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New Website

8 Jan 2013 7:16PM
Hi Everyone,
After a lot of dithering over the last year or two I've finally set up a website using Wordpress and hosted in the UK by Ecohosting.
If anyone can find the time to have a look I'd appreciate any comments that you may have, either using this thread or via the comments form on the website. The address is www.digital-images.me

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canonfan46 11 1.1k United Kingdom
8 Jan 2013 8:13PM
Hi Alan,
I'm not quailfied to pass judgement on the tecnical qualities of anyones work but I like what you have on your site.
I particulary like the ability to view your images full screen.
Nice one.
Bonvilston 9 61 8 United Kingdom
8 Jan 2013 8:17PM
Taken a look at this Alan. It is not bad at all. I like the plain non-distracting feel to it. What grates on me a little is the gratuitous "junk" at the bottom of the page (the big jumble of random words, the multiple hit counter etc) this takes away from the overall clear design and especially your excellent photography. The menu bar looks cluttered and some of the tabs are not clear. For example the "calendar" tab takes you to a claendar that has no explanation, but is essentially a list of blog entries. Why not call it blog instead. It just feels like you are not sure if you want a showcase site for your photography ( which is certainly good enough to merit one) or a photoblog. I would go for one or the other - or even keep both, but keep them separate.

This sounds like big criticism, but I am actually impressed by it overall and would love to see a version that clears the clutter and concentrates on your images.

Hope this is helpful.

9 Jan 2013 10:47AM
Thanks for taking the time to look and comment John & Peter.
I did set out to keep it plain and simple and I can see what you mean with the tags and counter at the bottom. It was mainly a case of getting to know what's available with Wordpress, sort of "...this looks good, I'll give it a try..".
With regard to the showcase/blog, I wanted to have a showcase plus a photo-a-day, photo 365, part to the site not as a separate site and it may be a case of just deleting the non-photo blogs and a bit of re-labelling.
I'll do some alterations and see if I can try and get back to the plain & simple idea,

puertouk 8 1.1k 17 United Kingdom
9 Jan 2013 10:47AM
Hi Alan, it seems a little too busy for my taste. Your images are great. Getting your website right is very difficult, trust me. Iīm forever checking my site and seeing if I can improve it. There are too many tabs on the top. Try cutting them down to around 6 or so. The images on your home page change too quickly, keep changing them every 10 seconds or so.

If there are things to add to a page, people starting out with their new website tend to put things there for the sake of it. You donīt need the number counter and the tags. It just detracts from your images. You have your daily photo page with a reply box at the bottom, then a tab for guestbook. Take the guestbook off the tabs. Latest posts? It just seems to be whats happening in your life and what you are up to. Hmmm, are people really interested in that? I think you will find not, but they will be interested in your photography. I like the idea of clicking on the image to get details and to enlarge the image that is very good. One idea I would add, would be a "go back" or "return" button, to take people back to the images page where they started from. I would also remove the calendar tab. Remove all the red links on the right of the page. On your links tab, why advertise a hosting company, unless they pay you for doing it?

Why do a daily photograph? You are looking for trouble doing something like that. What happens if you are away or get tied up on certain days. Its a big ask taking a photo every day. Also, is that image of interest or just a shot for that particular day?

Overall, I find you site very good, but it just needs a little pruning, so to speak.

Hope this is of help and not in any way a dig at all your hard work.

Bonvilston 9 61 8 United Kingdom
9 Jan 2013 1:31PM

Just thought of an idea about your response on the comments about your blog. I can see why you want a photo a day blog - a project 365 - but what about doing this using the ePz blogs, as many people do, and just putting a link to it from your website. That way you get the best of both worlds.

When you explain why it took the form it did, with the extras on there, I immediately related to it. Hard to be strong enough to leave out all the "extras" I know.

9 Jan 2013 4:42PM
Hi Stephen,
Thanks for taking the time to look at the website and post your comments.
I think you must have been posting your comments whilst I was altering the website, taking on board the comments made by Peter and then by you. I've got rid of some of the clutter and reduced the number of menu tabs.
I've also deleted any non-photo related posts. I may reduce the number of tabs even further, just deciding the best way of doing it.
Other than the first 3 or 4 daily photos there is a link to take you back. It took me a while to figure out how to do it.
Why a daily photograph? Mainly to give me some incentive to get the camera out and also to process the images. It's a target I've set myself and also an anti-apathy strategy, if you like. I'm not too bothered about posting an image from that particular date, just posting one. I also think that it will help keep the site reasonable fresh, all too many gallery only sites seem to be put up and are then never updated for months on end. To me that's a bit pointless (unless it's for a specific event, like a wedding, for instance). The long term aim is to incorporate some of the better daily photos into the galleries. It may also develop into a theme or themes (eg local landmarks, the effect of the seasons on a particular location, that sort of thing). I haven't thought that one through yet.
Why advertise the hosting company? It's one of the cheapest comprehensive hosting packages that I could find that had UK based servers, hence UK based employees, hence, I assume, paying UK taxes. The customer service has been first class, so far. As far as I know they haven't a referral scheme, but if they get one I'll sign up to it. With the mess the country's been put in by our pygmy politicians it's my tiny bit of help and, as they say, every little bit helps

Thanks again,

9 Jan 2013 4:45PM
Hi Peter,
Thanks again for your time and help.
I've tried to explain in the post above why I went down the daily photo route. I hope it makes sense,

arhab 8 43 2 Indonesia
11 Jan 2013 9:16AM
hai alan. saw your web from 320x240 phone lcd and that does not look so good. are the themes you use it, is a responsive theme? if not you can try it. try wpshower.com they have a lot of good responsive themes and free.
i see you usinG calendar on archive. i think it will be better if you using the title of photo, since the calendar not look goods on my screen.
i think chrisheatchote website is more simple and looks better.
11 Jan 2013 10:27AM
Hi Muhamad,
Thanks for taking the time to look and comment.
It is supposed to be a responsive theme, that's why I chose it. Thanks for letting me know I'll have a look into it,
arhab 8 43 2 Indonesia
23 Jan 2013 2:57PM
hi alan, just checked your web again, and looks good. i wonder if you had changed something. but there is something that i don't understand. at home page when i click the number 2 or 3 under the image, it will show the same butterfly up to three or four images. and it happen too if i click the menu and choose the butterfly or other image then it will show the same image more than one.

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