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New Canon

FatBoyfocus 10 75 4 United Kingdom
14 Sep 2009 5:59AM
Morning all

I have been using my 450D now for a while and loving it but, I feel like steeping up a bit.
I have 600 in the kitty.
I'm looking at getting a 50D (Second hand). Will this camera help improve my photography. Would I be better of just investing in 1 or 2 good lenses rather... what else could I go for within the price range? Any advice please?
'I'd like to stick to Canon as I have a few lenses and would like to be able to use them...

Many Thanks

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User_Removed 14 398 6 United Kingdom
14 Sep 2009 9:39AM
get a better lens - much more worthwhile - something like the 17-40L or if you can stretch the budget a bit the 24-70 - depends what you shoot mist too?
Nigeyboy 11 927 United Kingdom
14 Sep 2009 9:43AM
A new camera won't necessarily improve your photography!! A 450D is a really decent piece of kit!! You don't say what you intend to shoot, but if its general, as your PF indicates, then why not stick with the 450 and get some decent glass to hang off the front of it. The difference in IQ between the 450 and 50 would be hard to spot to the untrained eye. £600 would get you a couple of decent 2nd hand lenes - maybe even an L if you shop about a bit.

I was having the same struggle earlier this year - I have a 400D and was not happy, and I too "wanted" a 50D!! I then bought a 2nd hand Sigma 17-70mm and the results have been great - much better IQ, and a better range than the kit lens which in itself opens up more options.

Thatís my two-penneth-worth!! I am not saying don't get the 50D, but at least have a look at what £600 will buy in the lens dept first.
Kris_Dutson 17 8.2k 1 England
14 Sep 2009 9:47AM
No new kit will improve your photography; only you can do that.

Saying that, a nice 17-40L will go a long way to improving the image quality of what you do take. Smile
Artois 13 405 1 United Kingdom
14 Sep 2009 10:04AM
I upgraded from 400d to 50d and no regrets. No, it does not improve your photography but for me the image quality is noticeable between the 2 cameras.

Chris_H 16 1.5k 1
14 Sep 2009 10:28AM
The 450D is a great camera and there is no reason why you cant get fantastic results from it.

I would recommend spending your money on a good lens and a goods tripod. Both of these would have a large effect on the sharpness and detail you catch in your images. Because a good quality tripod will have a dramatic effect on the sharpness of your images you should make sure you get a really good solid one and hopefully it should outlast all of your current kit if you look after it.

The rest is all about technique and practise.
JackAllTog Plus
11 5.9k 58 United Kingdom
14 Sep 2009 10:55AM
Did i miss what lenses you have - the 18-55mm Kit lens, or more?
I'm also in the same prediciment, I want a better camera. Meantime i've seen good improvements with:
# £100 spent on a good tripod.
# £50 on a canon f1.8 50mm
# Used f8-F11 on every shot i can for sharper images.
# Downloaded new image picture styles from Canon's japenese website - free.
# Filters - polarizers & grads
# Software - elements 6, and spend longer learning/using it.
all these made a noticable difference.
If i could i'd also do a 60D, 24-105mm, 100-400mm but will have to wait.
John_Frid 14 514 57 United Kingdom
14 Sep 2009 1:16PM
If you really think that improved kit is what you need, I'd prioritise glass over the camera.

The 450D is a pretty capable camera, so I'd only bother to update that for a very good reason. £ for £ you'll probably see a better return on better lenses than on an upgraded camera.

That said, good technique is much cheaper and often yields the biggest improvement. The more I think about what I'm taking, why I'm taking it and what I need to do to get it right, the better the final image - all for free Smile
toneb75 10 187 England
14 Sep 2009 4:28PM

Recently I was thinking of "upgrading" my 400D to a 50D or even a
5D MK2. However, as others have said, I do not believe this would improve my photography. Although you may get a marginal improvement on photo quality, it will not help with things like composition, subject, and anything else relying on the person holding the camera.

For the moment I have decided to hold off upgrading as the only argument that I can convince myself with is that the 50D/5D is a bigger camera and I do find the 400D a little small to hold comfortably sometimes, but that, at the moment, does not warrant spending the extra money to "upgrade".

I think you need to ask yourself the same questions I asked myself :

A) What do you not like about the 450D
B) In what areas do you feel your photography needs improving in and is it the cameras fault.
C) What extra features does another camera give you that the 450D does not

You don't mention what lenses you use / have, but it may be that spending your hard earned cash on lenses may be a better investment at this stage. But it is your money and I don't think you will be disappointed in the 50D as such, but you may find your photos are no better than the 450D....
steve_p 14 1.2k England
14 Sep 2009 6:23PM
I had this dilemma a couple of years ago, I had a 350D, but felt that I wanted an upgrade.
Eventually i got a 30D and found that there was a big difference in the operation and handling- much more comfortable plus the thumb wheel on the back was far better than the push buttons.
But I made the mistake of trying a 40D- this was an improvement too.
As far as lenses are concerned I bought a 17-40L as advised on this site.
No doubting the image quality but on a"crop" camera much too limiting in range.
I sold that and am happy with the 17-85 I now have.
I also have a Sigma 10-20- brill for landscapes and interiors.
And a 70-200F4L which is superb.
At the end of the day I would suggest a used 40D rather than a 50D, because the 50 will show up any shorcomings in your present lenses as the MP count is a lot higher.
I you have the usual 18-55 kit lens then spend some money on upgrading that- maybe a Sigma 17-70.
Hope that helps a bit,
FatBoyfocus 10 75 4 United Kingdom
14 Sep 2009 7:22PM
Thanks for the reply all... Think I'll stick to what I have an get myself 2 good lenses. I have Tamron 18-200mm f3.5. I'd like to get something similar but, with f2.8 or close, or a 70-300mm f2.8, if the kitty alows it Grin
I'll be doing a lot of googling...
Thanks again Smile
Kloid 10 10 3 United States
24 Sep 2009 12:12AM
70-300 f2.8 for L600 Smile Hehehehehe yeah that would be wonderful, I will take 2.
LensYews 11 1.3k 1 United Kingdom
24 Sep 2009 2:27AM
If you can stretch the kitty a little you can pick up a Canon
EF-S 17-55mm f2.8 IS USM for £695, or a Canon 70-200mm f4 for £429 via the Amazon marketplace. Both are very good lenses.


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