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New PC ?

Kim Walton 17 145 30 United Kingdom
7 Jun 2007 4:03PM
As said ,
A new duel intel pc these days will run P.S quite happily even with 1 gig Ram and vista.(Power users might need to upgrade)
Go for what you can afford---but make sure its upgradable---ie:- update the memory,graphics card, Harddrives etc-----but most important is what monitor you get---thats what you`ll be working on !! These days don`t settle for anything less than 19".
cameracat 17 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
9 Jun 2007 2:36PM

Quote:your 32bit applications won't be able to address any more RAM than 4GB.

Whilst this is true, We are talking 64bit appliations, And then several running at once, Also consider that Vista consumes a great deal of system RAM, about 50% more than XP.

Therefore My recommendation for a Minimum RAM of 4 GB, Still stands as a better option, Especially when you see how much system RAM CS2 or CS3 needs and indeed does not release until the program is closed.

Quote: new duel intel pc these days will run P.S quite happily even with 1 gig Ram and vista

If the above is true, That you are indeed running PS/CS on a machine with just 1 Gb of RAM, Consider yourself in possesion of Alien technology, Because even the mighty DELL Computers, Claim that 1 gb on Vista, Is Just about enough for the job, AND they openly recommend a Minimum of 2 GB, AT the very least.

Quote:.(Power users might need to upgrade)

POWER users, Ha! are you kidding, You have been reading to many PC magazines Smile

It's NOT about power users, It's about working with digital images within CS2 or CS3, Both very RAM hungry programs, This was covered in an article in Amatuer Photographer Mag a while ago.

Modern DSLR's create huge files, Even bigger when working in 16bit, and even bigger when in HDR.

YOU need lots of RAM a lot more than 1 GB to effectively manipulate files of that size, Especially when you take into account that Windows Vista will consume at least 500 MB on idle ( Aero Mode ) All for it's self.

1 Gb great for working on mobile phone images perhaps.


Quote:but most important is what monitor you get---thats what you`ll be working on

Absolute RUBBISH, Since when has a Monitor had any bearing on system performance, Or are you getting hold of more Alien technology ? Smile

Monitors are the Carrot in many of the shelf brands package deals, OOOoooh look it got a great bit monitor, WOW, They don't mention there is a tiny weeny underspeced mainboard in the tower unit though. ( LOL Smile )
mlewis 16 1.5k United Kingdom
9 Jun 2007 2:54PM
The monitor choice is important for photo editing computer though. You will want a good quality one capable of showing colours properly when calibrated.

I also say get as 2GB of RAM as a minimum. I have that much in my XP box as PS still starts to slow down when editing my monster image files.
Kim Walton 17 145 30 United Kingdom
13 Jun 2007 4:49PM
camera cat
What you like.-------
My Dell pc with duel 1.8 processor 1gig of Ram will and does work fine with CS2---i am talking of using one file at a time --maybe two and it handles it fine.
I agree more is better and as said there`s a lmit for 32 bit systems.(Re comment about power users might need more)
As for the monitor---who said it effects any bearing on system performance--i said its what you work with so if you buy cheap in most instances thats the quality display you get.
The reply i posted was about buying a new pc and getting the best for money and leaving room to upgrade.
I have worked and still am in IT from helpdesks upwards---
Your comments are well--------not needed.
Paul Morgan 20 19.5k 6 England
13 Jun 2007 5:40PM
If you want a Dell ultra sharp, why not just get a Dell pc and use the upgrade option for the better monitor and save.
MarkyMarc 16 498 Canada
13 Jun 2007 9:07PM

Quote:Whilst this is true, We are talking 64bit appliations

Adobe Photoshop CS3 is a 32bit application, as are all the other versions of Photoshop.

I'm not disputing that having 4GB of RAM may be helpful, I just said that it should be the maximum not the minimum so that people don't go buy 8GB of RAM with Vista 32 and then wonder why Windows is telling them they only have 3GB.
Kim Walton 17 145 30 United Kingdom
14 Jun 2007 9:45AM
Lets close this one --before we all get shirty?
joolsb 16 27.1k 38 Switzerland
14 Jun 2007 9:58AM

Quote:too much hassle to change to a mac now.

Why? These days, you can run Vista on your Mac while you get used to the delights of OSX (just wait for the next version - it leaves Vista standing!)
Kris_Dutson 19 8.2k 1 England
14 Jun 2007 10:02AM
I'd say the monitor was probably the most important part of a photo editing set up. Not much point having a whizz bang tower if the photos look crap. They'll look bad to you, bad to everyone else, and you'll never get a printer set up properly.
lobsterboy Plus
17 15.0k 13 United Kingdom
14 Jun 2007 10:02AM

Quote:These days, you can run Vista on your Mac

I presume you would have to buy a copy of Vista as well as your mac though?
mdpontin 17 6.0k Scotland
14 Jun 2007 10:13AM

Quote:I presume you would have to buy a copy of Vista as well as your mac though?

You presume correctly. Smile
stevekhart 15 4.5k 3 United Kingdom
14 Jun 2007 10:21AM
Can I clarify this 4Gb limit? I'm on XP Pro (at least until Vista SP1!) and running 4gb on a dual core (I think Intel 3.2), though the My Computer properties reports 3.25Gb, not sure why. Anyways, I still run out of memory if I'm trying to use Lightroom and PS CS3 at the same time (I know, how stupid am I!). To use the Kodak Gem plug in, I have to close lightroom. I've set PS to use up to 95% of memory, scratch disks are set up and all that. Is there anything else I can do? If I were to add more RAM, would it make any difference?
covey 16 1.7k Ireland
14 Jun 2007 12:03PM
Thanx for all the comments.

I've more or less decided on the spec and am left with a query on the monitor.

Is the Dell 24" the best out there, or are there cheaper ( as good) alternatives?



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