 prime (only the 5.6 but still) and it sometimes isn't enough. Using a 1.4 converter (Kenko) works ok, you lose a stop or two of light but with taped pins auto focus still works (metering works either way).

I would Not think you can "bait" a peregrine (or a kestrel, which is in the photograph you uploaded today) as they take live food, the best bet to get closer is with fieldcraft and camo gear. But as this bird is on the nest, you would have to be careful NOT to distub it as there would be legal ramifications (not sure you would be allowed to photograph it on the nest at all without a licence, I can't rememebr which birds of prey count as endangered, certinly a peregrine would be a no no, but a kestrel may be OK, worth checking those things out).
brrttpaul 6 234 United Kingdom
9 Apr 2012 8:45AM
why do you keep saying its a kestrel its a fledgling peregrine, yes it does have the brown bars but these will go as it gets older, the wings are different the tail is different its a peregrine lol. I will be the first too admit I know nothing about photography, but field craft is a different matter, I do know quite a bit (not bear grissls league but a bit). These peregrines have been nesting in the same spot for the last 30yrs that I know, every year I walk up there and watch them, this is the main reason I took up photography to try and capture some of the things I see when Im out. I suggest you look at some images of young peregrines and kestrels to compare the two then you will realise your mistake.
brrttpaul 6 234 United Kingdom
9 Apr 2012 9:24AM
this is really bugging me now, just had a look at several images again and again and I,m stumped TBH. its thrown me as from a distance i first thought kestrel but then seeing the parents drop a rabbit to it and the 3 of them flying together, im stumped really stumped, I watched this bird eat the rabbit and all three sitting on a ledge, I have pics on facebook but they are quite fuzzy if anyone wants a look, can peregrines adopt???? pmsl

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