New Website - comments appreciated, thanks.

u08mcb 17 5.8k
29 Apr 2005 3:17AM
Cooler green, clearer title font.

Apart from that its nice.
User_Removed 19 7.3k 6 United Kingdom
29 Apr 2005 3:35AM
Like the fresh clean look of the site and the loading speed but once again, I think your pricing is alittle off target.

I cannot see how you could possible turn a profit on the prices you are charging when you take into account taxation, depreciation of asset value coupled with need to purchase equipment etc and cost of materials.

Keith mentions that the prices will keep the punters happy but funnily enough, I find that so often people think along the lines of "why so cheap....".

That aside, I like the website and you have some great images on there

Good luck

Barrie Smile
digicammad 18 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
29 Apr 2005 3:37AM
Another important thing is to register your own domain name. Having your website under a blueyonder domain will not help the rankings, the name needs to be relevant to the theme.

Origami_Owl 18 786
29 Apr 2005 3:39AM
Hi there,

Ian - this is only the test site, Jude has registered her own space which we will transfer it to when ready. Good point though.

Barrie - glad you like the look of the site.

philwig 17 817 1
29 Apr 2005 3:43AM
I like it, and I like the green. And it works fine on my large screen. Checked in IE and also Opera and works/ looks the same in each.

I'm not a great fan of initial pages which make you click something before you can get in, if you see what I mean.

You might charge a bit more for the prints, but I guess at least the prices won't put anyone off.
akh Plus
17 1.2k 5 United Kingdom
29 Apr 2005 3:58AM
Like the look of the site and it is certainly quick but I also cannot see the side images in IE with ad-blocking turned on. Also think that the prices are a bit on the low side. The green does give a nice clean look to the site but not too sure about the particular shade you have picked.
sabretalon 17 1.9k United Kingdom
29 Apr 2005 4:27AM
In general I like the site but do have a few problems with certain aspects.

The first screen, what is the point of it? It does not provide any information and makes me have to click to enter, you could at least put up a quote or your copyright info?

When you get it, it is a bit she this and she that. I know it is dificult to write these things but do you want to come across as a professional or as a amateur? If keeping the info as is then put it as a quote from whoever wrote it.

In colour, the pictures of the dogs let down the rest of the images.

The black and white section seams to be ok, same with the general section, maybe the dogs would be better in there?

Pricing: I know they are 6x4 but are they inkjet prints or printed at a lab? Petrol expenses, slight question on that, if you can only offer to photograph me at my home or on location, then why should I pay you for your travel. (I am throwing this in as a question to think about)

All pages, the top two lines are too close together and the text is not that readable, is it jude gidrey or gidney?

Overall, like I said I think the site works OK and I am OK with the green.

Things to consider, look at getting some slip in mounts, not a lot of money but will help you to sell your images at least twice the price you currently are advertising. Look carefully at your market, do they just want prints or would they want them mounted ready to go into a standard off the shelf frame, or would they want them mounted and framed by you?

Look at offering packages for mums to be or mums with small babies i.e. a years package that you photograph them once per quarter throughout the year (can look good in your diary, as advanced bookings show you are popular)

Good Luck

Daisy_intheMill 17 145 1 United Kingdom
29 Apr 2005 5:32AM
Hey, thanks for your comments. Sorry I haven't replied so far. I just went off line for a short while and on coming back was unable too. Teething problems with setting up on broadband. I shall read them so far now.Thanks Paul for stepping in.
Daisy_intheMill 17 145 1 United Kingdom
29 Apr 2005 5:57AM
Thankyou all for your encouraging words.

In reply to all these questions that Paul hasn't already helped with sorted:

The green colour ; I was aiming for a fresh - 'spring-like colour' but perhaps it hasn't worked?

I take your point about the 'about' section - much more friendly in first person.

Keith and Barry
- my recent clients have been parents in the local area, who most probably wouldn't pay for photographs if I charged 'V' prices. I am actually in line with another local photographer, being very aware of her customers and area of work - i.e. mainly studio work. I'm trying to offer an alternative to this and to increase prices as demand grows, so I hope! At present all my clients have been within a 5 mile radius so petrol cost doesn't really come in to it. I've only advertised my work locally also, and am hoping to get a client base mainly by word of mouth.Perhaps I am being too optomistic?

Thanks for your advice and links.

Sorry you don't like the dogs - the owners did. Copyright info. is going on the site.
digicammad 18 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
29 Apr 2005 6:07AM
One more thing. The initial page is likely to stop any web crawlers in their tracks and reduce your site's ranking. Your home page needs to contain a good intro including the keywords you want your site to respond to in searches.

Daisy_intheMill 17 145 1 United Kingdom
29 Apr 2005 6:19AM
That makes good sense,Ian.
sabretalon 17 1.9k United Kingdom
29 Apr 2005 6:47AM
only thought the dogs looked out of place in that section, when compared with the rest of the images.
Daisy_intheMill 17 145 1 United Kingdom
29 Apr 2005 8:43AM
I just wanted to have a range of pics to show what sort of photo's I do take, ie people, pets etc. Not sure why you think it looks out of place - is it being animals rather than human?
4 May 2005 2:09AM
Hi Jude.

I think your photos are very good - so very well done on that front. The thing I am going to question you on is your pricing structure - and I'm assuming you are a pro, because your work is of a pro-standard. Basically, your prices are far too cheap. 7.99 for a 10"x8"? Is that all you think its worth? You can't make a decent living on that.

Generally, when you charge for a portrait sitting (25.00 in your case), that is a loss leader. That is simply a way of getting the punters in. You make your money on the reprints. Reprints is where they pay you for your skill and expertise. You cannot make money on the prices you are charging.

Get rid of 6x4, 7x5 & 8x6 sizes - and don't give any prints away for free. Your first size should be 10x8. You should charge a MINIMUM of 35.00 for any print size up to 10x8. I charge 40.00 and it is not unusual for some 'togs to charge 75.00 for an unmounted 10x8 print. My most popular size is 20x16 and I charge 139.00 unmounted and 289.00 framed.

When I first started out, I was scared to charge thinking people wouldn't pay. After a long chat with a respected pro 'tog, he persuaded me to increase my prices. Since doing so, reprint sales have gone UP and people do not batter an eylid over the prices. The right clientelle will not question cost - they want quality, which you can give them through your excellent work. For the punters who do question costs - dump them, they are timewasters.

Remember, you are effectively selling them a work of art, which you have used your skill, expertise and time to produce. You should therefore charge for it.

One more thing. If you are pro, join The Master Photographer's Association (MPA), they have many ways to help you... and excuse the pun...develop your business. Things like discounted insurance, seminars and the best of all merchant services (a facility for you to accept credit cards) for a fraction of the price the banks charge. Go to for details. Don't be put off by the not-so-good-site website - its going to be updated very soon.

Good luck and sorry for blabbering on!
Daisy_intheMill 17 145 1 United Kingdom
4 May 2005 3:16AM
Thankyou Dave for your thoughts. Very much appreciated. I'm not a pro as I believe a pro has something like 50% of their income from photography - at my prices I don't! After a lot of thinking over the weekend, yes my prices do need to go up. As you said, will people pay, but if my work is up to standard then why not. I'll take a closer look at your suggestions and put my mind to it as I am to the final web content.

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