New Monitor for MacBook Pro- advice please

bazhutton 12 25 England
4 Oct 2009 2:57PM
Good afternoon.

I am looking at desktop monitors for my MacBook. The 24-inch Apple LED Cinema Display looks great, price is OK & connectivity will be seamless. But I'm not sure if it would be the screen of choice for dedicated photo use. If it is a monitor of choice- then job done!

I'm also looking at the NEC MultiSync 26 inch

The NEC does seem to be a screen of choice, but at a premium over the Apple Display. What differences would be practically noticeable?

Please do add your thoughts / ideas- both very welcome!



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cameracat 15 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
4 Oct 2009 3:20PM
The glossy screen on the Apple product, Could prove interesting if you like reflections on your display....Sad

Or you need to check your makeup, Now & then.....Smile

That and you don't have a clue who actually makes the display panel, Probably one of the usual suspects like " Samsung " or LG ".

The NEC on the other hand is made by NEC, Has the very latest in panel technology ( H-IPS ).

Compare the specs....Wink

NEC Products.
mlewis 15 1.5k United Kingdom
4 Oct 2009 4:38PM
The NEC has a high bit internal LUT which improves calibration results, uniformity correction so panel uniformity is improved, no captive cables, more input options, more adjustable stand, and is not glossy so no distracting reflections. If you get the Spectraview version (more expensive) you can hardware calibrate the monitor itself, like you can with the high end Eizo monitors.

I have a NEC Spectraview 2690 and it is fantastic.

BTW, the NEC uses a LG panel like the Apple monitor.
joolsb 15 27.1k 38 Switzerland
4 Oct 2009 8:22PM

Quote:The glossy screen on the Apple product, Could prove interesting if you like reflections on your display....

I think the problems with glossy monitors are much overstated. With a laptop, you can easily arrange you or the screen to eliminate reflections. If the monitor is going to be used on a desk then all it takes is a little common sense in siting the thing.

More important is the contrast range and colour-depth.
mdpontin 15 6.0k Scotland
5 Oct 2009 11:07AM

Quote:That and you don't have a clue who actually makes the display panel

I don't know because I haven't tried it, but if you can get to a store, try using the System Profiler (under the Apple menu) to see if it displays manufacturer, etc., info for the display panel. It doesn't for built-in displays (e.g. on the iMac or MacBook, etc.), but may do for externals. Assuming you want this information, that is!

I've never understood what all the fuss is about glossy displays. I've used one for some 18 months now in a room which is quite brightly lit at times, and I've never had any problems with reflections. As Jools said, it's just a matter of siting it sensibly.

I've not seen the NEC, but the Apple one is very nice, evenly lit, good contrast and colour rendition, etc., and LED backlit too, so no mercury.
mdpontin 15 6.0k Scotland
5 Oct 2009 1:43PM
After a brief Google, it appears that the display panel in the Apple 24" LED Cinema Display is made by LG, and is H-IPS. Frankly I'd have been surprised if it hadn't been H-IPS, as the 24" iMac has an H-IPS display (possibly the same one?).

Edit: according to Wikipedia, the "very latest" panel technology, at least as far as LG is concerned, is actually E-IPS, which came out this year. Take from that what you will. Wink
bazhutton 12 25 England
5 Oct 2009 3:53PM
Thanks for the responses. Looking on the Colour Confidence website, they seem to give some useful advice which includes ideally steer clear of Apple monitors for photography. The Eizo ColorEdge CG222W looks pretty good with their current offer.
joolsb 15 27.1k 38 Switzerland
5 Oct 2009 3:59PM

Quote:which includes ideally steer clear of Apple monitors for photography

Do they say why? There are quite a few pros using Apple 30" Studio Displays so they can't be that bad...
bazhutton 12 25 England
5 Oct 2009 4:06PM
'Note: As they are not designed for colour work (photography, design), Apple monitors do not have dedicated controls for settings such as contrast and white balance.'

For price, looks, connectivity I'd love to be convinced an Apple monitor would do the job! But for photography (& price) the Eizo ColorEdge CG222W looks good at the moment.
mdpontin 15 6.0k Scotland
5 Oct 2009 4:59PM
I find that very surprising. Apple hardware (including monitors) and software is widely used in design, photography, movie editing, print media, etc., etc. so if they're not suitable it'll come as a surprise to a huge number of professionals! Smile

Quote:Apple monitors do not have dedicated controls for settings such as contrast and white balance

Not on the device itself, no, but you have full control over white balance and all the other settings through software. Otherwise how could you properly calibrate the monitor? Colour Confidence will happily sell you the necessary to do that. Go figure.

Edit: Hmm...don't Eizo monitors tend to be much more expensive? Wink
kevspiers 13 67
5 Oct 2009 5:01PM
So would this HP one be any good?
joolsb 15 27.1k 38 Switzerland
5 Oct 2009 5:09PM

Quote:the Eizo ColorEdge CG222W looks good at the moment.

All that money and it still only has a native resolution of 1680x1050. My 23" Apple monitor can manage 1920x1200, as can the latest 24".
bazhutton 12 25 England
5 Oct 2009 7:39PM
So is the biggest criticism of an Apple monitor the glossy screen? Sounds like some hate it & others don't mind it. Does anyone like it for photo work?

What would be really useful for a NEC/ Eizo et al monitor to be capable of that the Apple isn't?
bazhutton 12 25 England
6 Oct 2009 10:52AM
Incidentally, I had the option of a matte 'anti-gare' screen on my MacBook. I wonder if that option could be on its way to the monitors?
mdpontin 15 6.0k Scotland
6 Oct 2009 11:40AM
I don't have the 24" Cinema Display, but I do have an iMac 24" which also has a glossy screen, and I use it for photos. Admittedly I'm not a professional, so I don't use it all that intensively, but I'm happy with it for photo work. I have, of course, calibrated it. Smile I would imagine the 24" Cinema Display is as good or better: some of the iMacs have had issues with uneven backlight illumination, and I've never heard of that being a problem with the LED-backlit Cinema Display.

Re. the matte option, I think there's a good possibility of it coming up with the next monitor refresh. After all, it's now an option for more of the MacBook/MacBook Pro range than it was at first.

Quote:Colour Confidence Tip - High-gloss displays are designed to enhance the appearance of colours on-screen; however, these results are difficult to reproduce on a printed page. As such we do not recommend a high-gloss screen for colour critical work such as photography or graphic design.

I actually think there's a lot of nonsense about glossy screens. As I see it, the reason why colours may appear richer, etc., is because of the way in which light is reflected. On a matte screen, reflected light is diffuse which can make the colours on the display appear paler and less contrasty. With a glossy screen, reflections are less diffuse, so the colours and contrast are not affected to the same degree. The downside is that there is a greater chance of reflections being a distraction, particularly if used in a very bright environment such as outdoors. However, I don't see why a properly calibrated glossy screen shouldn't be accurate for colour-critical work.

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