ianrobinson 9 1.2k 8 United Kingdom
26 Mar 2013 5:03PM
What are you saying Chris, are you saying that Canon will only make Full frame cameras now then?
I know lately it does seem full frame cameras are coming out of canon and nikon, and to be honest I don't mind, I love them.

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mikehit 10 8.0k 13 United Kingdom
26 Mar 2013 5:22PM
An updated 7D offering the top-quality AF system will still have a place - there is sufficient separation for 6D and 5D3 to co-exist so there is o reason that a '7D2' and 5D3 cannot co-exist but they offer different options. You would have the xxxD and xxD models providing different functionality for the low- to mid-price; then 6D and 7D offering equal-price options for landscape/portraiture or wildlife/sports respectively and the lines merge with the 5D3 good enough for most enthusiasts and professionals, then you have the ultra-rugged 1D(s)/1Dx for the professional who puts his equipment through hell.
This is a much simplified Canon product line than it looked a couple of years ago.
chalkhillblue 10 164 2 United Kingdom
27 Mar 2013 10:33AM
I do hope you are correct Mike, if Canon did produce a 7D MkII it would give Nikon a kick up the bum to produce a replacement for the D300/D300s, I think
if nothing is forthcoming by Aug/Sep this year it will probably be the end of the line for these two models.
FrogTastic 9 52 United Kingdom
27 Mar 2013 11:28AM
I would think the frame rate would increase, as well as MP's
Carabosse 16 41.3k 270 England
27 Mar 2013 12:02PM
The relentless march of the Mirrorless Army is possibly making Canikon think twice about investing in new DSLRs which are less than full frame. Wink
mikehit 10 8.0k 13 United Kingdom
27 Mar 2013 12:09PM
That is a good point, but would they want to drop their lines before they have a serious alternative to not only the body but also the lenses themselves? I reckon that for the sports/wildlif they have at least another 2 generations out of the APS-C/35mm formats before the AF on the MFTs catch up, and probably one generation on 35mm for landscape at the entry/enthusiast level (for pros maybe 2 to 3 generations for the print sizes they sometimes use).
Carabosse 16 41.3k 270 England
27 Mar 2013 12:20PM
I suspect there may be one more generation of APS-C DSLRs from the big two - if only because their current mirrorless efforts can't really compete with the Olympus-Panasonic-Sony triumvirate.

Full frame and mirrorless are not a happy match, although Sony have hinted at such a device.
ChrisV Plus
12 2.3k 26 United Kingdom
27 Mar 2013 12:33PM
The release of the 700D and 100D this week doesn't really point to much of a slowdown in Canon's commitment to the APSc format. In fact the update cycle on the X00D series make it a fairly safe bet this is Canon's most profitable line.

Mike might well be right that there is room in the lineup for a rugged build fast AF APSc shooter. Nikon seem to be filling that slot in the lineup with the new D7100 - where again it's quite difficult to see where a D400 would fit in.

But it does make you wonder how long Canon can keep on deploying that 18mp chip - alebit eking better high sensitvity performance out of it. Who knows?

I hadn't heard any rumours about the D100 - perhaps Canon see this as their answer to the mirrorless brigade - it's certainly a much smaller and lighter camera than the GH3 for example. Admittedly that is comparing the largest of type with smallest of type and the GH3 is a far more 'serious' camera. But it does demonstrate that the form factors needn't be massively divergent.
ChrisV Plus
12 2.3k 26 United Kingdom
27 Mar 2013 12:40PM
Let's not also forget that Sony's mirrorless options are also based around APSc sensors. The one thing they don't seem able to compete on is having truly compact lenses covering equivalent AoVs - and that is of course always going to be an inherent advantage of the m4/3 form factor, just as a broader DoF at equivalent focal ranges is a characteristic of m4/3.

I don't see any 'winner' emerging any time soon and I think we'll see a good number of years at least of viability for each format.
keithh 15 25.5k 33 Wallis And Futuna
27 Mar 2013 12:55PM
Does anyone recall......I know I do...when users of 35mm Full Frame DSLR's were called out of date and clinging to the photographic wreckage?
JackAllTog Plus
10 5.6k 58 United Kingdom
27 Mar 2013 1:11PM
The canon rumour site suggests that the MK2 is due around September and may have a digic 6 processor and new sensor - also that it may walk up the spec range to be firmly considered a pro camera with an APS-c core.

Perhaps after losing the APS-h format they feel they are missing out on the needs of some pro's.

So will it be APS-c, or called the MK2 or be able to shoot 4xHD video and and still have Jpeg frame outputs if needed. Will it have an AAfilter or even have a Mirror? There will always be a new camera coming along soon, it will always be too pricey for most, it will still not make old camera's bad. But we hope it will take better photo's Smile
chalkhillblue 10 164 2 United Kingdom
27 Mar 2013 2:00PM
Chris V, I find it hard to believe that the D7100 is the best Nikon could produce as a probable replacement for the D300/300s especially for enthusiast sports/nature
photographers, I believe there is room for a D400 (or whatever it is called) as the flagship APS-c camera, when the D7100 was first announced some publicity heralded
it as the Nikon flagship APS-c camera, when questioned about this Nikon USA denied this was the case but could or would not amplify, maybe they were just keeping the door open to see how sales of the D7100 went, or keeping one eye on Canon, we will just have to wait and see I suppose.
Good news for Canon photographers re the rumours concerning the 7D MkII, as Jack stated, especially as it could appear with an update to the 100-400 lens, hopefully if this turns out to be the case it will get Nikon moving.
ChrisV Plus
12 2.3k 26 United Kingdom
27 Mar 2013 2:26PM
I used to own a D300 David and thought it was a cracking camera [I quite a while ago migrated to Canon - but that's a long story]. But if for any reason I was in the position to replace a D300s, I couldn't choose it over a D7000, let alone a D7100. Nikon have waited so long to come up with a direct replacement to the D300s [coming up to four years now and six if you consider it was a mod of the D300!] that although it might happen - it just doesn't seem very likely. There was less than two years between the D200 and D300.
Canonshots 8 196 13 United Kingdom
30 Mar 2013 4:59PM
All this talk of the demise of APS-C worries me a bit. If I had to upgrade to full frame I would need a complete new set of lenses and I just don't have that sort of money. Same would be true, of course, if I joined the Nikon Nation.

Anyway, all this speculation is a bit futile. We'll know the real story soon enough.
strawman 15 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
30 Mar 2013 5:23PM
I do not think that APS-C is likely to be abandoned in the near future, but it is possible that they will decide if you are at the top end of those cameras they would rather you bought full frame. as an example Nikon's reluctance to update the D300, and Canon may take a similar view with a product like the 7D.

But Canon and Nikon may have completely different views. You could argue the 7D is focused on speed and AF performance and the 6D on low light and large print performance. One for sports and wildlife, another for portraits and landscapes? It will be interesting to see what happens next.

The thing that is a surprise, if you compare forum postings to camera sales, DSLR sales are still climbing, while mirror less sales are flat, and in fact if you look to Europe, are slightly down on last year. So what is put on the popular web sites as what people want and are buying may not be borne out by the majority of the market for such devices.

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