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New Website - comments appreciated, thanks.

Daisy_intheMill 19 145 1 United Kingdom
29 Apr 2005 1:56AM
At last my website has been redesigned.
My husband and I had previously designed it on windows, but being novices failed to realise it's appearance on other computers (I'm not really up with all the lingo!)

A fellow EPZer, Paul Groom, has taken it and turned it 'upside-down'. I'm really pleased with it and would appreciate any views on it and/or advice for further improvement. Click Here
digicammad 19 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
29 Apr 2005 2:01AM
Initial impressions are good Jude. I'm not sure about the shade of green you have chosen but the site loads quickly, navigation is clean and simple and there don't seem to be any typos.

What do you intend to do about adding more images? At the moment the thumbs fit across the main box but if you add more you need to think about scroll bars or similar.

gary900r 18 474 England
29 Apr 2005 2:02AM
Hi Jude
Just taken a quick glance at your site.
On the left hand site you have links to various areas of your site. All i can see using Firefox are 3 white boxes with a black border on each. I dont know if there is supposed to be a picture for each section.

Declan 17 140
29 Apr 2005 2:05AM
I'm pretty keen on this, nice simple design - really lets the photos speak for themselves. The gallery format is excellent.

One minor criticsm is that the "about" text is written from the third person, which i find a touch annoying. It's your website after all, not someones dedictation to yoU ??
digicammad 19 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
29 Apr 2005 2:05AM
I'm using Firefox and it worked okay for me. Do you have any ad blocking going on? I wonder if it thinks the thumbnails are adverts.
vickyh 21 706 United Kingdom
29 Apr 2005 2:09AM
Had a very quick look - seems good. Easy to navigate, fast to load, I like it.

The only comment I would have is I don't know if it's your intention to get into the search engines with it, but you'll need to do a bit more work on it if you do, such as adding some keyword-rich text...
keithh 19 25.8k 33 Wallis And Futuna
29 Apr 2005 2:15AM
Not keen on that subtle shade of green. Your prices will go down well with the punters...but not fellow photographers who are local to you.
Origami_Owl 19 786
29 Apr 2005 2:17AM
Hi all,

Maybe I should speak up too here, as I put forward the design to Jude.

Ian, 8 pictures seemed to be enough to show example of each section. If Jude wanted to add more then we could add another layer of thumbs (admittedly increasing to the size of the page - ie more scrolling) - or she could have a scroll bar at the bottom to go through, which can look a little vulgar. Otherwise she could have another menu item - but the menu example pic of each section would come down in size probably if this was to happen, just to get them all on.

Gary, not sure about why the pics aren't showing up - check the advert block as suggested if you don't mind.

Declan, over to Jude for that one.

Vicky, I've not added any meta data for the keywords etc yet, good point thanks.

Keith - the green seems to split people - some like it/dislike it. Over to Jude for that choice.


digicammad 19 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
29 Apr 2005 2:23AM
Paul, I'm not an expert in search engine promotion but have been doing some research recently as I am putting together a site for something myself. It is my understanding that meta-tags are not all that brilliant and it is far more effective to have plenty of relevant words in the text of the pages. The exception seems to be the meta-description tag, which allows you to specify the text to show up in the search results.

Sorry if I'm suffering from granny and egg sucking syndrome. :0)

gary900r 18 474 England
29 Apr 2005 2:27AM

Yes I do have Norton ad blocking running.
Works fine with the ad blocking off. Not something I normally turn off.
digicammad 19 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
29 Apr 2005 2:38AM
Some ad blocking software works on image size Gary, looks like the thumbnails are just the wrong size for Norton. Maybe something else to consider Jude/Paul.

Origami_Owl 19 786
29 Apr 2005 2:52AM
Thanks Ian - I'm not a big one on search engine optimisation, so there's no sucking eggs syndrome going on. Anything you can share is very valuable. I still have some web sites to look into about it from when I did my website and asked for advice - shall dig them out and take action.

Also a good way to get higher on the Google pages is to get people to link to your site from theirs, that seems to throw you right up to towards the top.

digicammad 19 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
29 Apr 2005 2:57AM
Yes, the most important factors seem to be good links from other sites and keyword density in the text. The links on the other sites also need to use the keywords, not just say click here.

This is a very useful page to read.

Origami_Owl 19 786
29 Apr 2005 3:02AM
Thanks Ian - I shall study that page. It would be great to get more with it with search engines etc.

Duncan - interesting issue with the image sizes - potentially they may just be on the border of being too big (and appearing as an ad) - Jude may therefore want those side images lowered in size slightly, thanks for letting me know.

vickyh 21 706 United Kingdom
29 Apr 2005 3:13AM

You probably already know this but I just wanted to clarify that most search engines ignore meta tags these days. gives some good tips on search engines.

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