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need help ...

Bluke 15 303 1 United Kingdom
2 Sep 2005 3:11PM
i am helping a pro. at my first wedding tomorrow ....right now i am writing down things to do .... I have a D70 .. SB800 FLASH .... 105.. 70/300 .. 18/70 LENS........
I would be greatful for any advice...
Bernie 17 2.2k
2 Sep 2005 3:19PM
Merge into the background and go for the Photo Journalistic shots.
Try to capture people who are unaware you are there.

Surely your pro should have given you some advice?
NorthernEdge 15 535 England
2 Sep 2005 3:20PM
Hi Babs. I did my friends wedding in July and the thing that helped me most was the planning, so you are doing the right thing in thinking and putting some ideas down. Apparently, everyone at the wedding thought I was confident and helpful????? So I guess it helps to talk to people and build some rapport very quickly. Just relax and be cheerful. I guess the Pro will advise you at the time what help he/she is wanting, but if you do get the chance to go off and catch some images then remember what the bride and groom want (candid, journalistic, formal etc). Your equipment looks fine, I think I'd stick the 18-70 on for starters. That should give you some good wide-angle AND portrait opportunities. But the main thing I would say is relax (I know!!!) and try to enjoy it. And try to learn from the Pro, that's what he/she's there for!! Good luck, I'm sure it will work out. chris
Bluke 15 303 1 United Kingdom
2 Sep 2005 3:45PM
thank you so much .... feel a little better now ....
i will try and enjoy the day .... i am starting by going to the brides house on my own and taking some candid shots , so that should break the ice .......should i take some closeups then with my 105 lens ,,?? thanks for the advice ,, cheers ,,
debbiehardy 16 363 United Kingdom
2 Sep 2005 4:27PM
Candids are great...I like my assistant to get shots of all the guests at the wedding - she has fun doing it and it's a good record for the B&G.
Try and get dfferent angles to the pro, too. If you get all the stuff that's happening whilst the B&G aren't aware, they will be seeing your work without knowing what happened, so it will be exciting and new for them.
Best of luck - enjoy your really will go fast!!
Debbie x
User_Removed 18 7.3k 6 United Kingdom
2 Sep 2005 11:03PM
Hi Babs

First thing I'd suggest is ditch the 105. You need to restrict your kit to the stuff you know you'll need not the stuff you think you might need

The camera, flash, medium zoom and wide angle are a "yes" (plus plenty of spare batteries and CF cards).

With regard to learning from the Pro's - that's fine if you intend to take this up professionally but if you are taking photos for your friend, then in this instance certainly, they'll probably be happier with you looking for an alternative angle (literally and metaphorically). In any event, it is impossible to be a learner and a doer at the same time. Believe me when I say that time at weddings moves at twice the speed you are used to.

I can't give any specific advice purely because you are assisting a pro and he/she needs to tell you what to do according to his/her own wishes. It would be different if you were shooting 'on your own'.

On a general note, whilst watching a following a 'pro' at work is great for getting ideas. you do need to create your own style so do bear that in mind.

Are you processing your own images or is the pro doing this. If you are doing it you'll soon realise where the hardest part of the job is!

edit One last thing (on a general note - too late for this wedding though!). Get to know the controls on your equipment so well that you can operate them without taking your eye from the viewfinder.

I can remember being with Andy Rouse a few years ago when someone asked for some advice on successful picture taking and this was the advice he gave and it is so true.

It is no good being in the middle of a photo taking session (and this applies to a paid job or hobby photography) and wanting to change ISO or aperture or whatever and having to take the eye from the camera and think about what button to press or even worse - dig out the manual! Think how this will go down at a wedding - "excuse me vicar, can you hold on a minute luv whilst I grab me idiots guide".

A case in point - yesterday for the first time, I had a brand new battery pack give up on me during a church service just when the rings were being exchanged. I had a spare in my pocket (just in case) and was able to remove the existing one and insert a replacement before the grooms ring vows had even started. Must have been a record battery change and it sure got the heart beating a little faster too but it worked because I knew where everything was and was confident in handling the kit.

Do try and enjoy the experience. You will by necessity become a fairly central part of the days activities and your enjoyment and enthusiasm will be remembered and 'enjoyed' by the couple and the guests themselves. I cover about 75 weddings a year and one of the most frequent comments I have is that I was so much fun to have around and that I really seemed to be enjoying myself.

Have a great day!

UserDeleted 17 3.6k
2 Sep 2005 11:36PM
If you are helping a pro, and it is your first wedding today then they should be providing you with all the information and guidance you need.

However, if you are going to the brides house on your own for your first wedding then I am appalled. I would never treat an assistant, or more importantly one of my clients in this manner.

Good luck.
Bluke 15 303 1 United Kingdom
2 Sep 2005 11:45PM
WELL TODAYS THE DAY .....Thank you all so much for the advice...... some great pointers in there .....i will go and check all my equipment and get some more batteries ......let you all know how i get on .... CHEERS BABS
debbiehardy 16 363 United Kingdom
3 Sep 2005 2:10AM
Probably you've gone by now, but let us know how you got on...look forward to seeing some of your work later!
debbiehardy 16 363 United Kingdom
5 Sep 2005 9:14AM
OK, did you get on? Hope it all went well for you. Debbie.

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