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New York Recommendations

Tonyd3 17 1.1k 18 United Kingdom
7 Oct 2004 7:39PM
Hi everyone i am lucky enough to be going to New York next week.
Can anyone recomend places to take pictures of and where not to go. Plus clubs etc
john64 Plus
17 824 England
7 Oct 2004 8:03PM
Tony, I got married at City Hall, Manhattan this April (funily enough, so did my wife). There are absolutely LOADS of places to take photos. Just look at the number of NY shots on this site alone.

A short but not exclusive list of the 'usual' tourist places: Central Park, Fifth Avenue, Times Square, top of the Empire State Building, Battery Park, Liberty Island (make sure you're on the right-hand side of the ferry on the way out, for the best view of the statue), Wall Street, Ground Zero.

I would also add in some less usual sites, such as: Washington Square, South Street Seaport (near Wall Street).

Can't really think of where not to go, maybe someone else can help you with that as we mainly stayed in Manhattan.

If you like a good steak try Sparks or Keens Chophouse. Not cheap but bloody good. We went to Sparks the night of our wedding. It is one of the top restaurants in NY. The service was fantastic.

I'll have a think if there's any more I can add to this inane rambling.

Have a great time.

Just Jas 19 26.3k 1 England
7 Oct 2004 8:09PM
Who did she marry, then? Smile
heidilee 17 901
7 Oct 2004 8:29PM
New York City is awesome and photo oportunities are everywhere. I only had a little compact camera the 3 yrs I went but still managed a couple of good shots. I went with perspective on a couple of them because often photos of NYC can come across as being done before.

Just a few places you may want to check out:

Central Park

Battery Park

American Natural History Museum

The Empire State Building, (excellent for aerial shots looking down on the city)

Chinatown & Little Italy (On a Friday night -if I remember correctly, might pay to check with the locals- the streets in Little Italy are closed off and a street fair takes up the entire area. The restaurants all open up and have beautiful little courtyards for diners)

Greenwich Village

You can take the Staten Island Ferry (there are shops etc on Staten Island but nothing really remarkable and the Island takes ages to get around, But the ferry trip, especially at night is cool (just make sure you don't go too late and get on the last ferry for the day! You will have trouble getting back to the city)

Grand Central Station. The main floor is exquisite.

I'd avoid the Port Authority unless you need it, too many people, and not the most attractive area of the city.

There are loads of other places too. If you can find a copy of lonely planets guide to NYC at your library, its very good to take with you and will help out alot, especialy if you are not used to the way NY is set out. You can think you are heading up town and find yourself at South Street Seaport, which by the way is another place to check out unless you can't stand the smell of fish.

Hope you have a great time!

mamboandrew 17 328 England
7 Oct 2004 8:40PM
Just to add my two penny worth.

Brooklyn Bridge is an excellent photo opp. It's also worth taking the trip all the way over into Brooklyn as you get excellent views across the river back to Manhattan.

Have fun
digicammad 18 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
7 Oct 2004 8:42PM
Lucky you! One my my favourite cities and chock full of opportunities for photos and just people watching.

The skating rink in Central Park may be open now. There is loads of stuff to take around the park, including the buskers. Also from the park you get some wonderful views of the skyscrapers, so try a few pano's.

My wife and I usually walk most places when we go there. It's quite a hike from midtown down to the Battery but loads of interesting architecture and character.

South St Seaport is a good place, but look for gritty shots just outside the Seaport, where you cross the road.

Nothing to do with photography, but if you are at all into jazz you have to go to one of the clubs in Harlem. Can't remember the name of the one to which we went but the jazz takes place in the Zebra Room at the back.

Finally, don't commit yourself to going too many places, just give yourself time to wander around and soak up the atmosphere.


digicammad 18 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
7 Oct 2004 8:42PM
Tonyd3 17 1.1k 18 United Kingdom
7 Oct 2004 10:29PM
Thank you very much all of you for taking the time to write about youre times in New york.
I will be in Manhatten for about 5 days but have to work during the daytime, but i can do as i please from 5.30pm each day. I intend to visit some Jazz clubs and try to get some pic's if possible.

Looks like i have to go to the following places

Re JC: Sparks or Keens Chophouse as i like STEAK and i will not be paying!!!
Times Square,top of the Empire State Building, Battery Park, Liberty Island

Thanks Heidi: Grand Central Station,Staten Island ,Chinatown & Little Italy

Thanks Ian:The skating rink in Central Park,Battery,Seaport & the Jazz clubs in Harlem

Thanks very much again
jeanie 17 6.0k 6 United Kingdom
7 Oct 2004 11:00PM
Ooooh - will have to keep an eye on this thread..two of my best pals and I are off to NY next April to celebrate our 40th birthdays! (no husbands or kids allowed!).
Let me know what you think Tony when you get back.. our list of things to do/places to go is getting longer. Glad you started this thread.

colin 17 697 5 Scotland
7 Oct 2004 11:14PM
Lucky you. Have been a couple of times and the best tip I was given was to get the first ferry across to Liberty Island if you want to go inside the statue. Otherwise the ferries arrive every 15 minutes or so and you're then talking about a two / three hour wait. There are some good photo opportunities inside the Liberty museum, but the ferry ride across is the best location for the statue itself
Would also agree with Heidi - some excellent views inside Grand Central station - try for the sunlight streaming through the windows - classic NY shot.
Don't forget the stunning art deco Chrysler Building - both inside and out - inspirational.
As for restaurants - Gallachers Steak House - I've never seen such large succulent steaks. Just off Broadway a block or so up from Times Scquare (another not to be missed location).
Strawberry Fields is a very simple, but poignant rememberance to John Lennon, just across from the dakota Buildings where he was gunned down.
Have agreat time and I look forward to seeing the reuslts of your trip - just wish it was me.
Tonyd3 17 1.1k 18 United Kingdom
7 Oct 2004 11:21PM
Thank you Jeanie and Colin will i fit this lot into the amount of time i have there?????

Oh and by the way Mike Sharples is currently in the US he will come back with some stunning images of misty trees in boggy creaks

Mike and i do most of our photography together and travel all over the UK and have done for the last 15 years.
Take-a-View 17 293 5 United Kingdom
7 Oct 2004 11:36PM
Try the SOHO area..wonderful architecture and castiron work.

Lucky you
EnglishRose 17 271 United Kingdom
8 Oct 2004 9:43AM
As a must I would recommend doing the Empire State Building during the day and at night. Definitely worth it.

Lucky you, I love NY.

digicammad 18 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
8 Oct 2004 9:47AM
Another reason to do Central Park is the trees should be in their Autumn colours (or just getting them).

Do you need somebody to carry your camera bag? lol
Tonyd3 17 1.1k 18 United Kingdom
8 Oct 2004 5:44PM
Thanks very much for taking the time for the advice

I will be in New York from 19th - 24th so i am looking forward to it.

On the 25th i am taking a well earned holiday and going upto Fort william etc Just to do some pictures.
If anyone is going to be in the area during that week let me know.

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