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Need to delete my account ASAP


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Reason : Original Question Answered

shelby 13 14
2 Jun 2007 9:11PM
To the mod of this site - please delete my account completely. I have found several of my photos taken from this site and posted on several travel websites, all without my permission. One website owner stated that "Since my photo was on the web, anyone can use it" Boy was she wrong. In the end, she did pay my price.

I have been payed for the photos stolen from me ($250.00 per digital download of 1mb file). There have been eight so far. It is still too easy to save photos just by "Right Clicking" on this site and many others. I know that we cannot stop the illegal copying of our photos, but why make it easier by allowing anyone to "Right Click" and save.

Thank you all for you comments on my photos and I am sorry I have not become more involved in this site.

Please delete my account as soon as possible.

David Letts

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Henchard 13 2.7k 1 United Kingdom
2 Jun 2007 9:14PM
Disabling right clicking is pointless. All you need to do is disable scripting or take a screen grab. If you put it anywhere on the net it can be copied period.
shelby 13 14
2 Jun 2007 9:19PM
It is not pointless Henchard. Any deterence is better than none. BTW - thanks for just visiting my site!
Boyd 14 11.2k 11 Wales
2 Jun 2007 9:22PM
Would you be so kind to link to the website that has stolen your images?
Henchard 13 2.7k 1 United Kingdom
2 Jun 2007 9:28PM
I stand by my statement if right clicking is disabled you can

1. look at source code and copy image
2. use another browser that won't be stopped (Safari?)
3. disable javascript (an option in Firefox and other browers)
4. failing all of those, print screen
5. Or, just look in the cache
6. or just save the page by left clicking file save as

plus it will presumably add to the page loading overheads .
shelby 13 14
2 Jun 2007 9:30PM
As part of my settlement with the two (2) websites, I cannot name their site on a public forum.

To avoid this problem in the future, I have purchased MyPictureMarc from Digmarc. This software digitally embeds my copyright information into the photo. I also get notified where my photos are currently being displayed anywhere on the web. It shows all the photos that were legally purchased from me and those that were "Stolen" from me. The price is $499.00 per year, but it is well worth it for me.
Boyd 14 11.2k 11 Wales
2 Jun 2007 9:37PM
Odd sounding settlement.
Who brokered that one for you?
dougv 14 8.4k 3 England
2 Jun 2007 9:42PM
If you wish your account to be deleted you will need to contact the site Admin via the Contact Us link stating your reasons.
The Moderators do not have access to the account area.

If the photos that have been stolen come from this site, then you really must let the Admin people know.

shelby 13 14
2 Jun 2007 9:47PM
I brokered the settlement myself.

Since the sites were owned by the same person, and she claimed that she did not know it was illegal, I agreed not to publicly announce her site. I think it was fair and hopefully, she has learned a valuable lesson. When I did speak with her on the phone, she sounded like she honestly thought what she did was ok. She knows better now.
Boyd 14 11.2k 11 Wales
2 Jun 2007 9:49PM
So if it was a one off incident, which by your account sounds like a misunderstanding, why take the drastic action of asking for your account to be deleted?
dougv 14 8.4k 3 England
2 Jun 2007 9:50PM
But that doesn't help others on here to check and see if any of their photos have been stolen.
Not daft is she?
shelby 13 14
2 Jun 2007 9:56PM
Because she admitted stealing the photos from this site!

She further stated that it was easy to do just by "Right Clicking" and save. She did find other photos that were posted on other sites which does not allow "Right Click" to save, but she moved on to find a site that did allow it.

As Henchard pointed out, the photo can be taken by other means but this person would have not stolen my photosfrom this site if the "Right Click" was disabled. I am sure that if someone really wanted a photo, they will get it. But why make it easy for them..........
shelby 13 14
2 Jun 2007 9:56PM
Thanks Dougv for the information. I will contact them now.
andytvcams 15 10.4k 1 United Kingdom
2 Jun 2007 9:57PM
Contact Admin.

They will delete your account.
ecowarrior 11 577 England
2 Jun 2007 10:00PM
Oh I dunno - they said they'd delete my old walliswizard account, but it's still there !

Why not just delete all your pics and leave your account active so you can still chat in the forums.

Or, do what I do and take REALLY CR*P pictures that nobody would steal if they could! Smile