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Nice Knockers?

Just Jas Plus
19 26.4k 1 England
12 Feb 2006 9:27AM

Quote:in Greek times it was all male nudes.

According to Homer - but was it sexual?
foxybrown 16 368
13 Feb 2006 2:15AM
i think im the culprit who commented with nice knockers, just admiring God's beautiful creation!
Just Jas Plus
19 26.4k 1 England
14 Feb 2006 6:24AM
Looking casually through today's gallery pics, I came across the comment "Like her top".

I was tempted to add "Like her bottom" but I dissisted, as I thought it might not add much as a comment! Smile)
elowes 17 2.8k United Kingdom
14 Feb 2006 7:35AM
You would think that way Tepot because you are a man in what is still predominantly a mans world.

Women are not treated as equals by men even though they have the advantage of being able to think with their brains. Most men spend most of their time thinking with their balls.
14 Feb 2006 9:13AM

Quote:One in particular comes to mind. It was an aweful picture of a woman who was just standing there with a stupid half smile on her face, no posing except for her obviously holding her shirt open at the bottom.

That's my wife you're talking about Ms Kruger! She's never had a "stupid half smile on her face" in her life and from your sour attitude I'd hazard a guess that seldom have you had any sort of smile on your face, and the shirt was not held open, the shot was a candid one taken without prior posing, so that just shows how much you know doesn't it.

Quote:The bg had been digitally altered, but you could tell there were horribly dark and heavy shadows.

Oh I do apologise, we can't all be masters of our art/hobby like you Ms High-and-Mighty-aren't-I-a-great-and skilful-photographer!, I suppose you came into the world with an expensive camera in your hand taking award winning photographs as you arrived?!

Quote:There were no nipples to be seen

So what are you complaining about??

Quote:There was one comment posted which just simply said 'Nice Knockers'.

and this is my fault is it? Did I write that? Can I help it if my wife has "Nice Knockers" and someone else thought so too?? I am very proud of my wife and think she is the most wonderful person on the planet and it makes me proud when other folks admire either her or the photograph of her

Quote:Is that what nudety is about on this site? It thought it was supposed to be about artistically captured photography - not boobs.

Firstly she's not nude (and never will appear so on this or any other site) and secondly the site is exactly as you say but unfortunately for you it's not a private showcase for YOUR "artistically captured photography" only and where only photographs to your exacting standards are allowed.

Have a nice day!
Just Jas Plus
19 26.4k 1 England
14 Feb 2006 10:03AM
Can we just forget all about this?
BigCol 20 1.8k 1 Scotland
14 Feb 2006 1:58PM
Obviously not.
14 Feb 2006 10:13PM
Well you've no need to worry now, because despite it being the highest rated photograph in my Portfolio so far at 20 votes, I've deleted it so as not to offend any of you highly skilled photographers sensitivities!
bacchus180 17 141
14 Feb 2006 10:35PM
I don't think anyone should ever be indimidated into deleting an image that they spent time looking at and preparing for upload... in particular by oversensitive average photographers who have nothing better to do than be critical of subject matter... especaily if it gets clicked on... kinda click jealousy

if they don't like it, don't look and move on

muttongeoff .. I feel for you
14 Feb 2006 10:51PM
Thank You Bacchus180, your comments are much appreciated, I did think of the jealousy angle but not from the angle you're thinking Wink
It's gone now anyway, but who knows, it may return in a new and more artstic guise...
Just Jas Plus
19 26.4k 1 England
15 Feb 2006 8:30AM
I thought that the moans were directed at the comment the picture received, not at the picture itself - which I thought was a quite capably done picture of a real natural woman!

Why delete it then?

17 Feb 2006 1:29PM
A revised version of this image is now available in my Portfolio.

abel 17 518 United Kingdom
17 Feb 2006 7:38PM
Believe it or not, I've avoided this thread up until now because of the title. But I've been up 2 hours and can't sleep ... NOT because of this thread, I hasten to add, lol.

Every comment, including those of the type objected to, reflects on the person posting the comment. And people will post not just according to their personality and tastes but also their mood, otherwise why all the threads here that descend into chaos when people get a bit of mischief about them and don't take the subject matter seriously :O) Nothing wrong with that.

We all come across people we might not especially like in life and generally just cross the road to avoid them. If the comments aren't offensive or inciting violence or whatever, then what's the problem? This smacks to me of the same sort of thing as complaining when someone posts a criticism of your work as opposed to 'Nice pic. Click' ...

Just Jas Plus
19 26.4k 1 England
18 Feb 2006 5:32AM
Which is what makes the threads so interesting!
User_Removed 17 4.3k 2 United Kingdom
18 Feb 2006 7:54AM
And now they're back Smile

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